Love Goodly on SeedInvest

Green, nontoxic, and cruelty free beauty and personal care subscription box.

Love Goodly is on a mission to help women love their bodies….and feel good about it, too. Named “the Green Sephora” by Forbes, Love Goodly offers a women’s subscription box service that provides healthy, nontoxic, and cruelty free beauty products. Each subscription box contains 4-5 full sized products, including at least three beauty, skincare, and personal care products, as well as a wellness, eco, or style accessory or healthy snack. Women can also shop for their favorite items on Love Goodly’s e-commerce shop, where each purchase supports a cause. So far, Love Goodly has had over 200% growth in gross profit from 2016 to 2017, and they shipped over 2,000 boxes last month alone. In fact, the company doubled in revenue in the last year and recently reached profitability. They’re also backed by Third Wave Digital, Allen DeBevoise early stage fund, and celebrity curators include Alicia Silverstone and Emily Deschanel.

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Dante Labs on SeedInvest

Disrupting the $60B global genetic testing market with comprehensive genetic tests and smart data analysis..

The co-founders of Dante Labs came together in shared indignation about a woman being denied genetic testing -- despite a family history of a hereditary disease. Their response was to create this company and help people learn about their DNA and genetic history. Dante Labs analyzes 100% of your DNA for just $695, making it not only the most complete DNA tests available in the market, but one of the most affordable, too. They offer a variety of products and different prices, and all of them can provide consumers with hundreds of insights about hereditary diseases, health conditions, and traits. So far, Dante Labs has earned over $250,000 of revenue from DNA tests since their April 2017 launch, and 70% of their sales are from organic traffic. They’re partnering with leaders in genetics, including Illumina and BGI, as well as several European doctors and universities, and they’re a member of both the WeWork Labs accelerator and Amazon Launchpad.

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FileThis on SeedInvest

B2B platform powering FinTech companies with simple, secure retrieval of personal finance documents.

FileThis, Inc. is a B2B platform that makes it easy for FinTech companies to securely and simply retrieve your official personal finance documents. They automatically gather everything from pay stubs, W-2s, and tax returns to bank statements, billing statements, and other official records. When FinTech companies partner with FileThis, users no longer need to manually upload their documents, meaning that business processes can be streamlined, and everyone saves time and money. Their proprietary document aggregation framework securely and automatically gathers official PDFs and metadata from over 800 institutions, including banks, lenders, and payroll providers. So far, FileThis has been tested by over 100,000 consumers and has a 2x YoY growth, including 90% gross margins in December of 2017 and an annual recurring revenue of $900,000 in 2017. They currently have 12 distribution partners, and with 275 million potential FinTech product consumers out there, FileThis is on the way to filing some serious success.

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WorldViz on SeedInvest

Virtual reality SaaS solution for business collaboration and online training.

WorldViz is changing the way we view meetings and virtual reality (VR) with their cloud-based product, Vizible. WorldViz describes Vizible as, “...the VR-ready mashup of PowerPoint and GoToMeeting. As with PowerPoint, even non-technical users can use Vizible, but instead of creating 2D PowerPoint slides, our users create immersive experiences with 3D models, spherical media, images, documents, sounds, interactivity, recordings, and more.” You simply create your immersive presentation on Vizible, then share a link to a session, and anyone with the link can access the secure, private, and safe meeting platform space. WorldViz’s total sales in 2017 reached over $5M, and they have over 1500 commercial customers, including Nokia, Lenovo, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and Stanford University. Investors include Intel Capital and Navigo Capital, and they’ve seen a 10 times increase in companies signing up for the Vizible Beta from June to December 2017, including Beta customers like Roche, Siemens, and Turner Construction.

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ROSCA Finance on SeedInvest

Financial platform that allows users to improve their credit score.

ROSCA Finance is a financial platform that enables and empowers users to build and improve their credit scores through borrowing, saving, and investing with friends and peers. Their methodology uses a proprietary, patent-pending cash management algorithm that’s based on the Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA) model, and it harnesses “the power of community to help people achieve financial independence.” After all, modern research shows that saving in groups can triple your success rate, and when you join Rosca, you receive access to accelerated savings, cheaper rates for borrowing, and superior returns on investments. Rosca accepts all users, regardless of credit history, and they’re partnered with Equifax and Transunion, two of the three major US credit bureaus. Since their launch, Rosca transactions have reached over $269,000, and their MoM user growth is over 50%. Plus, they’re a graduate of both the Summer 2017 Google GSV accelerator and 2016 VentureOut Fintech.

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Emerald Metrics on SeedInvest

Precision agriculture technology for the cannabis industry.

Emerald Metrics is helping make sure your green (cannabis) stays as freshly green - and as safely green - as possible. They “take the guesswork out of growing cannabis” with their CannaIntelligence software, which enables producers to minimize expenses, increase crop quality and yield, and eliminate crop waste. This system also protects consumers from harmful molds, pests, and pesticides. CannaIntelligence consists of a combination of water, heat, light, and humidity sensors, multi-spectral imaging cameras, and a cloud-based software application. Actionable data is delivered directly to the grower’s dashboard, and the grower can manage their crop concerns all from the platform. Emerald Metrics has partnered with EZ-Clone Enterprises to provide the flagship software, and they already have an agreement with KGB Farms, a Tier 2 grower, to provide software development and testing services.

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Vacayo on Republic

A landlord's favorite tenant.

Vacayo offers landlords a new and more effective way to rent their properties. Their tech-powered solution is fee-less, and they both lease and furnish your vacation rental property -- in under 72 hours. From cleaning the space to guest communication, Vacayo takes care of everything. First, they pay you rent upfront to become your tenant. Then, they lease your property to high-quality, short-term tenants who they carefully screen. Their secret sauce is their “superhosts,” who are local hospitality experts with the highest ratings on Airbnb. Superhosts serve as independent contractors and have helped Vacayo find the success its had. So far, they’ve earned a revenue of $1.3M, raised $800,000 in 2017, and have an alumni of, and are backed by, 500 Startups. Landlords can control everything from the Vacayo platform, including multiple properties, so they can worry less about renting...and more about enjoying the income from renters instead.

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