MySwimPro on Wefunder

MySwimPro, with a valuation cap of $10 million, is raising crowdfunding on WeFunder. The fitness application offers training experience to beginners and professional swimmers with the help of training plans, video content, personalized workouts, and analytics to measure the performance. MySwimPro was founded by Fares Ksebati, Adam Oxner, and Michael Allon in 2015. The current crowdfunding round is expected to launch on February 20, 2019. MySwimPro has been awarded as the Apple Watch App of the Year in 2016 and has more than 500,000 registered […]

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Chattanooga Football Club on Wefunder

“As Chattanooga Football Club enters a new era of growth, we’re inviting you to invest in our future and own part of the team. By selling equity shares, we’re expanding our commitment to Chattanooga and our fans, so that when Chattanooga Football Club wins, we all win. We are leading the way in American soccer, creating a sustainable model that’s better for players, fans, and communities.”

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CWF Continental on StartEngine

CWF Continental, or the Continental Wrestling Federation, is here to bring fans cutting-edge wrestling entertainment. CWF produces, develops, and markets professional wrestling live events, TV, internet pay-per-view programming while also specializing in the licensing and sale of branded consumer products. They aim to provide unpredictable shows, where each event reveals new stories and facts about the wrestlers. CWF’s “Superstars” are fresh and professionally trained individuals from around the world. So far, CWF has had test events in Orlando and Miami, and they are now production […]

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atlasGO on Wefunder

atlasGo is a community of changemakers who raise awareness and funds for important causes through the miles they log. For each mile or kilometer you log during an atlasGo run, hike, or bike, a corporate sponsor donates money to a chosen nonprofit. atlasGo can be used by a corporation’s employees to promote employee engagement, CSR, and wellness — or to open it up to anyone outside of the corporation, across the globe, that wants to make a difference. So far, over 10,000 atlasGO changemakers have […]

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Yopi Technologies on StartEngine

Yopi is an innovative, wearable technology that is both a personal trainer and a VO2 monitor. You simply wear the small device as you workout, and your results get reported back to Yopi’s app. Yopi allows you to measure your VO2 in real time, and while you’re exercising, Yopi tells you when to speed up or slow down, allowing you to maximize your workout by accurately adhering to physiological parameters and goals. It also not only enables you to reach your best performance and meet […]

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POWERHANDZ on Wefunder

POWERHANDZ empowers athletes and patients around the world to train with purpose. They design, manufacture, and sell athletic training products that help evaluate performance and injury recovery. Right now, they offer nine products across six sports, and they’re already being used by thousands of youth and professional teams, as well as some world-star athletes — including David Ortiz, Brian Dawkins, and Isaiah Thomas. So far, POWERHANDZ has sold over 50,000 units and earned over $2.6M in revenue in more than 81 countries. Their products are […]

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TeamTrak on StartEngine

TeamTrak is disrupting the world of cycling. They are providing an indoor cycling league, and their groundbreaking TeamTrak competition features world-class male and female athletes. They had a three-day pilot at Los Angelos’s VELO Sports Center, which featured 42 top male and female athletes from eleven nations. It was live-streamed across the globe, and now they are embarking on a $5 million rollout to launch what they are calling Season One. This will entail six, 3-day tournaments in 2019/2020 at indoor velodromes in several countries. […]

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