Novo Aero Technology on StartEngine

Novo Aero Technology is flying in in a big way, as they’re developing vertical take-off planes. Their proposed hybrid aircrafts will employ an innovative compact propeller to lift the aircraft, and the overall design, when compared to a conventional helicopter, will make it cheaper to produce, cheaper to maintain, and less prone to accidents. They also predict their design will allow for operating the aircraft at relatively higher speeds and altitudes. Novo Aero is currently pre-prototype and in the research and development phase. So far, […]

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WaterBlocks on StartEngine

WaterBlocks is revolutionizing the game when it comes to flood barrier systems. Their product rapidly deploys, and its superior design is ideal for use with traffic safety and control, construction site protection, and natural resource conservation. WaterBlocks, which is a registered trademark and dba of Locking Line Barriers, are steel-reinforced, interconnecting plastic units that link together to create a watertight wall of protection. Their unique design allows for rapid deployment, efficient assembly, and easy removal. With WaterBlocks, communities can help protect against floods at a […]

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Livingway on StartEngine

Livingway is paving the way for a new type of network. It’s a global social platform that brings people together to support each other by using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Livingway combines the elements of a social network with the qualities of a social rewards system, allowing users to find the people, services, businesses, and information they need in real time. Simply post your request in Livingway’s request feed, business search engine, profile search engine, and people who can fulfill your request can contact you […]

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Grove Works on StartEngine

Grove Works is planting seeds for the future as a blockchain enterprise operating system for business — and a marketplace for blockchain solutions. Their platform, The Grove, benefits all users on all ends. The Grove allows miners to get paid in fiat currency, rather than crypto through a fair and stable compensation program, while oracles can get paid for providing reliable API access to outside information. Experts can monetize their advice and networking abilities, while business managers can leverage the platform’s user-friendly, secure, and legally […]

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CEN on StartEngine

CEN is here to democratize AI with blockchain — and disrupt the AI and knowledge industries. They have developed “…the Basic Intelligence Token (BIT) network, an AI system that uses blockchain to run an efficient collaboration between machine and human experts while distributing fair rewards to knowledge givers.” CEN takes questions that are difficult for AI to answer and sends them to human experts, or “Minders,” who answer the questions. The knowledge is then added to a distributed, blockchain-powered, secure knowledge base. Basic Intelligence Tokens, […]

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Wise Power on StartEngine

Wise Power is here to help you become wiser about you use and store power. They’ve created a “lifestyle management system” that stores energy in a way that you can then access later to power your home or business, ensuring that you save money and eliminate energy waste. By using the Internet of Things, Wise Power connects to all of your internet-enabled devices. This then allows you to easily monitor and control all of these devices through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, all of which […]

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Mugatunes on Republic

Mugatunes is reinventing the music industry, one playlist at a time. They’ve created a platform where music enthusiasts write, about, share, and curate new songs. Gone now are the days of algorithms that play you the same 10 songs, and here are the days of thoughtful playlists that you’ll actually want to listen to. Here’s how it works. First, music enthusiasts apply to become Tastemakers based on their background information, music tastes, and a sample playlist. They then post new songs, curate hand-picked playlists, and […]

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