Novo Aero Technology on StartEngine

Novo Aero Technology is flying in in a big way, as they’re developing vertical take-off planes. Their proposed hybrid aircrafts will employ an innovative compact propeller to lift the aircraft, and the overall design, when compared to a conventional helicopter, will make it cheaper to produce, cheaper to maintain, and less prone to accidents. They also predict their design will allow for operating the aircraft at relatively higher speeds and altitudes. Novo Aero is currently pre-prototype and in the research and development phase. So far, […]

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Junto Bicycle Works on StartEngine

Junto Bicycle Works is here to bring you not just electric bikes — but a movement of electric bikes on an environmental and social mission. They want to break the automotive industry’s grip on commuting culture one e-bike at a time. Their e-bikes are designed to be rugged, long lasting, comfortable, and affordable. Junto bikes are delivered to your door for just $1,799, compared to the industry average of $4,000. In Spanish, “junto” means “united” or “council,” and Junto Bicycle is working to live up […]

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Little Starship Productions on StartEngine

Little Starship Productions is here to help your little one become a star — a cognitive star, that is! Their apps and videos help preschoolers develop cognitive learning skills by providing safe, engaging, educational multimedia content. Available on both iOS and Android, their current three apps available for preschoolers each have an animated cartoon video with a song, along with fun learning activities. So far, the apps have all received five-star reviews, and Little Starship is also now creating a website in addition to their […]

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WaterBlocks on StartEngine

WaterBlocks is revolutionizing the game when it comes to flood barrier systems. Their product rapidly deploys, and its superior design is ideal for use with traffic safety and control, construction site protection, and natural resource conservation. WaterBlocks, which is a registered trademark and dba of Locking Line Barriers, are steel-reinforced, interconnecting plastic units that link together to create a watertight wall of protection. Their unique design allows for rapid deployment, efficient assembly, and easy removal. With WaterBlocks, communities can help protect against floods at a […]

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Time Token on StartEngine

Time Token is here to bring vacation rentals into the digital age — with cryptocurrency, that is. They’re a vacation rental company that will provide “world-class customer service and experiences” while utilizing blockchain technology. Their platform merges cryptocurrencies with vacation rental real estate through advancements in the Ethereum platform combined with a proprietary blockchain technology. With this merger, Time Token will be able to offer comfort and quality vacation rentals through a streamlined process at affordable prices. To start, they will offer rentals in the […]

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EscoBoss on StartEngine

EscoBoss is the short-term staffing solution you’ve been looking for. They simplify the process through their website and app, ultimately helping businesses find the help they need and workers find the short-term jobs they’re looking for. From hourly hires to executive assistants at industry conventions, EscoBoss has who you’re looking for. They provide the background checks and the financial security, too. Their platform holds the payment in escrow until the job is complete. Once the job is finished, the payment is released to the worker, […]

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LGBTQutie on StartEngine

LGBTQutie is a dating and social networking app that connects the entire LGBTQ community! The apps currently out there focus mostly on lesbian women or gay men while promoting a hookup-centric market. LGBTQuite, on the other hand, has created a comprehensive and inclusive platform tailored specifically for the LGBTQ community that promotes relationships and genuine connections. Their app includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, pansexual, non-binary, asexual and intersex individuals, and it also provides users with content that is relevant to them, such as LGBTQ […]

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