CannaKorp on StartEngine

World's First Pod-Based Vaporizer.

CannaKorp is here to change the way you think about cannabis and herbal remedy consumption. They’re revolutionizing the industry through creating the world’s first pod-based vaporizer system. Called the Wisp, you simply insert a pod into the sleek white vaporizer, wait for it to heat the herbs inside, and then inhale the vapor produced for an easy, simple way to relax. The people behind the Wisp include some of the same people who made Keurig successful, and the concepts between the two designs are quite similar. The Wisp is now ready to go to market, and they’re looking to start sales in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. With the talented team and the ever increasing acceptance and use of Cannabis, the Wisp is slated to become the next go-to home appliance for vaporization and herbal wellness.

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OSSIC on StartEngine

The ultimate 3D listening experience.

OSSIC is here to revolutionize the world of audio. They’ve created the OSSIC X smart headphones, which leverage a proprietary technology platform to deliver the most immersive audio experience possible. The platform focuses on individual anatomy calibration to represent the real 3D sound we hear each day. The technology behind their headphones also significantly increases localization accuracy and sound quality, which means that the sound accuracy is increased from 20% to 90%; they have 14 patents and registrations pending; and their technology platform is modular, so it can extend into other smart hardware and software applications. To start, OSSIC launched one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns and received over 13,000 pre-orders for $3.5M for the OSSIC X, with the first units shipped out in January 2018. They’ve also received numerous industry awards, such as the CES “Best of Innovation” 2017 for all Headphones award and Popular Science Magazine’s “Best of What’s New” for 2016 Grand Award.

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ZipZap on StartEngine

Global Money Transfer.

ZipZap is an app designed to streamline transactions in the global remittance market for migrant workers who send money home to their loved ones. The World Bank estimates that over $600B a year is transferred globally from immigrants back home to their families, yet the process to do is long, frustrating, and expensive. ZipZap, however, solves this problem and makes remittance transactions quick, easy, and safe. Their app’s proprietary Currency Router technology uses either traditional SWIFT banking rails or global Blockchain currencies for each transaction, depending on whichever is cheaper and faster, and allows users to send as little as $50 to people back home. Think of it like Venmo -- for global micro remittances. ZipZap currently has over 300 active users in Canada, hundreds of recipients in India and China, and estimate that over $1M has been sent through their app in just under 2,000 transactions. Right now, they are available to use in Canada to send money back to India, China, and the Philippines, and they are expanding to the UK, the US, and dozens of receiving countries in 2018.

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Borough Five Pictures – Slate One on StartEngine

3 Family Comedies Made in New York City.

Borough Five Pictures - Slate One is here to stage a creative and economic renaissance. They are a new independent film and television production company that is combining the East and West Coasts. Specifically, they are bringing Hollywood to Staten Island, and the great borough of Staten Island to Hollywood. Founder, writer, and director Julio Vincent Gambuto grew up on the South Shore of Staten Island, and he wants to “put a lens” on his corner of the world. Borough Five’s firsts three films are 90 minute, “low-budget” independent films that are audience-friendly, Hollywood-ready, and two of them will be cut into independent television series pilots. Titled “Team Marco,” “The Julie Stories,” and “Jack Be Nimble,” the films will be shot and set in Staten Island and center around the stories, characters, and communities found there.

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ScreenDoor GreenHouse on StartEngine

Gardening for Your Living Room.

ScreenDoor GreenHouse is a way to bring gardening right to your front door -- literally. They’ve developed a greenhouse that easily replaces the screen on your sliding glass door. You can slide the greenhouse to the side and use your glass door as normal, or you can slide the greenhouse over to the doorway, and do all your gardening from the comfort of your home. Now, you can easily remember to water your plants, have access to fresh herbs and spices for cooking, or create beautiful flower arrangements to decorate your home. Plus, it’s perfect for everyone. Whether you don’t have the space to plant a garden, don’t own your home, or live in an assisted living facility, you can now garden easily, all with ScreenDoor GreenHouse.

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Anyone Media Network on StartEngine

YayWay: The Trusted Social Network.

Anyone Media Network is here to offer a new type of social media. A safer, more trustworthy, and innovative social media. Called YayWay, this social media platform is a way for fans and their favorite celebrities to connect in a more genuine, trusted, and legitimate way. Founded by musician and industry executive Charles Simmons, YayWay provides fans with a “one-stop shop” for all their favorite influencer’s music, concert tickets, products, videos, bios -- you name it. Now, you don’t have to worry about going to ten different sites to try and track down the information you’re looking for. Plus, you can trust YayWay. They only deal with real influencers and celebrities, making sure that these people and their fans have direct connection. In fact, YayWay believes they are the only social media app out there that currently protects fans from someone scamming or pretending to be a celebrity. With YayWay, they hope to change the future of what communication looks like and build a world with better -- and more genuine -- media.

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Aurora Sky Events on StartEngine

Fan-owned EDM Event Production Company.

Aurora Sky Events is here to put electronic music fans back where they belong -- front and center. They want to put fns first, and they’re a fan-owned concert production company centered on that mission. Aurora Sky’s goals are simple: connect fans to the music they love and provide events with a safe environment, fan-focused customer service, and high quality concerts in intimate venues. Electronic dance music (EDM) is one of the fastest growing genres in the world and is a multi-billion dollar industry. Aurora Sky Events is here to help us remember who made it this powerful -- the fans. After all, without them, this music community wouldn’t exist.

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