Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions on TruCrowd

Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions is here with the goal of creating a healthier, safer, and cleaner planet for now — and for the future. They’ve developed a unique range of eco-friendly products for air purification, odor removal, water purification, sustainable health and beauty, sustainable food production, waste recycling, and sustainable energy generation. All of these products are made from natural minerals, and KSS hopes to expand their company globally. They also hope to merge with other companies that have similar goals and visions. Plus, KSS’s team […]

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Eazl Digital Degree Project on truCrowd

Eazl Digital Degree Project is here to disrupt the education industry. Their project aims to provide undergraduate degrees to students around the world – for just $500. Called “Digital Degrees,” these degrees will be issued and verified with blockchain technology, be taught by experts, and give students lifetime access to their coursework. Studies have shown that people who earn their degrees tend to live nine years longer, have 75% higher wages, and are 40% less likely to interact with the criminal justice system. Eazl has […]

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WealthZoo on truCrowd

WealthZoo, LLC is here to provide a trusted financial solution. They connect people looking for financial advice with financial advisors to receive safe and unbiased recommendations. WealthZoo helps both the clients, who get the financial tips they need, and the advisors, who can simply and straightforwardly now acquire new clients. The advisors are trustworthy and pre-screened by WealthZoo, and they work to operate in their clients’ best interests. The CEO and founder of WealthZoo was featured on Startup Showcase on WGN Radio, and their social […]

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Witty Inventions on truCrowd

The Perfect Temperature Every Time!

Nothing with children is easy breezy -- especially meal time. Witty Inventions LLC wants to help with that. They’ve created the Easy Breezy Food Fan to help cool food off quickly and safely. With the Easy Breezy Food Fan, impatient children can eat their hot food faster without parents having to blow on food (and spreading germs!), using ice cubes, or putting food in the freezer. Simply turn on the Food Fan, and you can rest easy while your kids eat safely. Witty Inventions has successfully launched two other inventions in the medical field, and that experience has now led their team to this -- an easy breezy solution for a not so easy breezy problem.

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Trouvaille on truCrowd

Immersive global travel and exquisite experiences.

Trouvaille is a small travel hosting company that wants to serve people who “live to travel”! Their trips are created, curated, and designed to fulfill the trule travel experience you are looking for. They focus on creating a sense of community and genuine engagement, and they do this by offering travel-themed memberships and rewards programs, online travel forums and podcasts, and participation-based incentives. So far, Trouvaille has focused on building location bases, both in the US and abroad, and creating trip experiences. Currently they have developed experiences in South Florida, the Big Island of Hawaii, Napa Valley, the Caribbean, Mexico, Ireland, Isle of Man, France, Portugal, Italy, and Vietnam, with trips to Cuba, more Caribbean islands, and England are in development. They’ve partnered with businesses such as A Toast to Travel, St. Lucia A1 Tours & Taxi, and the Little Wine Bus, and they have a Meetup group of more than 245 members in Tucson.

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Digital Currency Growth on TruCrowd

Digital Currency Growth could be best described as a crypto currency business incubator seeking out breakthrough coin technologies and business models.

Digital Currency Growth LLC (DCG) is a cryptocurrency business incubator seeking out breakthrough coin technologies and business models. They plan to assist new crypto and digital currency companies with their growth plans through a unique blend of celebrity endorsements, media and PR promotions, and internet influencers. DCG helps heighten and deepen general public awareness in order to maximize the potential of the digital currency industry and increase the currency’s value. DCG also plans to distribute a significant number of the coins that it earns each quarter directly to its members who hold DCG units.

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