Junto Bicycle Works on StartEngine

Junto Bicycle Works is here to bring you not just electric bikes — but a movement of electric bikes on an environmental and social mission. They want to break the automotive industry’s grip on commuting culture one e-bike at a time. Their e-bikes are designed to be rugged, long lasting, comfortable, and affordable. Junto bikes are delivered to your door for just $1,799, compared to the industry average of $4,000. In Spanish, “junto” means “united” or “council,” and Junto Bicycle is working to live up […]

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Kailo Energy on Wefunder

Kailo Energy manufactures and sells affordable battery storage systems called the Kailo PowerBox. The PowerBox is home-integrated, sold through a distributor network, and can keep your essentials powered up when the power’s out — without the need for moving big appliances or running extension cords. Plus, the battery is portable, so you can use it while camping, tailgating, in your RV, or any other place you can think of for about $3,000 installed. The product is currently in production, and the company has contracts with […]

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Primo Wind on MicroVentures

Primo Wind is revolutionizing the world of wind energy. Their wind systems are quiet, aesthetically pleasing, and produce the maximum amount of energy with the smallest possible footprint. Ideal for areas with limited access to traditional power sources or no electricity at all, Primo Wind systems are well-suited for stand-alone systems for both off-grid and micro-grid installations. Their patented blade technology and rotor design deliver power at common wind speeds of 5-15 mph; their most powerful system, called the EnergiTree, can withstand Category 2 hurricanes; […]

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BOXX on Wefunder

BOXX’s e-scooter is changing up the scooter game! This award-winning product looks like a suitcase on wheels (hence the BOXXy name), and it’s the first all-wheel drive scooter in the world. It has two motors embedded in each wheel, can go up to 40 miles per hour, and offers more speed and range per kW than any other scooter out there. It’s also the most energy-efficient scooter in its class. It’s strong, lightweight, environmentally friendly, charges in six minutes, and has two storage bays. If […]

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NaturSoil California on Wefunder

NaturSoil California is here, and they’re revolutionizing the world of compost. They’re designing in-vessel composting systems integrating bio-energy and biofertilizer production that now provides the most affordable large scale composting technology available — while still meeting California air and water regulations. Their goal is to become an environmental utility by recycling 600 tons a day of organics in California to ensure the protection of public health, air, water, and soil. So far, they’ve won two SWANA awards, and they’ve been approved by the US Navy […]

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Berylline on Netcapital

Berylline Corporation is here to bring us the industry’s first hybrid 3-wheel scooter! They’re a technology and manufacturing company with the knowledge and expertise to revolutionize the world of personal transportation. They’re offering people another non-car option to get around in besides golf carts and motorcycles. The Berylline Hybrid Scooter is a plug-in electric vehicle and has a top speed of 60 MPH in hybrid mode and 30 MPH in EV mode. The three wheel design has one wheel in the back and two in […]

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Mid Century Modern Renovation on Wunderfund

If you’ve always wanted a chance to invest in real estate, but didn’t want the hassle of finding or flipping a home, then Cincy Luxe Home Renovation is what you’ve been looking for! Real estate company Nicci Willis & Co. plans to purchase a luxe home in Cincinnati, Ohio, rehabilitate it, and then list it on Airbnb to generate immediate cash flow within three months of purchasing it. The owner of Nicci Willis has been a licensed realtor, investor, and entrepreneur for the last 18 […]

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