American Ultimate Disc League on StartEngine

The American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) is the first and only professional ultimate league in the world — and this is your chance to be part of it. Ultimate is non-traditional, fast-paced, exciting, fun, and inclusive in terms of gender and age for players. The AUDL has grown consistently and substantially in its first six years, and it’s clear it’s only going to continue growing. So far, AUDL has delivered their “Game(s) of the Week” and highlights through cable TV and/or ESPN3. They’ve also entered […]

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KOTA Longboards on Wefunder

KOTA Longboards is here, and with them, you could be “cruising from adventure to adventure on the perfect longboard.” This active lifestyle brand sells both traditional and electric longboards that can appeal to everyone, from the older and sophisticated rider to the young new longboarder. Their high-quality boards with unique features symbolize a love for adventure — and they’ve cruised their way to success from selling in their driveway to nationwide sales. So far, KOTA has co-brand relationships with companies like Anheuser Busch, Oakley, and […]

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Hustle Fitness on Wefunder

Instructional content by pro trainers for youth athletes and amateur coaches.

Hustle Fitness is here to help young and amateur athletes become the strongest athletic version of themselves. Hustle connects these athletes with professional trainers, coaches, and athletes who provide instructional content in their sport. The app is easy to use, scalable, and has exactly what you need to help yourself, or your team. Since launching in 2016, Hustle has focused on basketball and helped more than 65,000 players and coaches in 48 countries. Now, they’re looking to expand across multiple sports, including baseball, volleyball, soccer, football, tennis, hockey, lacrosse, and Crossfit. Hustle is currently the top coaching app in the iTunes App Store and has a $0 customer acquisition cost to date. They were also featured as a sports technology startup at the 2018 SXSW Conference, selected as a Reebok featured startup at the 2017 MIT Sloan Sports Conference, and has over 1,000 skills in their database for players at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

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CBL Worldwide II on StartEngine

Rec Basketball Platform & App

The CBL, or Community Basketball League, was founded to help give basketball players back their love of the game. For the millions of basketball athletes out there who couldn’t make it to the NBA, the CBL provides an alternative solution. It offers a local and national competition platform for post-season tournament play, with a community outreach requirement. It also has incentive-based cash prizes, so players can supplement their income while playing. The CBL provides career stats, game film, and a professional network of coaches and teams, along with marketing services, to help players ignite their careers, earn college scholarships, and open professional contract opportunities. So far, the CBL has over 26,000 players in their database that are ready to join, and they are planning to expand to 600 locations in the US. They also have a new app coming, along with a new college league (NCBBL) and women’s league (WCBL).

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Family Fun Park

Snyder Entertainment Group, LLC, is bringing the Greater Lafayette area of Indiana a “Your Family Fun Park,” called The park will be located just minutes away from Interstate I-65 on the east side of the city. Snyder Entertainment has also already purchased the iconic Lafayette landmark “Hour Time” clock, and they plan to feature it in the park. The park itself will feature a plethora of wholesome family activities, with everything from go-kart racing, mini golf, and batting cages, to laser tag and bumper cars. There will also be a “Hour Time” Sports Pub, Wine Bar, and Bakery Cafe, along with a full-service “Hour Time” Restaurant and Bar, overlooking the lake. on StartEngine 2018-03-16T13:07:55+00:00

BeachSheetz on GrowthFountain

The world's best outdoor and beach accessory.

BeachSheetz has created the world’s first rip-stop microfiber beach sheet that’s heat, water, and sand resistant. It’s seven feet by seven feet, meaning it’s perfect for any beach day or family picnic, and it has weighted corners to hold it down. Plus, it comes with its own attached drawstring backpack that has extra space for other items and a separate compartment for valuables. So far, BeachSheetz has raised over $150,000 on Kickstarter in 30 days, earning it the title of one of the top 1% of all Kickstarter campaigns ever, and they’ve sold 1500 units on Amazon in nearly 60 days. This venture is to help them raise capital to meet their demand, decrease the manufacturing costs, and expand globally into retail outlets.

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Fan-Controlled Football League on MicroVentures

The first Fan-Controlled Professional Sports League

Expected to kick off in 2018, the Fan-Controlled Football League (FCFL) re-imagines American football – and the experience of being a die-hard fan – for the digital age. The FCFL will seek to deliver a compelling football product that captivates a broader digital audience. It will feature fast-paced, high-scoring action that embraces the spread-football evolution of the NCAA football and NFL games while enabling a diverse set of styles and strategies on both offense and defense ─ all controlled by the fans.” In fact, “The Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) is the first professional sports league truly designed for the digital blockchain age – putting fans in control of their sports entertainment experience.”

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