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Harvesting drinking water from air.

Majik Water is here to work some solar magic - and help people access water. Their technology uses solar thermal energy and sponge-like desiccant materials to pull clean, safe water directly from the air. The process is affordable and energy efficient, and it can help provide water to the 780 million people in the world who need it. So far, Majik Water’s prototype can generate 10 liters of water in 24 hours, and since it’s solar powered, it doesn’t rely on an electrical grid. They were the winner of the the inaugural EDF Pulse Africa start-up awards in Paris, and they were featured in the Financial Time’s “50 Ideas to Change the World” list. Plus, they were incubated at Singularity University with a Google-funded scholarship. Majik Water plans to begin their operations and field pilots in Kenya, and they have goals to move forward globally from there.

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SmarterD on Republic

SmarterD fundamentally transforms how enterprises make strategic IT decisions.

SmarterD is creating a technology platform that will help revolutionize how your company or enterprise makes IT decisions. When it comes to IT strategic planning, it can be a struggle that often leads to hiring consultants to help, which can be costly. SmarterD offers a cloud-based SaaS solution to your IT concerns. Their platform “...integrates and correlates a company's internal data, external market data, and artificial intelligence and analytics to make recommendations and guide companies in making smart decisions that best support their business objectives.” Their product, Enterprise IT Edge, has three components that work together to create a digital roadmap of your enterprise, bring in relevant external market data, and utilize advanced algorithms and AI to guide decisions and provide recommendations. SmarterD customers include Barnes and Noble, and they forecast being cash flow positive in less than 30 months. Plus, they have a major partner with over 200 potential customers that’s already invested $500,000.

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Preemadonna on Republic

Preemadonna powers the Nailbot - the smartphone nail art printer.

Preemadonna is here to empower creativity and inspire self expression. Their focus is building smart technology, and their first product is the Nailbot, a nail art printing robot. Just paint your nails, select your art via your smartphone in the Preemadonna app, and voila! The Nailbot creates professional looking nail art quickly and easily. So far, their active seed round has raised $1.1M to date, and they have over 33,000 people on the Nailbot waitlist. Plus, they’ve won the Best Product Using Computer Vision at the Embedded Vision Summit; they were finalists at the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield; they earned First Runner Up at Robot Launch; and they were the FounderMade's Future of Beauty Challenge Winner. Preemadonna also believes in promoting the future of female entrepreneurship, as they were sponsors of the G.I.R.L. 2017, the 54th Annual Convention of Girl Scouts of USA, and partner with schools to encourage girls to code, become engineers, and express themselves artistically.

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Pigeonly on Republic

The affordable way to search, find & communicate with an incarcerated loved one.

Pigeonly is “the leader in providing families with easy to use, low-cost inmate communication services.” Through their platform, users can use their mobile phone, tablet, or computer to search and find inmates, and then send them printed photos, letters, greeting cards, postcards, or even online articles. Pigeonly also provides a low cost VoIP phone solution for prison phone calls, using their proprietary technology Haystac™. So far, they’ve connected over 100,000 prison inmates on their platform; they’ve secured $5M in VC funding from Silicon Valley investors; they have over 10,000 active users; and they support every Federal, State, and County jail in the US, which is over 17,000 facilities. They’ve also saved families over $8MM in phone fees, and they’re earning over $175,000 in monthly revenue, with an expected 50% increase in daily subscribers and revenue for 2018.

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Boon VR on Republic

Medical Training in Virtual Reality! Major Paid Pilots. Serial Entrepreneur.

Boon VR’s virtual reality (VR) technology will revolutionize the medical training industry and disrupt a potential $1.4B market. Their cutting-edge VR provides life-like, on-demand training for medical procedures, helping close the training gap for doctors. Not only does Boon VR provide training situations for practice, but their unique cloud platform allows doctors to virtually visit and revisit operating rooms where real-life procedures are taking place. As Boon puts it, “If the operating room is a living theater, then Boon VR puts the viewer on center stage.” So far, Boon’s running paid pilots include a Fortune 2000 medical device company, and they are in talks with several Fortune 500 device companies as well. They’ve already secured $375,000 in investments, and their team has the deep medical, surgical, and entrepreneurial experience needed to make Boon truly boom into a success.

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theCut on Republic

A mobile platform modernizing the barbershop experience

theCut is a mobile platform that’s here to disrupt the $5M barbershop industry and modernize the barbershop experience. theCut is for both clients and barbers, and it’s an app that easy to use. Barbers simply create a profile with their services, location, hours, haircut photos, and banking information. Clients can then search the app to discover talented and trusted barbers. Once they find one they like, they can book through the app -- as well as pay, tip, and post a review. So far, theCut has over 100,000 users, including 90,000 in the past nine months, and they’re growing 27% MoM. They’ve booked over 450,000 appointments, facilitated over $9M worth of haircuts, and have barbers in 48 states, plus Puerto Rico and Canada, using the app. theCut is here to improve and change what it means to go to the barbershop -- and make sure you end up lookin’ good.

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Everytable on Republic

Reimagining fast food with fresh, nutritious meals everyone can afford.

Everytable is here to revolutionize how we think about fast food. In their words, they aim “ redefine the food landscape the same way McDonald's did fifty years ago. But this time, instead of burgers and fries, we are selling nutritious, fresh food, at fast-food prices.” This restaurant chain centers around the innovative idea of selling fresh, chef-crafted meals at fast-food prices. So far, they have locations in both food deserts and affluent areas. Buildout costs are less than $200,00 per location, and they’ve already raised over $10M from investors, including Lerer Hippeau Ventures, TOMS Social Enterprise Fund, and Acumen America. Plus, their Yelp rating is 4.5 stars, and their menu offers options like gluten-free Cajun Blackened Fish, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and Ensalada Fresca. Fast food that’s affordable, healthy, and tasty? Sounds like that’s something we could all use second helpings of!

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