Emmer on SeedInvest

Emmer & Co. is here to bring you some seriously delicious chicken — that’s also 100% pasture raised and slow-growth grown using sustainable, regenerative farming methods. Their chicken has been served in famous restaurants such as The French Laundry, Benu, Eataly, and the Slanted Door, and their relationship with Perdue Foods provides gross margin expansion and the ability to scale nationally. So far, their company revenue grew 1.8x from 2016 to 2017 with over 100 accounts; they’ve been approved as Bon Appetit’s Farm to Fork […]

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Crateful on SeedInvest

Crateful is here to change the game when it comes to meal delivery services. They’re offering healthy, organic, fully-prepared, customizable gourmet meals that are made fresh and delivered daily. With 45M Americans going on a diet each year, and 77% of Americans actively trying to eat healthier, the demand for this service is there. Crateful has already dearned over $3MM in revenues from catering and meal delivery from 2016-2017; they’ve catered for brands suc has WeWork, Ferrari, Tesla, and Rolls Royce; and the Crateful Meal […]

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One Sphera on SeedInvest

One Sphera is revolutionizing the global advertising system. People no longer rely on word of mouth for recommendations. They rely on word of mouse – and One Sphera capitalizes on that. Their “disruptive Value Chain Advertising System radically changes the relationship between businesses, advertisers, and customers, building a true collaborative economy.” Essentially, they gamify what participants are already doing, so that those participants earn money while your word gets spread. To use it, you simply set a budget, rewards, and prizes for your campaign. Then, […]

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iMovR on SeedInvest

iMovR wants you to get up and move — even while at the office. With 85% of people sedentary when at their jobs, iMovR is here to help you become more active at work. They design high-tech, patented,and patent-pending standing desks, as well as other active workstations, such as treadmill desks and sit-to-stand meeting tables. Plus, all their products come complete with smartphone apps and cloud connectivity. iMovR is the first company to earn a NEAT certification from The Mayo Clinic, and they manufacture most […]

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Fundraise Up on SeedInvest

Fundraise Up wants to help nonprofits increase their donations. Due to donor friction (aka all the annoying questions and pop-ups that occur when you go to donate online), only one in seven people who start the donation process actually completes it. Fundraise Up streamlines the online donation, so that more people who start the process will actually complete it. They do this through their customized widget that caters to each digital donor. So far, 23 nonprofits have added Fundraise Up’s widget to their donation page, […]

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Heleum on SeedInvest

Heleum is thinking of the future when it comes to finance. Heleum is “an automated app that aims to grow your money over the long-term by letting it float into rising currencies.” Their patent-pending trading process, called mesh trading, allows user funds to “float” between seven different cryptocurrencies and nine national currencies. This way, your currency can stay in whichever currency is performing the best. You can also withdraw your funds at any time. In 2017, Heleum tested Version 1.0 with 400 users. They released […]

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EvoShare on SeedInvest

EvoShare is here to revolutionize the world of saving for a 401(k). Imagine being able to save for your retirement — while shopping! That’s what EvoShare can offer you. Their financial platform allows you to save for your 401(k) while shopping locally and online. As of April 2018, EvoShare estimates that they have over 9,800 merchants in their network, with 1,500 of them being online. Their program can recapture up to 30% of employees’ purchases, which are turned into rewards. Those rewards are then converted […]

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