CrownMob on Wunderfund

Black Hair & Skin Care

CrownMob is filling a hugely underserved market -- the one for Black hair and skin care products. It’s created a single marketplace that features the very best rated products for Black consumers looking for high-quality, affordable products. CrownMob offers over 3,000 products, including everything from weaves and extensions, to skin creams, soaps, body butters, and natural hair care and beard products. So far, in September 2017, CrownMob was one of eight companies invited to the Uptech Accelerator program, and Uptech has invested $50,000 into the company. CrownMob then officially launched in January 2018 and now services thousands of users, processes orders daily, and has acquired retailers from 12 different states. With this campaign, they are looking to scale and continue getting the word out about their company.

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The Marianne Theatre on Wunderfund

New Life for a Historic Movie Palace.

The Marianne Theatre was built in 1942 in Bellevue, KY, which is located just two miles from downtown Cincinnati. It was known as the heart and soul of the community, but after closing in 1997, the theatre became rundown. Now, the city wants to bring it back to life, and they’ve hired Hive Properties, a known specialist in historic building restoration, to help. Hive will acquire, redevelop, and operate the theatre as an upscale bar, restaurant, live music venue, and rental event space. They’ll do a full renovation to restore The Marianne to its original golden-era lustre, and the community has rallied behind this project to make The Marianne dream a reality.

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ALTO Pizza Kitchen + Bar on Wunderfund

ALTO will be an upscale pizza, wine & cocktail bar.

In spring of 2018, residents in the Covington, KY (which is right near downtown Cincinatti) will get to experience ALTO Pizza Kitchen + Bar. ALTO will offer upscale pizzas along with a wine and cocktail bar in Duveneck Square, a new multi-use urban development project in the shopping district. They’re also the food service partner to Braxton Brewery, one of Cincinnati’s largest microbreweries. ALTO is being opened by the same people who run the Flipdaddy Burgers & Beers restaurants, which currently has five successful locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Gulf Coast, Alabama.

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