Cocoon on SeedInvest

Your skin is your cocoon – and Cocoon Holdings wants to help you take the best care of it possible. They are a discovery platform for the chronic skincare market, where they help women discover products that are suitable for their specific skin type through an app that acts as a mobile skin diary. Users can also share product reviews with each other. After all, over 500 million women suffer from chronic skin conditions globally, and finding the right solution can be challenging. This type […]

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Modern Alkeme on SeedInvest

Modern Alkeme is the everyday detox you need for your everyday life. This ready-to-drink beverage brings Japanese food as medicine to the beverage scene. It’s a modern mix of ancient Japanese elixirs that help achieve wellness from within, with no more than 35 calories and less than 9 grams of sugar per drink. The magic Modern Alkeme provides “…gives your body that little extra boost every day to help make sure your body is free, clean and clear of toxins.” Founded by Larry Praeger, Greg […]

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StoreMe on SeedInvest

StoreMe is providing the storage solution for luggage. Their on-demand service allows you to store your luggage or bags hourly or daily in retail stores that offer safe and secure storage. Customers simply download their app, search for a nearby location, and drop off their items to store. Plus, they can feel good about it since their items are insured to up to $2,500. StoreMe launched in March 2018 with an iOS app in New York City and an Android app in late June, and […]

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Cloosiv on SeedInvest

Cloosiv is an easy mobile payment for local merchants. Businesses simply provide their customers with an in-store mobile payment option, and consumers just need to download the single app to pay for goods and services in their community. Cloosiv has developed product integration and a marketing partnership with Square, and they been accepted in multiple accelerator programs, such as Oracle Scaleup, VentureOut Retail Innovation, NRF Big Show Startup, and Money20/20 Startup Academy. So far, they’ve processed over 3,000 transactions in less than 6 months, and […]

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Death & Co on SeedInvest

Death & Co is here to offer you an exceptional and unique cocktail experience. They’re an award-winning, highly praised hospitality group whose accolades are numerous and include Esquire’s 2017 Best Bars in America and Conde Nast Traveler’s 2018 Best Bars in New York City. So far, their net revenue in their NYC location was $1,868,226 in 2017 — a 71% growth from 2008. Their operating margin grew 17.36% in 2016 to 22.16% in 2017, and they’re newly opened Denver location hit $313,000 in revenue in […]

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Planetarians on SeedInvest

Planetarians patent-pending technology converts defatted seats into a protein ingredient that’s also rich in fiber. They’ve also filed a patent for a new ingredient based on this technology called SunMeal. SunMeal is allergen-free, non-GMO, and 5x cheaper than pea protein. For example, replacing 30% of all-purpose flour with SunMeal doubles the protein and fiber contents — but keeps costs the same. It can be used to fortify food products, create nutrient-rich fast food that’s plant-based, and is sustainable to grow. So far, they’re backed by […]

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Hyperion Robotics on SeedInvest

Hyperion Robotics provides 3D printing robotic technology and materials for construction. They believe that 3D printing is the next step in building construction because, and their technology can make that next step a reality. Hyperion’s prototype system is built, assembled, and currently printing test structures. Plus, when compared to traditional construction, Hyperion believes it technology will be able to build faster, be more environmentally friendly, increase creativity, be more cost effective and versatile, and build stronger structures. So far, in addition to creating their prototype, […]

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