Tobly on SeedInvest

Tobly is an online platform that’s help modernize the equipment rental industry. With Tobly’s web app, people can access real-time competitive pricing, book online, and see rental lifecycle management and reporting. So far, Tobly has processed nearly $1M in equipment rentals from over 300 customers, and notable customers include HBO, Paintzen, Global Facilities Management. FirstRock Capital, David S. Rose of AREA Accelerator (also of New York Angels, Singularity University and Gust), and Green Egg Ventures are all investors, and Tobly has supply partnerships established with […]

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Growgenics on SeedInvest

Growgenics offers “…advanced LED horticultural lighting technology for optimizing plant growth.” Their markets include indoor cannabis, indoor vertical farming for growing food, and greenhouse supplemental lighting. Their unique technology offers shape lighting, energy saving techniques, adjustable light spectrums, smartphone integrations, and many other innovations. So far, their first volume order was $70,000 from a commercial vertical farm grower. The founder has 14 patents and over 35 years of experience, with an additional utility patent pending.

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iSports360 on SeedInvest

iSports360 is here to bring fun back to youth sports by empowering coaches, parents, and kids to share feedback, get on the same page, set goals, and track player development. They offer an app and a newsletter, with the app helping kids succeed in sports, and the bi-weekly newsletter acting as a “support group” for parents and coaches. So far, over 1,200 teams are using their app, and they have over 55,000 newsletter subscriptions. iSports360 has also built relationships with partners like TeamSnap, Positive Coaching […]

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Kapsul on SeedInvest

Kapsul is here to reinvent AC — one room in your house at a time. They’re building a premium home-climate brand with high-design products that are smart, connected, and more environmentally friendly. Their first product is a connected air conditioner called the Kapsul W5, which they plan to sell direct-to-consumer via their website and Amazon, as well as through other third party retailers. It’s already pre-sold over 9,000 units, and Tech Insider called it, “The solution to air conditioners we’ve all been waiting for.” So […]

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Adistry on SeedInvest

Adistry is here to disrupt the world of ad sales. They’re a “sales automation platform aiming to remove the grunt work of selling and managing advertising campaigns and conference sponsorships.” Adistry is designed to cut down on the dozens of conversations needed to complete an ad campaign by simplifying and streamlining the overall process. Strategic investors include Canty Ventures and Acceleprise, and customers include Maven Coalition, Cannabis Club TV, and Being Liberal. So far, they have over $12,000 in monthly recurring revenue as of September […]

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SeatAssignMate on SeedInvest

SeatAssignMate is an”…interactive email-based merchandising platform specialized in travel, transportation, and logistics.” With this flight check-in app that’s built into a traveler’s email, passengers can assign their seats, check-in to their flights, and purchase airlines’ product service offerings easily and efficiently. SeatAssignMe is a graduate of the International Airline Group Hangar 51 accelerator, and investors include JetBlue Technology Ventures and ELAL (Israel) Airlines. Plus, they were voted the “Best Ancillary Upsell Solution” at the International Air Transport Association World Passenger Symposium 2017, and their technology […]

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axle ai on SeedInvest

axle ai is providing “radically simple” video search software. The goal of their software is to make the video teams more productive. Their platform lets media creators tag, search, and manage their video content. So far, axle has sold their software to over 500 customers worldwide, including Bleacher Report, Madison Square Garden, and NBC Universal; they’ve been selected to be part of the Quake Capital Startup Accelerator’s Fall 2018 Cohort; and they have received investment from Quake. In the future, axle expects to offer further […]

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