Little Starship Productions on StartEngine

Little Starship Productions is here to help your little one become a star — a cognitive star, that is! Their apps and videos help preschoolers develop cognitive learning skills by providing safe, engaging, educational multimedia content. Available on both iOS and Android, their current three apps available for preschoolers each have an animated cartoon video with a song, along with fun learning activities. So far, the apps have all received five-star reviews, and Little Starship is also now creating a website in addition to their […]

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Time Token on StartEngine

Time Token is here to bring vacation rentals into the digital age — with cryptocurrency, that is. They’re a vacation rental company that will provide “world-class customer service and experiences” while utilizing blockchain technology. Their platform merges cryptocurrencies with vacation rental real estate through advancements in the Ethereum platform combined with a proprietary blockchain technology. With this merger, Time Token will be able to offer comfort and quality vacation rentals through a streamlined process at affordable prices. To start, they will offer rentals in the […]

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EscoBoss on StartEngine

EscoBoss is the short-term staffing solution you’ve been looking for. They simplify the process through their website and app, ultimately helping businesses find the help they need and workers find the short-term jobs they’re looking for. From hourly hires to executive assistants at industry conventions, EscoBoss has who you’re looking for. They provide the background checks and the financial security, too. Their platform holds the payment in escrow until the job is complete. Once the job is finished, the payment is released to the worker, […]

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LGBTQutie on StartEngine

LGBTQutie is a dating and social networking app that connects the entire LGBTQ community! The apps currently out there focus mostly on lesbian women or gay men while promoting a hookup-centric market. LGBTQuite, on the other hand, has created a comprehensive and inclusive platform tailored specifically for the LGBTQ community that promotes relationships and genuine connections. Their app includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, pansexual, non-binary, asexual and intersex individuals, and it also provides users with content that is relevant to them, such as LGBTQ […]

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EventJoin on StartEngine

EventJoin plans to be the first blockchain-powered platform for professional networking events. It will allow professionals to connect before, during, and after an event, allowing people to establish greater professional connections while earning rewards as they develop their networks. So far, EventJoin’s organic test launch reached over 500 users, over 1500 social media followers, and two top universities in just two weeks. They’ve also secured interest from four major professional event companies. While EventJoin is not currently using blockchain technology, they plan to in order […]

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Pixilated on MicroVentures

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Pixilated is an open-air photo booth and marketing technology company. The company both creates a strong user experience in their photo booth, while also offering a platform that captures leads for marketers. Called the Pixi Cloud, this platform, “…aims to enable brands to deliver engaging experiences through a photo booth interface while capturing data and connecting an offline audience to an online marketing strategy.” Pixi Cloud integrates with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and CRM systems, and the mobile app […]

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Player’s Health on Netcapital

Player’s Health is here to live up to their name — and truly protect the health of sports players. They are an insurance company whose risk management platform protects athletes and sports organizations. Their interactive mobile platform is HIPAA compliant and allows coaches to quickly and easily document injuries, ensuring that proper communication flows between coaches, trainers, and legal guardians. Player’s Health makes it so that its users can track and manage injuries, including concussions and concussion protocols, train coaches in injury and sex abuse […]

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