Coinvest on Republic

Coinvest is here, and they’re goal is to change the game when it comes to cryptocurrencies. With Coinvest, users will be able to invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies and indexes — with just one wallet, and with just one coin. Plus, with the Coinvest Labs ecosystem, there will be products and services available to help you throughout the entire investment lifecycle. Managed by smart contracts, user invested funds will be held until withdrawn, and third-parties, including Coinvest, will not have access to these funds, making […]

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Parlay on Republic

Parlay is here to help you control the future of the products you use. They’ve created a “Customer Collaboration Platform” for software companies and their users, where customers are treated as collaborators — not just consumers. This way, companies can accurately validate and dramatically de-risk development efforts, and users can unite and together influence the direction of the products they use. Parlay was founded by three startup vets with multiple successful exits, including HubSpot, and they’ve tested and refined this idea for the past 2.5 […]

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Halo on Republic

Halo is here to be the angel that research projects need. They’re applying a venture model to philanthropy to help make research funding sustainable and close the funding gap between basic research funded by the government, and clinical research funded by pharmaceutical companies. As they put it: “Each campaign Halo raises money for a defined research project that can help advance a promising discovery into a life-changing medical treatment.” Through joint marketing campaigns with relevant disease foundations, as well as direct marketing through social and […]

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Mugatunes on Republic

Mugatunes is reinventing the music industry, one playlist at a time. They’ve created a platform where music enthusiasts write, about, share, and curate new songs. Gone now are the days of algorithms that play you the same 10 songs, and here are the days of thoughtful playlists that you’ll actually want to listen to. Here’s how it works. First, music enthusiasts apply to become Tastemakers based on their background information, music tastes, and a sample playlist. They then post new songs, curate hand-picked playlists, and […]

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R3 Printing on Republic

3D printing is no longer a novelty – it’s replacing regular printers more and more each day. R3 is here to help speed that revolution around. The R3 Printer is safe, fast, and efficient — and it plans to become the future enterprise of 3D printing. This printer prevents burns, prints 90% faster than competitors, and has a 200% larger build area than printers of the same size. It’s already won first place in the Fordham Foundry Pitch Challenge, and it will soon be featured […]

R3 Printing on Republic 2018-04-25T20:10:29+00:00 on Republic is revolutionizing what knowledge sharing platforms. They’ve combine the creativity of social media with the focus of a productivity tool to form a “visual organization tool designed to help you think and create.” With no ads, no likes, and no recommendations to distract you from your work, you can mindfully do anything from creating mood boards and website wireframes to saving articles, brainstorming, and collecting research data. Plus, you can collaborate with other users. So far, has experienced 370% growth in paying memberships […] on Republic 2018-03-22T20:53:11+00:00

WolfPack on Republic

The beauty of a wolf pack is that it stays together — and that’s exactly what WolfPack is helping motorcyclists do. When riding together, it can be difficult to stay in a group, and it can be difficult to communicate with each other. In fact, 70% of riders wish they could do it in an easier fashion. And now, with WolfPack — they can. WolfPack’s patent-pending proprietary technology allows travelers to plan and enjoy their motorcycle trips, from small groups to large ones, and for […]

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