Swoon City Music on Netcapital

Swoon City Music is a record label and music publishing company who’s founding team has been in the music industry for over 30 years of combined experience. Swoon City owns all of their song compositions and master recording rights, and their music is distributed by Caroline, a division of Capitol Music Group (Universal). They believe in “quality over quantity,” meaning they focus their resources on each of their artists, so that each possibility and opportunity for those artists is pursued. Rather than the current industry, […]

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Player’s Health on Netcapital

Player’s Health is here to live up to their name — and truly protect the health of sports players. They are an insurance company whose risk management platform protects athletes and sports organizations. Their interactive mobile platform is HIPAA compliant and allows coaches to quickly and easily document injuries, ensuring that proper communication flows between coaches, trainers, and legal guardians. Player’s Health makes it so that its users can track and manage injuries, including concussions and concussion protocols, train coaches in injury and sex abuse […]

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Kare Mobile on Netcapital

Kare Mobile is here to help you get a dentist appointment when you need it, where you need it. It’s a mobile app that connects patients who need dental care with dentists who are available for the same day treatment. It matches people based on location, insurance, and the procedure requested. Kare Mobile helps both underinsured and uninsured patients find care as well, ensuring they get the care they need, while helping dentists find additional patients to make their practice more profitable. The app is […]

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Lalita on Netcapital

Lalita is here to remind women that pleasure is power. Their brand designs hand-crafted accessories, jewelry, and wearables, putting “seduction at the forefront to create luxurious and sensual products that evoke and emotional response.” The price points are “aspirational” but not unattainable, and Lalita’s target audience is 20-55 year old women who are independent, active, and demand high-quality and luxury items. Lalita’s products are seductive, elegant, and wearable, and they’ve earned a high-profile following. Everyone from Sharon Stone and Jennifer Gray to Felicity Huffman and […]

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Berylline on Netcapital

Berylline Corporation is here to bring us the industry’s first hybrid 3-wheel scooter! They’re a technology and manufacturing company with the knowledge and expertise to revolutionize the world of personal transportation. They’re offering people another non-car option to get around in besides golf carts and motorcycles. The Berylline Hybrid Scooter is a plug-in electric vehicle and has a top speed of 60 MPH in hybrid mode and 30 MPH in EV mode. The three wheel design has one wheel in the back and two in […]

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Maingear on Netcapital

Maingear is aiming to be the main gear when it comes to developing innovative new PC designs and products. In fact, this company was founded with one mission: to build the world’s best gaming experience. With over 15 years of experience and numerous “Editor’s Choice” awards, Maingear has established itself as a leader in the PC gaming industry. They’ve been the first to market with products like water-cooled PC’s, as well as services like customization including automotive paint finishes and custom laser etching. All of […]

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Intrommune Therapeutics on Netcapital

What if treating your allergies was as easy as….brushing your teeth? Well, with Intrommune Therapeutics, it now just might be! This New York City-based biopharmaceutical company is developing a toothpaste that uses oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) to help people with peanut allergies overcome them. OMIT is based on allergy immunotherapy, which adheres to the idea that if patients receive tiny, carefully controlled amounts of the substance they are allergic to, their immune system learns that the substance is safe, and their allergic reactions become milder. […]

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