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Crowditz is the leader in the provision of equity crowdfunding data, analytics, and insights. With a focus on the Reg CF industry, Crowditz aggregates data from the leading SEC approved funding platforms. Companies go through stages on the Crowditz platform as data is collected. As a result, additional metrics are calculated as more data is retrieved by Crowditz. The Company Report provides a robust overview of the company’s campaign and funding history. Each Company Report provides a link to the location on the funding platform where one can learn more about the company and invest in the offering.

The following is explanation of the terms that are presented in the Crowditz Company Report:

Category – Crowditz normalizes categories over the funding platforms to be positioned to compare funding performance for similar category campaigns. A list of the Crowditz categories can here.

Minimum Raise – This is the minimum amount of funding required to successfully close a funding event. If the company fails to raise this amount by the stop date, then the funding event is not consummated.

Maximum Raise – This is the maximum amount of funding that the company will accept. Reg CF regulations stipulate varying maximum levels associated with levels of financial disclosure.

Start Date – This is the date that Crowditz becomes aware of a new campaign and is entered into the Crowditz system. There may be a day or two delay from the actual start date on the funding platform.

Stop Date – This is the date that the company has established as the last day to accept funding commitments. Occasionally companies change this date by filing an extension with the SEC through their funding platform.

Security Type – Common Stock, Convertible Note, Debt, Other Security Type, Perferred Stock, Revenue Share, SAFE

Investment Minimum – This is the minimum investment that an individual can make in a campaign.

Raised to Date – Crowditz surveys each campaign multiple times per week to update the current commitments to date and the number of investor. The Raised to Date amount usually increases over time but may decrease should a commitment be withdrawn.

Reporting Date – This is the date of the last survey completed by Crowditz of Raised to Date and Number of Investor.

Number of Investors – This is the number of investors who have made commitments to the campaign. This number is updated on every survey. Not all funding platforms report on the number of investors.

Percent of Minimum Raised – This is the percent of the minimum raise necessary to consummate the funding event and is calculated by dividing Minimum Raise by the Raised to Date amount.

Percent of Maximum Raised – This is the percent of the maximum raise desired by the company currently committed and is calculated by dividing Maximum Raise by the Raised to Date amount.

Likelihood of Reaching Max – This is a proprietary calculation to predict the likelihood that the company will reach its Maximum Raise. Once a company reaches its Maximum Raise, additional investments may not be possible although some companies may take accept oversubscriptions.

Dollars per day to reach max
– This is a calculated number to represent the average daily commitment for the remaining days in the campaign necessary to reach the Maximum Raise.

Dollars per day committed – This is a calculated number of the average daily dollars committed.

Dollars per day category – This is a calculated number of the average daily dollars committed to other active companies in this category.

Dollars per day Committed – All Companies – This is a calculated number of the average daily dollars committed over all companies currently fundraising.

Graphs – Weekly Commitments – This shows weekly commitment levels for the last ten weeks of available data. As a commitment may be withdrawn, it is possible to have a weekly drop.

Graphs – Aggregate Commitments – This shows aggregate commitments to the campaign over time. As a commitment may be withdrawn, it is possible to have a weekly drop.

Crowditz Momentum – This is a proprietary calculation to gauge the current funding momentum associated with a given company.

Day Remaining – This represents the number of days remaining in the campaign.

Crowditz Recommendations – The Crowditz team reviews each company and through a subjective process makes recommendations based on a variety of factors, which may or may not include: existing company revenue, management experience, market opportunity, deal structure, deal valuation, proprietary product or service offering, previous capital investments, and other items which we believe may impact the likelihood of investor success. Our recommendations should be used by the reader as a first step in their own investment process. We expect that our reader will conduct their own company due diligence before making the investment.