Cocoon on SeedInvest

Your skin is your cocoon – and Cocoon Holdings wants to help you take the best care of it possible. They are a discovery platform for the chronic skincare market, where they help women discover products that are suitable for their specific skin type through an app that acts as a mobile skin diary. Users can also share product reviews with each other. After all, over 500 million women suffer from chronic skin conditions globally, and finding the right solution can be challenging. This type […]

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Chella on StartEngine

Chella specializes in eyebrow and eye makeup, as well as associated products. They’re a fast-growing brand in this market of “prestige” beauty products, and they’ve already been able to establish brand recognition and a reputation for high-quality items. So far, they have 3 million customers who have received a Chella Brow product, over 300 retail locations with Chella products in the U.S. and 12 other countries, an average rating of 9.2/10 on Amazon, and 100% YoY sales growth on Amazon. Now, they’re ready to take […]

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Smoke Cartel on StartEngine

Smoke Cartel is here to provide you with the smoking accessories and glass pipes you need. They operate as both an online retailer and wholesale distributor, and have grown from a $600 investment to a nearly $6-million revenue company, with sustained and continued growth and increased revenue each year. So far, they have over 90,000 customers in 44 countries, and their 2017 revenue was $5,895,040. The total number of retail and wholesale visitors in 2017 was 4,891,486, and the number of their average daily session […]

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iDiva on StartEngine

iDiva is here to help all women discover their inner diva. They offer plus-sized apparel and accessories, and their plan is to build their local retail business slowly while their brand grows organically through ecommerce and social media. Their online business has already begun attracting customers, so this campaign will fund the opening of their first store in Central Valley, California, as well as advertising and inventory purchasing. iDiva will provide clothing, purses, jewelry, and accessories, and they ensure that all of their products are […]

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Global Wine Export on StartEngine

Global Wine Export is a private label wine wholesaler. They purchase wine directly from wineries for their private labels, and sell it domestically and overseas to supermarket chains in volumes of 500-1,000 cases at a time. With trade reports such as Nielsen reporting that millennials are looking for new wines to explore, Global Wine Expert fits the bill. They offer both canned and bottled wine, and a recent supplier recently bought 2 million cans. Additionally, they’ve sold over 9,000 cases of wine to supermarkets like […]

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Anatomic Global on StartEngine

Anatomic Global is here to disrupt the mattress industry with a “real mattress” — in a box. They’ve created LUXI, a high-quality, US-made, luxury mattress. LUXI has groundbreaking technology that matches the sleeper’s shape, ensuring that each customer gets the mattress they truly need. Anatomic Global has been in the engineering and mattress manufacturing business for 27 years, and they are excited to sell this “…first-ever, adjustable bed-in-a-box mattress” both online and in stores. They see the mattresses that offer free trials and free returns […]

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White Cross Projects on StartEngine

White Cross Projects presents Celebrity Vault LA — the crew who has, “…access to the largest archive of iconic pop culture images currently in existence.” From the Beatles with Ali to Marilyn Monroe, they’ve been in this business for 20 years. They have access to over 10M original negatives, and they apply a 75% commission split, as opposed to the conventional 50-50 split usually used by galleries. They also print to order, so there’s little inventory risk, and their clients include collectors and celebrities like […]

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