Bandwagon on Republic

Bandwagon is here to make sure you never buy fake tickets ever again. Right now, fans lose $2.3B annually in fake ticket sales. Bandwagon’s proprietary blockchain technology puts a stop to that; it eliminates ticket fraud while increasing fan engagement. So far, they’ve processed over 1.1M tickets, and investors include Mellie Price, Orlando Jones, and Dr. Carri Allen Jones. Plus, Bandwagon is an IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program member, and they won 4th place (out of over 200 applicants) in the Global Smart Dubai Office Blockchain […]

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New Haven Community Solar on StartEngine

New Haven Community Solar is bringing clean cheap power to low income housing. Right now, their plan is to finance a 9.24 kW community solar project in New Haven, Connecticut. This lot “…is the site of this year’s annual Jim Vlock First Year Building Project – a partnership between the Yale School of Architecture (YSoA) and Columbus House,” which is a nonprofit organization that serves homeless people, or people in risk of becoming homeless. Once the power purchase contracts are finalized, Columbus House will be […]

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Virtual QE on StartEngine

Virtual QE is here to provide video instruction for high-skill work, helping decrease (and hopefully eliminate) unemployment while growing manufacturing. Their Video Work Instructions are for manufacturing companies and focus on companies following ISO Standards such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas. Virtual QE believes their videos cut costs and train employees up to ten times faster and more effectively than traditional methods. With this campaign, they plan to expand their team, purchase headquarters, and support their Reg A+ campaign and […]

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Power2Peer on StartEngine

Power2Peer has developed a way to provide blockchain-enabled solar power through peer-to-peer trading. Their technology combines blockchain with adaptive, or “smart,” and super-efficient solar microgrids to “…create a marketplace where energy can be bought and sold by anyone.” This model decentralizes power ownership, connecting solar power producers with consumers. Think of it as an “Airbnb of power systems.” Power2Peer believes that with this solution, individuals will enjoy a more resilient grid, lower energy costs, and a lower carbon footprint overall.

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DIYev on StartEngine

DIYev is here to help you build your own electric car. They have three options to choose from — a four door car, a truck, and a race car — and their forward-thinking, revolutionary technology is making it possible for DIY to happen with vehicles. Here’s how it works: first, you order your DIYev car and kit, which comes with a vehicle with no engine, gas tank, or exhaust system. Everything else is already assembled and ready for the EV install assembly. Second, you attend […]

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TEST on Republic

TEST is the first token-based certification program for consumer health products. They were built by affiliate Labdoor, Y Combinator W15 batch alumni. Labdoor has raised $7M, and was cited by John Oliver, the NYT, and the Today Show. Plus, they’ve tested over 1,000 products to help millions of people research, find, and buy supplements. TEST is the vehicle to bring a tokenized version of Labdoor to the market by incentivizing companies to publicly test the quality of their products. TEST holders can challenge other applicants, […]

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KareCall on StartEngine

KareCall is your virtual, HIPAA-compliant, AI caregiver for home care. To use it, all a patient needs is a phone. KareCall’s virtual caregiver calls patients and “speaks” with them about how they’re feeling. If KareCall hears a concerning answer, they alert the agency clinician to bring the patient the care they need. Their goal is to “…supplement these Home Health Care agencies with our electronic services and give them the opportunity to develop new sales and extend the relationship patient life-cycle by bringing patients into […]

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