Vinder on Wefunder

Vinder helps people easily buy and sell homegrown produce through their online farmers market for home gardeners. They’ve grown to over 90 cities in 19 states in just four months, and they were also the winners of 2017 Silicon Valley Business Plan competition. The retention rate for growers is 90% and 77% for buyers, and their CEO was named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Jefferson County, Washington in April 2018. Vinder now has a mobile app in the works, and their goal is […]

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DOUGHP on Wefunder

DOUGHP is letting you have your cookie — and eat the dough too. They create cookie dough that has no eggs and heat-treated flour so you can spoon that batter deliciousness right up without worrying. So far, they’ve earned over $753,000 in revenue to date with a 27% net income ratio in just 14 months of business. Currently, DOUGHP sells their dough by the scoop in San Francisco, and they acquire 10,000 new customers every month. Plus, DOUGHP is members of 1% for The Planet, […]

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Tampon Tribe on Wefunder

Tampon Tribe is here to disrupt the world of menstrual products. They’re an online membership subscription service, and they offer organic, 100% cotton, toxin-free, and plastic-free tampons, pads and pantyliners for just $10 a month. Currently, most of these products contain chemical dyes, additives, and bleaches. So far, Tampon Tribe raised $119,119 on Wefunder in April 2017, and they’ve experienced an 876% net subscriber gain in the last 12 months. They’ve sold over 400,000 products, and they’ve partnered with Girls Health Ed. to help young […]

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Feast & Fettle on MicroVentures

Feast & Fettle is an award-winning subscription based meal service. It earned the 2018 Editor’s Pick for Home-Delivered Meals in the “Best of Rhode Island” magazine, and it’s generated more than $107,000 in revenue during Q2 of 2018, which is a 95% YoY increase. Founded in 2016, Feast & Fettle offers seasonally inspired meals that are prepared and cooked by chefs, and delivered fresh directly to members. No cooking or prep is required, and plans are based on household size. They can be customized to […]

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Famterra on Wefunder

Famterra is here to continue their family app success. Their first app, Calroo, helped busy parents keep track of their chaotic family schedule. Now they’re here with a second app designed as a co-parenting app for divorced parents. Called WeParent, this app specifically addresses the 55 million parents who live apart but co-parent together. Famterra’s CEO is a former executive from eBay, PayPal, UpWork, and Zong with a Ph.D from Stanford in psychology. So far, these apps have been featured in Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, […]

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Seven Stills on Wefunder

Seven Stills is fundamentally changing how whiskey is made. Their craft whiskey is created from high-quality craft beers, all with dramatically different flavor profiles. Since their start in 2013, they’ve grown over 100% each year, and they have over 2,500 retail locations. With this campaign, they’re hoping to open a new 18,000 square foot flagship facility in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood. Seven Stills is on track to make $3.5M in sales this year, and their ultimate goal is to be the number one brewery […]

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Indemnis on Republic

Indemnis is here — as the future of drone delivery. They offer a complete solution for business to fly commercial-sized drones over populated areas. They provide both the hardware and services to make that happen while engineering a new standard of safety that directly addresses the public’s concern regarding drones. Their patented technology and systems have raised over $3.4M from private investors to date, and Indemnis’s solutions are expected to exceed FAA safety standards. As TheTechTribute stated: “This energetic, innovative startup seeks to transform the […]

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