Kailo Energy on Wefunder

Kailo Energy manufactures and sells affordable battery storage systems called the Kailo PowerBox. The PowerBox is home-integrated, sold through a distributor network, and can keep your essentials powered up when the power’s out — without the need for moving big appliances or running extension cords. Plus, the battery is portable, so you can use it while camping, tailgating, in your RV, or any other place you can think of for about $3,000 installed. The product is currently in production, and the company has contracts with […]

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Guy Down the Road on Wefunder

“Guy Down the Road” is a film that’s here to make you laugh — and make you laugh hard. It’s a move that’s “…equal parts comedy, coming of age, and time travel in a way we’ve never seen on screen before…a film that flips the traditional science fiction time travel story on its head, making it a hilarious one of a kind film.” Created by a team whose films have grossed over $400 million and won numerous awards and accolades, this film might just hit […]

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SuperdopeTV on Wefunder

SuperdopeTV knows Gen Z — what they like, what they love, and what they think is super dope when it comes to entertainment. Leveraging that knowledge, SuperdopeTV aims to be both a sketch comedy show and a multi-channel network built for online and traditional TV platforms. They want to create relatable content for Gen Z that provides intelligent, high-quality entertainment formatted to kid-specific interests without being condescending. Producer Mychal Simka’s recent regulation crowdfunding campaign raised $500,000 for the films “Adventures of Bunny Bravo” and “Un […]

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Legion M on Wefunder

Legion M is here, and they’re disrupting the industry with the goal of being a fan-owned entertainment company. As the ones who buy tickets, pay subscriptions, and fuel the entertainment industry, fans have the power to shape Hollywood’s future — and Legion M is paving the way for that to happen. Their goal is to unite one million fans as shareholders, hence their “M” logo, as it’s the Roman numeral for one million. Legion M was founded by Emmy-winning digital media pioneers, and their initial […]

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Calroo on Wefunder

Calling all parents! Calroo is here to help make your life easier. It’s a mobile app that helps you control and tame the chaos of your family schedule. Now, you have a one-stop organizer when it comes to your calendar, to-do list, grocery list, and messaging. By combining all of those into one app, it makes asking for help or figuring out what to do next as easy as simple swipe of your finger. So far, Calroo has been featured in the App Store three […]

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Saranac Lake Community Store on Wefunder

Saranac Lake Community Store is the first and only community-owned department store in the Northeast. They sell apparel for all family members, home essentials, crafts, yarns, locally made products, and books. Located in Saranac Lake, NY, their goal is the be the ultimate visitor destination for people that travel to their town and the ultimate go-to shop for all residents when it comes to essential items. So far, they’ve established themselves as a vital community resource — their customer conversion rate is over 40%, they’ve […]

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DonorSee on Wefunder

DonorSee is exactly what it’s name suggests — it offers donors a way for them to truly see the impact their giving can have. DonorSee is a video platform that makes donating as transparent and direct as possible. First, aid workers post videos and share stories of people in need that are short, genuine, and impactful. Then, donors can watch the videos and pick projects to give to. That way, they know exactly how and where their donation is being spent. Lastly, donors get to […]

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