Bandwagon on Republic

Bandwagon is here to make sure you never buy fake tickets ever again. Right now, fans lose $2.3B annually in fake ticket sales. Bandwagon’s proprietary blockchain technology puts a stop to that; it eliminates ticket fraud while increasing fan engagement. So far, they’ve processed over 1.1M tickets, and investors include Mellie Price, Orlando Jones, and Dr. Carri Allen Jones. Plus, Bandwagon is an IBM Global Entrepreneurship Program member, and they won 4th place (out of over 200 applicants) in the Global Smart Dubai Office Blockchain […]

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Avoke on Republic

Avoke is the first packaged smoothie bowl so you can just grab and go! Their patented avocado cup design uses BPA-free lightweight plastic cups with an eco-friendly spoon and contains half an avocado and two full servings of fresh fruits and veggies. So far, they’ve been nominated for the Nexty Award at the Natural Products Expo East and won the Ganeden Probiotic Jumpstart Competition. Plus, they’ve earned 10,000 followers on Instagram. In the summer of 2018, they’re launching in New York Metro and East Coast […]

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Ring4 on Republic

With Ring4, you can have a second phone line — without the hassle of a second phone. Their app provides smartphone numbers on demand in seven countries, including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Austria, with more to come. They already have over 250,000 registered users, as well as partnership agreements so that all the Ring4 numbers are real mobile phone numbers. The Ring4 team has worked at IBM, Netflix, and Dailymotion, and Ring4 has been voted Product of the Day […]

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TEST on Republic

TEST is the first token-based certification program for consumer health products. They were built by affiliate Labdoor, Y Combinator W15 batch alumni. Labdoor has raised $7M, and was cited by John Oliver, the NYT, and the Today Show. Plus, they’ve tested over 1,000 products to help millions of people research, find, and buy supplements. TEST is the vehicle to bring a tokenized version of Labdoor to the market by incentivizing companies to publicly test the quality of their products. TEST holders can challenge other applicants, […]

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Hemster on Republic

Hemster is bringing you your perfect fit with their next-gen tailoring services. With their proprietary, patent-pending RulerSticker, they’re able to tailor your favorite brand’s clothes right to your body, right in the dressing room. So far, Hemster has experienced over a 230% quarter over quarter growth since their 2011 launch, and they have 400 grade-A shopping centers in launch waitlist through partnerships with Westfield, Simon, Macerich, and GGP. Customers include Zara, Michael Kors, Club Monaco, Outdoor Voices, and Reformation, and they’ve already raised $250,000 from […]

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RadioPublic on Republic

RadioPublic is here as the first podcast marketplace. It’s a platform focused on only listening, engagement, and revenue for the podcast world. The average user listens for 72 minute sper day, and they’ve raised over $3M from The New York Times, Project 11, WGBH, and Bose Corporation. The beauty of the app is that it’s free, and you don’t need any social account or login to start listening. RadioPublic has partnered with curators and publishers to create collections across diverse topics, and

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Balloonr on Republic

Balloonr is here to change the game when it comes to enterprise collaboration and decision-making. Their SaaS platform removes costly biases through allowing users to remain anonymous, which means knowledge that was previously untapped can become public. Balloonr uses a staged workflow, where users can “launch” their idea and ask for feedback and ideas without worrying about titles, identities, pleasantries, our courtesies hindering progress. BMW, Capital One, and Thumbtack are just a few customers with annual subscriptions, and Google and Airbnb are soon to launch […]

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