Unionmade on Wefunder

Unionmade is the source of the menswear, which they claim to be the “best-made, hard-to-find, wardrobe-elevating clothing on the market.” In 2017 alone, they sold 75,000 units for $6M in revenue from just three locations. Unionmade recently added Unionmade Women, and their clothes are worn by celebrities like John Mayer, David Beckham, Usher, Mandy Moore, and Reese Witherspoon. Plus, they have more than 130,000 followers across their social channels (including 103,000 on Instagram), over 30,000 email subscribers, and were voted both one of the country’s […]

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Rose on Wunderfund

Rose is an injera grill that’s here to redefine cooking at home and the modern habesha lifestyle. Used to cook Eritrean and Ethiopian foods, Rose is safer, faster, and more efficient than anything else on the market. The grill’s induction technology allows the body to stay cool as the injera cooks; it uses natural materials like wood and ceramic; and its ergonomic handles allow you to hold it easily. Plus, it’s sleek and modern, making it a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

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God’s Garden Treasures on Netcapital

God’s Garden Treasure is a luxury florist revolutionizing the world of flowers. Their Luxury Floral membership program is dedicated to delivering unique artistic designs and building emotional connections through flowers, all while also building a new florist model for the 21st century. In their 15 years of business, God’s Garden has grown exponentially each year. In 2017, they created the Floral Concierge Program and Reminder Service, and, so far, they’ve generated over $20,000 in revenue from their 12 Floral Concierge members. They also have over […]

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The Phluid Project on Republic

The Phluid Project is the world’s first gender-free clothing store. Launched in the NoHo Manhattan neighborhood earlier this year, they have the first-mover advantage in a new fashion retail space, and it’s growing in popularity and buzz. So far, they’ve experienced a +340% Q2 sales growth, a 20% customer conversion rate, and over 200,000 page views in six months with no paid SEO/SEM. Plus, the founder has managed multi-billion dollar retail brands for over 30 years, including Macy’s, Levi’s, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret, and they […]

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Armadio on Wefunder

Armadio wants to bring people the imported luxury of Italy — without the markups. They bring top-end, luxury products from top Italian artisans to the US for a fraction of the price by cutting out the middleman. So far, Armadio has over 4,000 clients in just over two years of business with 60% margins. Their top-selling product, a leather tote bag, saw a 30% repurchase rate over just 9 months, including six clients buying it in five colors, and their digital marketing ROI averages $2. […]

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Stoned Immaculate on SeedInvest

Stoned Immaculate is a vintage-inspired women’s clothing line whose products are ethically manufactured with premium recycled fabrications. Everything is designed in-house and produced in small batches in LA, California. Their model is direct-to-consumer, and Stoned Immaculate’s web presence is built on Shopify, who offers secure transactions and technical support for a smooth customer experience. They became profitable in 2017 with $449,000 in net sales, and they have signed license agreements with Perryscope Productions, LLC/Epic Rights, inc(for David Bowie), and Authentic Hendrix LLC & Experience Hendrix […]

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NowKeto on StartEngine

NowKeto wants to empower people to live the ketogenic lifestyle through their dietary supplements and personal coaching programs. The keto diet has been proven to lead to positive health benefits, such as weight loss, reduced blood sugar, and increased energy. Plus, when you purchase NowKeto products, they, in turn, purchase an annual supply of vitamins for a mother or child in need. So far, they have sold over $75,000 in products, and some monthly sales experience 15-50% growth. As they grow, they hope to create […]

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