New Haven Community Solar on StartEngine

New Haven Community Solar is bringing clean cheap power to low income housing. Right now, their plan is to finance a 9.24 kW community solar project in New Haven, Connecticut. This lot “…is the site of this year’s annual Jim Vlock First Year Building Project – a partnership between the Yale School of Architecture (YSoA) and Columbus House,” which is a nonprofit organization that serves homeless people, or people in risk of becoming homeless. Once the power purchase contracts are finalized, Columbus House will be […]

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Yummi on StartEngine

Yummi is here to build a next-generation food platform for everyone that also compensates users for their content with blockchain-based tokens. Their AI and blockchain-based technology and food-centric tools provide foodies with authentic and reliable food information so everyone can eat happier, eat better, and eat yummi-er. So far, the app has already been downloaded by users from over 100 countries within 18 months and more than 40,000 restaurants in 2,500 cities have been tagged. Plus, Yummi was founded by an ex-Googler with over 20 […]

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Virtual QE on StartEngine

Virtual QE is here to provide video instruction for high-skill work, helping decrease (and hopefully eliminate) unemployment while growing manufacturing. Their Video Work Instructions are for manufacturing companies and focus on companies following ISO Standards such as automotive, aerospace, medical devices, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas. Virtual QE believes their videos cut costs and train employees up to ten times faster and more effectively than traditional methods. With this campaign, they plan to expand their team, purchase headquarters, and support their Reg A+ campaign and […]

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Tribal Rides on StartEngine

Tribal Rides is combining ride-sharing apps and self-driving cars for a whole new generation of consumers. With their patented blockchain technology, you can now be your own Uber. Their app allows anyone to manage their self-driving car so they can share it with their community, while also utilizing a utility token to handle payments. Tribal Rides is currently still in development. So far, they have configured their Intellectual Property and are currently in the system development phase.

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Wicked City Blues | WCB Productions on StartEngine

From the creators of the StartEngine funded “It Came From Beyond” off-Broadway show comes a new critically-acclaimed, award-winning musical. Called “Wicked City Blues,” this show is a 1940s film noir musical, and it will be opening soon in New York at a top off-Broadway theatre while being produced by leading off-Broadway producers, including John Lant. So far, the show has had a successful run at Salt Lake City’s Allred Theatre and was named one of the Top 10 Plays of the Year in Utah by […]

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Power2Peer on StartEngine

Power2Peer has developed a way to provide blockchain-enabled solar power through peer-to-peer trading. Their technology combines blockchain with adaptive, or “smart,” and super-efficient solar microgrids to “…create a marketplace where energy can be bought and sold by anyone.” This model decentralizes power ownership, connecting solar power producers with consumers. Think of it as an “Airbnb of power systems.” Power2Peer believes that with this solution, individuals will enjoy a more resilient grid, lower energy costs, and a lower carbon footprint overall.

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Chella on StartEngine

Chella specializes in eyebrow and eye makeup, as well as associated products. They’re a fast-growing brand in this market of “prestige” beauty products, and they’ve already been able to establish brand recognition and a reputation for high-quality items. So far, they have 3 million customers who have received a Chella Brow product, over 300 retail locations with Chella products in the U.S. and 12 other countries, an average rating of 9.2/10 on Amazon, and 100% YoY sales growth on Amazon. Now, they’re ready to take […]

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