Saranac Lake Community Store on Wefunder

Saranac Lake Community Store is the first and only community-owned department store in the Northeast. They sell apparel for all family members, home essentials, crafts, yarns, locally made products, and books. Located in Saranac Lake, NY, their goal is the be the ultimate visitor destination for people that travel to their town and the ultimate go-to shop for all residents when it comes to essential items. So far, they’ve established themselves as a vital community resource — their customer conversion rate is over 40%, they’ve […]

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Lalita on Netcapital

Lalita is here to remind women that pleasure is power. Their brand designs hand-crafted accessories, jewelry, and wearables, putting “seduction at the forefront to create luxurious and sensual products that evoke and emotional response.” The price points are “aspirational” but not unattainable, and Lalita’s target audience is 20-55 year old women who are independent, active, and demand high-quality and luxury items. Lalita’s products are seductive, elegant, and wearable, and they’ve earned a high-profile following. Everyone from Sharon Stone and Jennifer Gray to Felicity Huffman and […]

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Space Goat Productions on Wefunder

Space Goat Productions designs and publishes tabletop board games and graphic novels. Their goal is to become market leaders in this area, and wants, with their investors, to keep making “cool stuff together!” Space Goat funds many of their games on Kickstarter before they go to retail, and with tabletop games and graphic novels being the #1 and #3 categories in Kickstarter, they do quite well. In fact, they’ve raised over $1M in pre-retail money through just two of their Kickstarter campaigns! Those campaigns were […]

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Satterfield’s Jewelry Warehouse on StartEngine

Satterfield’s Jewelry Warehouse has been in business in Columbia, South Carolina since 1965. Originally known as Robyn Ann, this business has expanded into four storefronts that cater directly to the South Carolina community: Satterfield’s Jewelry Warehouse, which offers fine jewelry collections; Garnet and Black Traditions, which offers officially licensed USC collegiate merchandise with brands like Under Armour and Top of the World; Tiger Paw Traditions, which offers officially licensed Clemson University collegiate merchandise including Nike and New Era; and Palmetto Traditions, which offers popular Southern […]

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Contenders Clothing on StartEngine

A Lifestyle Brand for Real Guys

Contenders Clothing is a lifestyle brand for men and youth that features licenses with the WWI, Rocky, and other sports entertainment properties. Currently, they offer boxer briefs, tees, and hats, and they hope to expand their licenses and apparel offerings in the future. Contenders licenses have audience sizes of over 100 million people, which helps strengthen the brand overall, as well as leads to a low cost of customer acquisition. In two years, they’ve generated over $500,000 in gross sales -- and they plan on continuing to grow. After all, as they say, “Contenders has the recipe for championship-level success” -- and they’re going to be the ones dressing you for success to prove it.

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Kwame Baah Shoes on Wefunder

Alleviating poverty in Ghana with handcrafting footwear.

Kwame Baah Shoes is here to make a difference. Their mission is to “alleviate poverty by providing sustainable, economically just employment for skilled artisans in Ghana,” and that is exactly what they’re doing. Kwame Baah shoes are stylish, funky, and fresh, blending contemporary design with traditional Ghanaian fabrics, all while providing Ghana men and women with a strong job, living wage, and skill set. So far, Kwame has experienced an 11.25% profit growth YoY from 2015-2017; they’ve registered more than $135,000 in sales in just 2017; and they’ve secured a wholesale account with Free People. The founder, George Kwame Baah, grew up in impoverished conditions in Ghana, so he understands how much impact his company is having -- and can continue to have.

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Ravean on SeedInvest

Ravean's mission is to become the #1 powered and heated wearables brand in the world.

Ravean is bringing the heat -- to jackets, that is. They’ve created stylish, light, and washable down jackets that you can heat up when the temperature drops. Their jackets can also charge your phone. Their heated wearables have already raised $2.6 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo via six campaigns with 14,000 backers; they’ve sold over 30,000 items and have over 28,000 Facebook followers; and they own a perpetual exclusive license to five core-heated technology patents. Plus, their team knows their stuff. They have over 60 combined years of manufacturing and supply chain experience, over 30 years of brand and product development experience, and over ten years of e-commerce and marketing experience. Ravean’s mission is to become the #1 rated heat and powered wearables brand in the world -- and they are well on their way to making it there.

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