Xoobies on Wefunder

Xoobies offers personalized guided experiences for travelers and experience seekers alike. Their marketplace connects people who are looking for adventures and unique experiences for specific interests with local guides, or “Xoobies,” who can provide and deliver those requests, ensuring that each experience is customized and personal. Each Xoobies experience is designed to last a few hours, and it can range in anything from architecture to history. So far, Xoobies has raised $597,000 in an app dev for equity arrangement, and their iOS and Android apps […]

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Blue World Voyages

Blue World Voyages is here with a new type of cruise line — a healthy kind. Their 350 person luxury cruise ship is for active, health-conscious people who want to enjoy activities like cycling, hiking, yoga, and water sports while sailing the Mediterranean. The small size of this ship allows passengers to visit intimate ports other ships can’t, and the customers are offered farm-to-table food while on deck, as well as the largest sports and spa deck at sea. Blue World’s CEO has a successful […]

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TrustaBit on StartEngine

TrustaBit is the new platform that wants to help you find a bit more trust when it comes to traveling. They plan to use blockchain technology to automatically issue vouchers to passengers when flights are delayed, overbooked, or cancelled. This way, they will “mobilize the traveling customer” while also helping travel brands achieve brand loyalty. TrustaBit will work directly with airlines to remove any burden from traveler. Once the flight is cancelled, TrustaBit’s smart contracts will be activated via blockchain and send an email with […]

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Farr Hotels & Resorts on StartEngine

Farr Hotels & Resorts wants you to be able to travel far and away in luxury — all while remaining eco-friendly and sustainable. They are an environmentally conscious hotel and resort startup that aims to transform economy hotels into four-star luxury eco-friendly hotels and resorts. By improving the management, software, and marketing, while implementing eco-friendly infrastructures, Farr Hotels believes they can create hotels that are both green and profitable, and reduce the hotel’s carbon footprint within three months of acquisition. So far, they have streamlined […]

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bid2bed on Wefunder

Browse. Bid Book. That’s the vision of bid2bed, and that’s how they plan to revolutionize the sharing economy when it comes to vacation rentals. Bid2bed allows vacation rental property owners to dynamically set pricing based on real time demand, while also allowing renters to bid on the properties they want — at the prices they want. Now, renters can have control over how much they pay for vacation rentals, while property owners can increase their prices for high season, or decrease their prices during off-peak […]

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4-Scored on StartEngine

We are acutely focused on the acquisition, renovation, rebranding and recapitalization of underperforming hotels.

4-Scored, along with their subsidiary, Harmony Hospitality Group, plans to disrupt the $550 billion hotel and lodging industry through their innovative new model of how to invest in existing hotel assets and bring added value to overlooked properties. The company gets the “4” in their name from their four key objectives: acquire, renovate, re-brand, and recapitalize. Through these key goals, 4-Scored aims to reshape the hotel industry’s standard branding.

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Samsara Luggage on StartEngine

The world's 1st smart aluminum suitcase

Samsara wants to rethink the essence of travel, and they’re starting with the travel building block: your luggage. They believe luggage should support your journey, not hinder it, and that’s exactly what Samsara’s suitcase does. Made out of aviation-grade aluminum alloy (lightweight and long lasting), this piece of luggage has a flat top that doubles as a desk, a unique wheel design to make for smooth transport, four litres of space inside, built-in LED lights, a built-in portable power bank (with 3 USB outlets!), and an app to let you know if you’re luggage rolls away or is being opened without you there. Whew! It’s basically the James Bond of suitcases.

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