Caddell Prep on StartEngine

Caddell Prep offers personalized test prep and math help to support students in achieving more. Their self-paced, online math tutorials are free, while their test prep starts at just $79. The customization of their programs allows students to move at their own pace in ways that in-person prep does not allow for, but their products are packaged in a way for schools and teachers to easily use as needed. Right now, Caddell Prep is focused on sales to schools to grow their market share, while […]

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Tobly on SeedInvest

Tobly is an online platform that’s help modernize the equipment rental industry. With Tobly’s web app, people can access real-time competitive pricing, book online, and see rental lifecycle management and reporting. So far, Tobly has processed nearly $1M in equipment rentals from over 300 customers, and notable customers include HBO, Paintzen, Global Facilities Management. FirstRock Capital, David S. Rose of AREA Accelerator (also of New York Angels, Singularity University and Gust), and Green Egg Ventures are all investors, and Tobly has supply partnerships established with […]

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Coppertino on Wefunder

Coppertino’s VOX platform is here for true music lovers. It’s a high-res audio player and unlimited cloud music storage that can play lossless files. Lossless files offer crisp, high-quality recordings better than mp3s that make you feel like you’re at the recording studio or concert — but Spotify and iTunes can’t play these types of files. So far, Coppertino has experienced $27,000 in average monthly revenue, 1.2M Mac downloads, and 600,000 iPhone downloads. They also have nearly 3,000 Premium subscribers, with 174,000 monthly Mac app […]

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ArtistWorks on MicroVentures

ArtistWorks is here to help all beginner musicians follow their dream and learn that instrument. Their patented Video Exchange Learning is an online learning platform that gives users access to a library of recorded music lessons, as well as allows them to interact daily with course instructors. So far, ArtistWorks has generated $3.3M in revenue in 2017 and more than 87,000 learners have taken at least one self-paced learning class. Plus, programs at UCLA Extension and Carnegie Mellon University have used the platform, and ArtistWorks […]

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Your Car, Our Driver on StartEngine

Your Car, Our Driver is a professional chauffeur network and app. They are a licensed, bonded, and insured on-demand chauffeur service that comes to you, and drives you where you need to go — all from the comfort and security of your own car. Currently operating in Orange County, CA, Your Car, Our Driver thoroughly vets and screens all drivers, and all appointments and scheduling can be made easily through their app. They currently have a functioning website, with an app for Android and iOS […]

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American Legacy Network on StartEngine

The American Legacy Network is here to offer a Black history streaming video service. Their content will be designed to inspire, empower, and educate, as well as “…broaden the knowledge and enhance the awareness of African-American history among all Americans.” So far, the American Legacy Network has launched a web/mobile version of the network in August 208 and will add an app version in November/December 2018 to allow the network to be available over streaming services such as Roku TV, Amazon TV, Apple TV, Android […]

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KISS Innovations on StartEngine

KISS Innovations wants to help everyone find the perfect career match. They’ve developed a “matchmaking” algorithm and tool called walfly to help millennials find the job meant for them — and help businesses reduce turnover rates. The walfly app is currently in development, and KISS anticipates a January 2019 launch, with the first phase of the launch focusing on signups and profile development, and the second phase focused on employers creating profiles and posting jobs.

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