The Pinball Company on Wefunder

The Pinball Company truly lives up to its name. What started as a small business selling new and used pinball machines, they’ve now added arcade games, air hockey, jukeboxes, and more. They currently refurbish 300 pinball machines a year and sell around 2,000 machines total. The Pinball Company earned $7.3M in revenue in 2017 with 50% YoY growth, and they have the largest selection of modern pinball machines in the country. Now, they aim to expand their locations to be within a day’s drive of […]

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Habit Carbon Hospitality on Wefunder

Habit Carbon Hospitality Collective is a restaurant group operating in Denver, CO. They currently own and operate three restaurants, and have also formed a separate entity, Habit Carbon 2 LLC, to open a Habit Doughnuts and Carbon Cafe and Bar. So far, they’ve experienced a growth of 30% YoY at their original location; 58% of Carbon Cafe & Bar guests visit twice or more daily; and both Habit Doughnuts and Carbon Cafe & Bar were placed on the watchlist in 2017. Habit Carbon hopes […]

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BiOptimizers on Wefunder

BiOptimizers wants people to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyles — and they believe their products can help you accomplish this. Their supplement products and dietary strategies are backed by research to support people in achieving an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul. So far, they’ve served over 50,000 customers for issues such as increased enzyme potential, digestion assistance, and gluten issue support. They’ve earned over $2.5M in revenue generated by their affiliates; their probiotics are patented; and over the […]

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Orthogonal on Wefunder

As founder David Nikzad puts it, “Orthogonal is a holding company and ecosystem that unites the desire to make money with doing good for the planet and society.” Orthogonal controls equity stake in companies that have the goal of serving the greater good and truly helping the world we live in. Then, in return, Orthogonal gets operational resources, a management ecosystem, and mentorship. They help catapult companies to success by “providing them with a monetization strategy, operational support, compliance / regulatory guidance and connect them […]

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10Below Ice Cream on Wefunder

10Below Ice Cream offers a different type of ice cream experience. Their sweet treats are customized, made to order — and Thai-inspired. These ice cream rolls are literally “rolled” with fresh ingredients right in front of the customer with no stabilizers or preservatives added. So far, 10Below has had $3.45M in sales across 3 stores in NY, held 53 catered events, and has been featured in Eater, Thrillist, and Business Insider. They’re now looking to expand as franchises starting in 2019 as the first rolled […]

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Unionmade on Wefunder

Unionmade is the source of the menswear, which they claim to be the “best-made, hard-to-find, wardrobe-elevating clothing on the market.” In 2017 alone, they sold 75,000 units for $6M in revenue from just three locations. Unionmade recently added Unionmade Women, and their clothes are worn by celebrities like John Mayer, David Beckham, Usher, Mandy Moore, and Reese Witherspoon. Plus, they have more than 130,000 followers across their social channels (including 103,000 on Instagram), over 30,000 email subscribers, and were voted both one of the country’s […]

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Coppertino on Wefunder

Coppertino’s VOX platform is here for true music lovers. It’s a high-res audio player and unlimited cloud music storage that can play lossless files. Lossless files offer crisp, high-quality recordings better than mp3s that make you feel like you’re at the recording studio or concert — but Spotify and iTunes can’t play these types of files. So far, Coppertino has experienced $27,000 in average monthly revenue, 1.2M Mac downloads, and 600,000 iPhone downloads. They also have nearly 3,000 Premium subscribers, with 174,000 monthly Mac app […]

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