Towne Crier on NextSeed

It’s time for Towne Crier in the heart of the Woodstock area in Portland to be revived. Originally a landmark eatery called Ye Olde Towne Crier, this restaurant’s recent closing sparked local Tacee Webb to decide it was time to revive and restore the space — with the goal of returning it to its glory as a community gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. This restoration will modernize the restaurant and provide a celebration of Portland’s past and unique charm. It will include multiple […]

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SING on NextSeed

SING is here to inspire Houston customers with fresh takes on Asian classics. SING’s restaurant focuses on flavor using fresh and healthy ingredients, sustainable practices, and fast service. The menu spans Malaysian, Cantonese, Szechuan, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian dishes, and SING gets its name from Singapore, a symbolic nod to the city/state’s melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Founders Jerry Lasco and Cuc Lam have deep industry experience, with Lasco founding and owning Lasco Enterprises, the restaurant group that owns and operates The Tasting Room, […]

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America Gardens on NextSeed

America Gardens is a Dallas-Fort Worth institution. It offers American cuisine reflective of all 50 states, from Maine lobster rolls to Philly Cheesesteaks and Louisiana Catfish, while also providing lawn games and outdoor ambiance via picnic tables and string lights to enjoy. Hailed by Fort Worth Magazine as the city’s Best New Bar, America Gardens now wants to open its newest location in Houston’s East Midtown. With this campaign, they will build out and launch their newest spot for Houstonians to enjoy family friendly atmosphere, […]

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Oxalis on NextSeed

Oxalis is bringing elevated and accessible dining to Brooklyn, NY. Once known as the “venerated dining pop-up” experience, with Gothamis naming it “Brooklyn’s best pop-up dinner party,” Oxalis now plans to open up a brick and mortar restaurant in Prospect Heights. The opening team has extensive pedigreed restaurant and financial experience, and Oxalis will offer France-style neo-bistro dining. Guests in Oxalis’s dining room can enjoy a curated set menu designed by esteemed chef Nico Russell, or they can opt to sit in the backyard area […]

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Crab Corner on NextSeed

Crab Corner is bringing a little slice of East Coast seafood staples to the Las Vegas corner of the world. This restaurant is so popular it expanded in 2013, but there’s a demand for it to grow further, especially if it taps into the private events market — which it plans to do. Rated 4+ stars on Google, Facebook, OpenTable, and TripAdvisor, Crab Corner is a cult favorite, known for its delicious dishes like crab cakes, boardwalk fries, and fresh blue crabs. Once named the […]

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Pour Behavior on NextSeed

Pour Behavior is here to shake things up in Midtown Houston. They’re planning to offer a versatile day-to-night dining and entertainment experience in their 12,000 square foot indoor-outdoor space, complete with over 50 television screens, large projectors, a stage for live performances, numerous lawn and billiard games and a state-of-the-art audio system. Pour Behavior will be open seven days a week, including nights, and they’ll offer a variety of menus, from the likes of weekday lunch to Sunday brunch. Pour Behavior’s team has decades of […]

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SmartGurlz on SeedInvest

SmartGurlz is here to bring coding and digital learning to girls everywhere. They’re disrupting the EdTech market with educational tech products designed for girls ages 5-12 years old, helping those girls go from “…zero to coding in 60 seconds!” SmartGurlz is a software and hardware platform that connects verbal-emotive thinking with coding robots. So far, they have a lifetime revenue of over $1M, and they’ve sold over 15,000 units. SmartGurlz aired on ABC’s Shark Tank and received an offer from Daymond John. Their current distribution […]

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