BrewRiver on Wunderfund

BrewRiver is all about combining amazing, accessible food in taprooms, where people can enjoy it with their favorite craft beers. The BrewRiver team has been running restaurants in Cincinnati, OH since 2012, and they are hoping to keep growing and expanding. BrewRiver builds walk-up service restaurants, with fast, counter-based food that complements the vibe of the brewery. With this brand, they’re working to build a franchise of turnkey managed food services so that people can come and enjoy their favorite craft beers — while also […]

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Rose on Wunderfund

Rose is an injera grill that’s here to redefine cooking at home and the modern habesha lifestyle. Used to cook Eritrean and Ethiopian foods, Rose is safer, faster, and more efficient than anything else on the market. The grill’s induction technology allows the body to stay cool as the injera cooks; it uses natural materials like wood and ceramic; and its ergonomic handles allow you to hold it easily. Plus, it’s sleek and modern, making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

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Reserve Oil & Gas Coin on Wunderfund

The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin (ROC) is “…a new blockchain standard that will provide complete transparency to the oil & gas industry supply chain.” They’re building a cryptocurrency specifically for the oil and gas industry on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, where the ROC team will acquire oil and gas wells, and pay an annual dividend to all coin holders and investors. This will provide the transparency of blockchain with the stability of oil and gas — two of the world’s greatest commodities. ROC will […]

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Lost Railroad Brewhaus on Wunderfund

Lost Railroad Brewhaus is a new craft brewery just outside Dayton, Ohio in Lewisburg. Founded by a father-son team, Lost Railroad will be the only craft brewery within a 15 mile radius, and it’s in a place where a brewpub would be much appreciated and highly visited. They plan to open in 2019, and in doing so, they hope to be a destination brewpub that will offer a family-friendly taproom that serves lunch, happy hour, and a dinner dining space that can serve up to […]

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10XTS on Wunderfund

10XTS is here, and they’re “…working to transform how early stage companies and small business funding works.” They’re a software company that builds blockchain products and solutions, and they’ve launched XDEX, a blockchain-based system to track share ownership for companies and investors. 10XTS hopes to deliver a solution that solves the obstacles making blockchain prohibitive to adopt. They’re also tokenizing their own company shares and capitalization table on XDEX.

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The Grocery Runners on Wunderfund

The Grocery Runners are here to make grocery shopping easier. Their SaaS platform delivers groceries from retailers pickup location directly to a customer’s front door. Perfect for everyone from busy moms and senior citizens to customers with disabilities or no access to transportation, it integrates directly into the retailer’s online checkout process, making the delivery option seamless and easy to use. So far, they’ve delivered tens of thousands of orders, generate a monthly recurring revenue of $6,000, and deliver for three retailers in over 5 […]

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CERTIFIABLY on Wunderfund

CERTIFIABLY is here to change the world — one business at a time. They connect certified companies, such as B Corps, women, minority, and LGBTQ+-owned businesses together. They serve as a marketplace for both B2B and B2C certified companies who want to do business together. After all, as they say, “…there’s real power when we link world-changing companies to one another. They improve lives, increase economic impact, and ultimately make our world a better place.” To use CERTIFIABLY, all you have to do is build […]

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