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GCB Hops LLC is here to change up the world of hops. Their Twin Bays Hop Farms is the first hydroponic hop farms in the southeast United States. This farm provides sustainable, organic, grown-to-order, fresh, and wet hops — and it grows them four times faster than conventional farming. Hops are in short supply, and with beer being one of the most drank beverages in world, they’re also in high demand. Located in Florida, where their new hydroponic hop farms can help struggling Florida farmers, […]

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Hyperion Robotics on SeedInvest

Hyperion Robotics provides 3D printing robotic technology and materials for construction. They believe that 3D printing is the next step in building construction because, and their technology can make that next step a reality. Hyperion’s prototype system is built, assembled, and currently printing test structures. Plus, when compared to traditional construction, Hyperion believes it technology will be able to build faster, be more environmentally friendly, increase creativity, be more cost effective and versatile, and build stronger structures. So far, in addition to creating their prototype, […]

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WorkDone on truCrowd

WorkDone helps workers increase efficiency while decreasing cost through their patent-pending technology. Their goal is to use Machine Learning-Enhanced Agents to automate human-intensive tasks, freeing up millions of hours of repetitive cross-application data entry. This technology enables organizations to seamlessly automate business processes between major SaaS platforms. The Agents are trained by observing the end user, meaning no training or programming is required. This process also helps preserve the process knowledge and corporate memory, so even when valuable employees retire or leave, their knowledge is […]

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Streaming Television on truCrowd

Streaming Television is here — and they’re “bringing local TV back to local people!” They’re building a national network of City Streaming Television channels that allows local content creators to expand their viewer reach by utilizing the massive user bases of Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, and Apple TV. To do so, they deploy a streaming television channel on the major OTT devices, as well as employ PWA mobile engagement technology. So far, they’ve reached over 60% of their planned city channel deployments during Q1 […]

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Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions on TruCrowd

Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions is here with the goal of creating a healthier, safer, and cleaner planet for now — and for the future. They’ve developed a unique range of eco-friendly products for air purification, odor removal, water purification, sustainable health and beauty, sustainable food production, waste recycling, and sustainable energy generation. All of these products are made from natural minerals, and KSS hopes to expand their company globally. They also hope to merge with other companies that have similar goals and visions. Plus, KSS’s team […]

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Eazl Digital Degree Project on truCrowd

Eazl Digital Degree Project is here to disrupt the education industry. Their project aims to provide undergraduate degrees to students around the world – for just $500. Called “Digital Degrees,” these degrees will be issued and verified with blockchain technology, be taught by experts, and give students lifetime access to their coursework. Studies have shown that people who earn their degrees tend to live nine years longer, have 75% higher wages, and are 40% less likely to interact with the criminal justice system. Eazl has […]

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WealthZoo on truCrowd

WealthZoo, LLC is here to provide a trusted financial solution. They connect people looking for financial advice with financial advisors to receive safe and unbiased recommendations. WealthZoo helps both the clients, who get the financial tips they need, and the advisors, who can simply and straightforwardly now acquire new clients. The advisors are trustworthy and pre-screened by WealthZoo, and they work to operate in their clients’ best interests. The CEO and founder of WealthZoo was featured on Startup Showcase on WGN Radio, and their social […]

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