Atmos Digital on Netcapital

Platform to help companies leverage loT and Blockchain.

Atmos Digital understands that enterprise technology drives corporate operational performance, and their solution offers a way to monetize space to benefit both the owner and consumer. Their cloud-based platform integrates technologies, like the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence, to redefine space by “transforming existing and underutilized space into new, efficient channels of distribution.” Their platform can help everyone from hospitality teams to retail groups, and their patent-pending XR™ technology creates a personalized atmosphere for the consumer, which helps drive transactions and increase margins. With Atmos Digital, space everywhere can become efficient, smart, and profitable. For example, XR can “connect” hotels in new ways, enhancing their capabilities and providing everything from keyless entry, anti-theft, and in-room vending products and services, to eliminating the need for a front desk, creating automatic login for guests’ multimedia channels, and reservation support.

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OSSIC on StartEngine

The ultimate 3D listening experience.

OSSIC is here to revolutionize the world of audio. They’ve created the OSSIC X smart headphones, which leverage a proprietary technology platform to deliver the most immersive audio experience possible. The platform focuses on individual anatomy calibration to represent the real 3D sound we hear each day. The technology behind their headphones also significantly increases localization accuracy and sound quality, which means that the sound accuracy is increased from 20% to 90%; they have 14 patents and registrations pending; and their technology platform is modular, so it can extend into other smart hardware and software applications. To start, OSSIC launched one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns and received over 13,000 pre-orders for $3.5M for the OSSIC X, with the first units shipped out in January 2018. They’ve also received numerous industry awards, such as the CES “Best of Innovation” 2017 for all Headphones award and Popular Science Magazine’s “Best of What’s New” for 2016 Grand Award.

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Majik Water on Republic

Harvesting drinking water from air.

Majik Water is here to work some solar magic - and help people access water. Their technology uses solar thermal energy and sponge-like desiccant materials to pull clean, safe water directly from the air. The process is affordable and energy efficient, and it can help provide water to the 780 million people in the world who need it. So far, Majik Water’s prototype can generate 10 liters of water in 24 hours, and since it’s solar powered, it doesn’t rely on an electrical grid. They were the winner of the the inaugural EDF Pulse Africa start-up awards in Paris, and they were featured in the Financial Time’s “50 Ideas to Change the World” list. Plus, they were incubated at Singularity University with a Google-funded scholarship. Majik Water plans to begin their operations and field pilots in Kenya, and they have goals to move forward globally from there.

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Preemadonna on Republic

Preemadonna powers the Nailbot - the smartphone nail art printer.

Preemadonna is here to empower creativity and inspire self expression. Their focus is building smart technology, and their first product is the Nailbot, a nail art printing robot. Just paint your nails, select your art via your smartphone in the Preemadonna app, and voila! The Nailbot creates professional looking nail art quickly and easily. So far, their active seed round has raised $1.1M to date, and they have over 33,000 people on the Nailbot waitlist. Plus, they’ve won the Best Product Using Computer Vision at the Embedded Vision Summit; they were finalists at the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield; they earned First Runner Up at Robot Launch; and they were the FounderMade's Future of Beauty Challenge Winner. Preemadonna also believes in promoting the future of female entrepreneurship, as they were sponsors of the G.I.R.L. 2017, the 54th Annual Convention of Girl Scouts of USA, and partner with schools to encourage girls to code, become engineers, and express themselves artistically.

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Vela Motor Company on Wefunder

Changing the world by improving the fuel efficiency of traditional motors.

Vela Motor Company is here to rethink the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE). They’ve redesigned the position of the crankshaft, and as a result, they’ve created a patented gas engine motor that is 15% more fuel efficient than any other motor in the world. Their ultimate goal is to reduce 10% of the amount of carbon emission released into the atmosphere by a traditional ICE. This reduction would lead to a savings of more than 1 billion tons of CO2! So far, they have patents issued in the US and other countries, and they’ve bootstrapped a working prototype. Vela previously received a $50,000 grant for testing from the Department of Energy, and they have a conditional licensing agreement in place with Fiat for $200M once their testing cycle is complete. This round of funding is to complete third-party testing to ensure trust and functionality, and, once that is complete, they will begin licensing and manufacturing deals.

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smartQED on Wefunder

Intelligent Incident Response for IT Ops with AI and Real-Time Collaboration

martQED is the “IT doctor” your team has been looking for. Their product expedites problem-solving for IT Ops and DevOps teams and data centers and acts as a one-stop shop for DevOps and IT problem resolutions. smartQED is a visual, self-learning workbench that utilizes AI intelligence and machine learning to guide users to solutions. It also streamlines incident responses and decreases response time, enabling “...collaborative investigations through self-learning visual tools for systematic Cause Analysis, making it easy for teams to jointly resolve problems while learning from user actions.” So far, they’ve closed their first revenue from their paid pilot with a global telecom company; they built and released a Beta product that is being used for customer pilots; and their team is comprised of world-class engineering experts, advisors, and business leaders.

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NetObjex on StartEngine

Blockchain-Empowered Asset Management

NetObjex has created an extremely comprehensive end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) platform. Called the Digital Asset Management Platform, they believe it to be the most comprehensive in the world. Using blockchain technology, the Digital Asset Management Platform provides cutting-edge, real-time tracking of productivity, efficiency, and output. With NetObjex, your enterprise can reach its full potential -- and achieve a competitive advantage -- when it comes to connecting the physical world to the digital and virtual world. NetObjex’s technologies gather data in real time, help with decision-making, and provide a channel for engaging consumers.

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