Apex Farms on MicroVentures

Vertical Hypodroponic/aquaponic farming system.

Apex Farms helps farmers decrease their water, land, and energy use while promoting produce production. Apex Farms has developed a Vertical Farming System, and their patent-pending technology helps grow a wide variety of plans while reducing labor and overall costs. With their vertical hydroponic system, farmers can grow up to three times more produce in a given area that with other vertical growing systems, and it reduces water usage by about 75% when compared with conventional farming methods. The system is effective both indoors and outdoors, and it can be scaled to accommodate different sized plants and root system. Apex Farms offers either Setup Services or Licensing options to clients. With Setup, Apex oversees everything from transport and delivery to completion of the build, and then tests it all to ensure quality performance. For farmers with the resources to build their own systems, Apex offers the licensing option with technical support included. The company currently has two working farms as proof of concept, with one in Delaware and the other in Colorado.

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Blue Cord Farms on Fundanna

You grow your crops, we will grow your business.

Located in Maine, Blue Cord Farms, Inc. is a real estate company that is here to help cannabis farmers. They purchase the land, greenhouses, and buildings needed to develop turnkey farming operations, and then they rent the farms to cannabis farmers and build them around the specs the farmers need. For one monthly payment, plus 20% of their monthly revenue, cannabis farmers can have a fully functional farm for growing their crops and creating jobs. Blue Cord Farms even provides the necessary machines and tools. Each growing facility has five grow seasons, and licensed farmers can move in and begin their grow season immediately. Blue Cord Farms has also partnered up with a consulting company to ensure that the buildings are within the regulations of state requirements. Their goal here is not to just help growers. They believe that cannabis can revolutionize medicine and the treatment of PTSD, and they want to help make it as accessible as possible to everyone who would benefit from using it.

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500 N 3rd St. on Fundanna

Real Estate Investment For The Cannabis Industry.

500 N 3rd St., LLC is a real estate holding company who is intends to lease space to a medical marijuana grower and processor. Located in Reading, PA, the space they’re leasing is a 125,797 square foot building that was formerly a textile mill. The location is strategic, favorable for approval, and will help create jobs and generate tax revenue. 500 N 3rd St. is capitalizing on the fact that, in 2016, Pennsylvania signed into law the Medical Marijuana Program, which legalized indoor cultivation and fabrication of medical marijuana products. Now, according to New Frontier, the medical marijuana market in PA is expected to reach $980M in sales by 2020, and ArcView Market Research predicts it will be one of the largest in the country. For this space in Reading, 500 N 3rd St. will make 4,280 units available at $250, for a total of $1.07M. They will also lease on a triple-net basis, which is where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insurance, and maintenance on the property, as well as any normal fees that are expected under the agreement. 500 N 3rd St. aims to become the largest medical marijuana grow real estate developer on the East Coast, and this campaign is one of their first steps in achieving that goal.

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Wind River Biomass Utility on Wefunder

Converting waste wood into power by means of an efficient system.

Located in Skamania County, Washington, Wind River Biomass is helping create sustainable energy by utilizing sustainable resources. They utilize waste wood (which often becomes wildfire fuel) and uses it to generate thermal and electrical energy through a controlled combustion of woody biomass. Waste wood is often inevitable, but it’s usually expensive for land managers to treat. Wood River Biomass buys that wastewood and uses it to produce energy products. Their goal is to provide renewable energy, reduce unnecessary forest waste, support best forest-management practices, and create family-wage jobs. Plus, when their Combined Heat and Power Facility is fully up and running, they will produce these products for commercial, agricultural, and residential use.

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Nexus eWater on StartEngine

Home Water and Energy Recycling

Nexus eWater creates products that help decrease wasted water and energy both in your home and at your business. What sets them apart is their commitment to doing it on-site -- they’re starting the #OnsiteRevolution, in fact. They want to bring these products directly into your home and businesses, making it easy and efficient to save scarce resources without changing your habits or costing a fortune. Their NEXtreater and NEXheater are both in-home water and energy recycling appliances that use patented and patent-pending technology to reduce potable water use by as much as 50% and sewer flow by 70%, while reducing energy being used to heat water by up to 80%. Their technology redirects the water being used and treats it, bringing it up to NSF350 standards. The system is able to treat up to 200 gallons per day, and they’ve chosen California as the target market for their initial sales.

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eLYQD on StartEngine

Direct to Consumer e-Liquid Marketplace

eLYQD is here to change the game when it comes to vaping and e-liquids. They aim to redefine the e-liquid industry through their global direct-to-consumer platform. Their online marketplace allows for a more direct approach to brand loyalty, competitive pricing, and higher revenue and customer satisfaction. For manufacturers, they offer a complete range of seller tools and services to help brands start, manage, and scale their businesses. This way, brands can more directly engage with their customers. Customers then have a stronger and improved shopping experience, as well as more access to discounts, promotions, and a wider variety of e-liquid options. With eLYQD, consumers and manufacturers around the world can connect easily, quickly, and simply to fulfill their e-liquid and vape needs.

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The Green Retrofit on StartEngine

Fix then Flip Eco-Friendly Smart Homes

The Green Retrofit can “Green Retrofit” your home efficiently and easily to save you money, make you money, and help the environment -- all at the same time. First, they figure out the most cost efficient and ROI investment replacements and retrofits for your home. Then, they check for city, utility, and government rebates. Next, they put together the best loan package for you, and then install everything, and, depending on what you choose, can ultimately reduce your utility bill by 25-40% oro help you achieve a net-zero home. A net zero home, also knowns as a Green Certified Home, is a home that produces as much energy as it uses.

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