Smart Yields on Republic

Smart Yields helps take the guesswork out of growing. They provide big data insights for small farmers to help them get online quickly, simply, and effectively. For example — they saved one apple farmer by giving him a 30 minute early warning about an incoming frost. So far, they’ve raised $1.5M from partners including the Vatican’s Laudato Si Challenge, Blue Startups, Henk Rogers, Elemental Excelerator, and Vega Ventures. Smart Yields also received a $100,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture and is currently […]

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The Phluid Project on Republic

The Phluid Project is the world’s first gender-free clothing store. Launched in the NoHo Manhattan neighborhood earlier this year, they have the first-mover advantage in a new fashion retail space, and it’s growing in popularity and buzz. So far, they’ve experienced a +340% Q2 sales growth, a 20% customer conversion rate, and over 200,000 page views in six months with no paid SEO/SEM. Plus, the founder has managed multi-billion dollar retail brands for over 30 years, including Macy’s, Levi’s, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret, and they […]

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Focusmate on Republic

Focusmate lives up to its name. It helps you focus when distractions abound. They’re building the “digital workplace of the future — the digital environment where people will go to get things done.” Simply decide when you want to work and the times you want to be productive, then launch the Focusmate video session. Through Focusmate’s pilot, 96% of their users said the product improves their productivity by at least half, and 51% of users have converted to paying customers, with active users booking 11 […]

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Quarters on Republic

Don’t let the name deceive you — Quarters is a universal gaming currency that can be used across different video games and platforms. Founded and led by a 12-year-old-gamer and backed by an award-winning team, Quarters is changing what gaming currency means. Game developers can accept Quarters on all major gaming platforms, meaning coins no longer “get stuck” in games that players no longer want to play. So far, they’ve partnered with Rise9 and raised over $400,000 to date.

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Neopenda on Republic

With a name that means newborn love, Neopenda is doing everything they can to live up to it. They’re innovating medical technologies for high-growth emerging markets with a device that has the potential to save up to 2.6M newborn lives a year in emerging economies. It’s a 4-in-1 vital signs monitor that continuously measures a newborn’s pulse, respiration, blood oxygen, and temperature, making it easy to for nurses to keep track of multiple newborns at once — and respond as needed to each one quickly […]

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Bandwagon on Republic

Bandwagon is here to make sure you never buy fake tickets ever again. Right now, fans lose $2.3B annually in fake ticket sales. Bandwagon’s proprietary blockchain technology puts a stop to that; it eliminates ticket fraud while increasing fan engagement. So far, they’ve processed over 1.1M tickets, and investors include Mellie Price, Orlando Jones, and Dr. Carri Allen Jones. Plus, Bandwagon is an IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program member, and they won 4th place (out of over 200 applicants) in the Global Smart Dubai Office Blockchain […]

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Avoke on Republic

Avoke is the first packaged smoothie bowl so you can just grab and go! Their patented avocado cup design uses BPA-free lightweight plastic cups with an eco-friendly spoon and contains half an avocado and two full servings of fresh fruits and veggies. So far, they’ve been nominated for the Nexty Award at the Natural Products Expo East and won the Ganeden Probiotic Jumpstart Competition. Plus, they’ve earned 10,000 followers on Instagram. In the summer of 2018, they’re launching in New York Metro and East Coast […]

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