Yummi on StartEngine

Yummi is here to build a next-generation food platform for everyone that also compensates users for their content with blockchain-based tokens. Their AI and blockchain-based technology and food-centric tools provide foodies with authentic and reliable food information so everyone can eat happier, eat better, and eat yummi-er. So far, the app has already been downloaded by users from over 100 countries within 18 months and more than 40,000 restaurants in 2,500 cities have been tagged. Plus, Yummi was founded by an ex-Googler with over 20 […]

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Vinder on Wefunder

Vinder helps people easily buy and sell homegrown produce through their online farmers market for home gardeners. They’ve grown to over 90 cities in 19 states in just four months, and they were also the winners of 2017 Silicon Valley Business Plan competition. The retention rate for growers is 90% and 77% for buyers, and their CEO was named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Jefferson County, Washington in April 2018. Vinder now has a mobile app in the works, and their goal is […]

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Tribal Rides on StartEngine

Tribal Rides is combining ride-sharing apps and self-driving cars for a whole new generation of consumers. With their patented blockchain technology, you can now be your own Uber. Their app allows anyone to manage their self-driving car so they can share it with their community, while also utilizing a utility token to handle payments. Tribal Rides is currently still in development. So far, they have configured their Intellectual Property and are currently in the system development phase.

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StoreMe on SeedInvest

StoreMe is providing the storage solution for luggage. Their on-demand service allows you to store your luggage or bags hourly or daily in retail stores that offer safe and secure storage. Customers simply download their app, search for a nearby location, and drop off their items to store. Plus, they can feel good about it since their items are insured to up to $2,500. StoreMe launched in March 2018 with an iOS app in New York City and an Android app in late June, and […]

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Cloosiv on SeedInvest

Cloosiv is an easy mobile payment for local merchants. Businesses simply provide their customers with an in-store mobile payment option, and consumers just need to download the single app to pay for goods and services in their community. Cloosiv has developed product integration and a marketing partnership with Square, and they been accepted in multiple accelerator programs, such as Oracle Scaleup, VentureOut Retail Innovation, NRF Big Show Startup, and Money20/20 Startup Academy. So far, they’ve processed over 3,000 transactions in less than 6 months, and […]

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Evarians on StartEngine

Evarians is introducing a new way to plan travel. They’re developing a blockchain AI travel app that will offer a “…seamless all-in-one global travel experience.” Their app is home to EVA, the character behind JustEva, and the world’s first virtual travel agent that speaks and listens to you. She gets to know your likes, dislikes, and interests, and helps guide you to schedule the exact trip you want and need. Evarians’ app is still under development, but the prototype has been available and tested. The […]

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Famterra on Wefunder

Famterra is here to continue their family app success. Their first app, Calroo, helped busy parents keep track of their chaotic family schedule. Now they’re here with a second app designed as a co-parenting app for divorced parents. Called WeParent, this app specifically addresses the 55 million parents who live apart but co-parent together. Famterra’s CEO is a former executive from eBay, PayPal, UpWork, and Zong with a Ph.D from Stanford in psychology. So far, these apps have been featured in Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, […]

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