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New Deals for September, 2019

# Company What They Do Platform Raised to Date
1 Black Momma Tea & Cafe The Starbucks of the Tea Industry! Wefunder $305,886
2 TBK Food Trucks The Breakfast Klub is an award-winning and fan-favorite Houston restaurant institution NextSeed $258,700
3 Soar Robotics Cloud-connected robotic intelligence platform for drones Republic $225,027
4 Loop A WiFi connected display and private social network that helps families stay connected around the world SeedInvest $209,963
5 tinyB chocolate Brazilian chocolate truffles, sweet experiences Wefunder $116,896
6 Hundy P2P Microloans for America's New Middle Class StartEngine $107,000
7 Narrative Creating the first true content economy Wefunder $94,680
8 LEAH Labs curing cancer in dogs Wefunder $92,381
9 Tallyfy Workflow Made Easy Republic $89,185
10 Oz. Tap House Austin “taproom” with smart tap technology and farm-to-market fare Invest Microventures $78,094
11 Le Bread Xpress Revolutionary Micro-Bakery Which Bakes Fresh Pizza and Pastry in Seconds, 24/7 Wefunder $77,400
12 Skoller Productivity platform that crowdsources syllabus information to keep students organized SeedInvest $55,007
13 Backyard Soda Co CBD-infused soda and uniquely flavored syrups Microventures $54,121
14 TruBrain Brain Food just got smarter. TruBrain + CBD StartEngine $49,191
15 PromSocial Mobile app that makes the entire prom experience fun & stress-free Wefunder $42,650
16 Digital Dream Labs The fun introduction to any topic for every child Republic $38,782
17 Nexersys Interactive fitness products focused on boxing and mixed martial arts Microventures $35,735
18 Humphry Slocombe Making ice cream less vanilla Wefunder $34,018
19 WeStrive CRM Software and App Connecting The Fitness World. Reshaping Personal Training Wefunder $31,111
20 HelloAva Discover the best skincare regimen for your unique skin needs Republic $31,017
21 Locai Solutions AI-powered platform providing end-to-end solutions for grocers SeedInvest $26,533
22 Cherry App Socially-conscious on-demand mobile nail service SeedInvest $22,702
23 Locl World's finest surfing apparel. Pending B Corp®. Wefunder $22,320
24 Cannabiscope A cannabis-focused SaaS platform to provide e-commerce solutions Microventures $20,030
25 Beast Brands Premium personal care products SeedInvest $18,000
26 Nannocare Minimize Discomfort, Maximize Life StartEngine $17,932
27 Celebrate with Sarah Hospitality Ultimate Girls Celebration House in Nashville Wefunder $17,105
28 Liberty Access Technologies Electric Fleet Charging Infrastructure StartEngine $16,400
29 Go For Vertical We help ambitious entrepreneurs everywhere build technology and launch startups Wefunder $15,491
30 Raveler Streamline your small-batch food company NetCapital $10,350
31 The Pine Jump Craft brewery roasting coffee, and serving cider, wine and spirits Wefunder $7,850
32 Green Growth Cannabis Real Estate For All Fundanna $6,800
33 SoapSox Next generation of washcloths for kids. StartEngine $6,014
34 Colossal Every year 8000 veterans commit suicide. We aim to drastically reduce that number Wefunder $5,900
35 Boyish Records Record label and media company with 'label as service' products for artists Wefunder $5,100
36 LEAF & ASH Cannabis Real Estate in Oklahoma Fundanna $4,300
37 ChalkBites Training & Gaming in an Extended Reality StartEngine $2,200
38 Layali Flavors of the Middle East, delivered to your door Republic $1,850
39 College Coaching Network College Coaching Network was created to continue the conversation, or re-engage students, with the college counseling experience through their mobile device NetCapital $800
40 Health Journal Publishing and Marketing StartEngine $500