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What about a soil/amendment product that can deliver/grow abundant organic and healthy food without leaving a detrimental footprint on the soil, and can do so over and over again, and not lose its properties for hundreds of years, in a highly sustainable manner? It would be a miracle if it existed! We introduce Karr Group of Companies, a highly acclaimed agriculture soil and soil amendment manufacturing company with accolades from the environmental sector.

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Priva on Netcapital

Priva is “…a marketplace for door-to-door regional mobility.” They offer a more streamlined alternative to commuter flights. Instead, travelers can book a Priva mobile office, black car, or SUV for their regional trips, ultimately saving time and money while increasing their productivity. A door-to-door trip with Priva doesn’t take any more time than a typical commuter flight, but it gives the traveler back much of the time spent waiting in lines or at baggage claim. Plus, Priva’s technology pairs outbound and return trips to reduce […]

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Transatlantic Real Estate on Fundanna

Transatlantic Real Estate LLC is “…a real estate company that specializes in the acquisition and leasing of properties that support the cannabis industry.” They are non-plant touching and focus solely on the underlying real estate asset needed by growers. Transatlantic benefits from the high lease rates of a licensed cannabis farm and their premium location on the coast of California. So far, they have entered into a contingent acquisition of a 9-acre farm licensed for cannabis operations in Santa Barbara, California that has 293,000 square […]

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Fuller Real Estate Solutions on StartEngine

Fuller Real Estate Solutions is your one-stop-real-estate-shop! They have the ability to buy, renovate, sell, and manage rental properties, as well as complete retail real estate transactions. In other words, they do the real estate work while you can reap the real estate benefit. They are currently located in Maryland, where the CEO is a licensed real estate agent, and they also plan to partner with Fuller Funding LLC, which is a private-money lender and broker for real estate investors. Additionally, Fuller Real Estate plans […]

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CW Petroleum on GrowthFountain

CW Petroleum supplies and distributes biodiesel, biodiesel blends, ultra low sulfur diesel, and gasoline blends to both distributors and end-users in many US cities. Founded in Texas in 2011, CW has since progressed into an EPA-approved specialty fuels blender. They, “Participate in the growth of Biofuel Blends that are used in most of the largest cities in the US and in the future growth of a high margin specialty fuels marketer.” With this campaign, CW will focus on trading, specialty blending of fuels, and convenience […]

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Twin Bays on truCrowd

GCB Hops LLC is here to change up the world of hops. Their Twin Bays Hop Farms is the first hydroponic hop farms in the southeast United States. This farm provides sustainable, organic, grown-to-order, fresh, and wet hops — and it grows them four times faster than conventional farming. Hops are in short supply, and with beer being one of the most drank beverages in world, they’re also in high demand. Located in Florida, where their new hydroponic hop farms can help struggling Florida farmers, […]

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YogaBody Studios on StartEngine

YogaBody Studios wants to but the OM back in home. They want you to “Come hOMe to yoga” through their high-end but affordable yoga studios. YogaBody’s workshops and retreats are meant for students of all levels and experience, as their goal is to create a welcoming environment for all. Their first standalone studio in Chino Hills has grown to over 3,000 students a month since their opening in August 2015, and they’ve also earned the 2017 Reader’s Choice for the Best Yoga Studio in Chino/Chino […]

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