Clean Bite on Netcapital

Clean Bite is revolutionizing the game when it comes to oral hygiene. They plan to build a better single-use toothbrush that’s shaped like a mouthpiece with 800 bristles, has four reservoirs of dentifrice and xylitol, is made of gelatin and provides 5 grams of protein, and comes in different flavors and sizes. It works for 60-90 seconds, then it dissolves and you swallow it. In addition to oral hygiene, Clean Bite can also be used to deliver vitamins, therapeutics, medications, and vaccines. It’s perfect for […]

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Woodpecker on Netcapital

Woodpecker is here to change the game when it comes to legal documents. Specifically, they are a “…document automation platform that empowers modern law firms to automate and standardize their frequently used legal documents.” Woodpecker is affordable, and attorneys can still use Microsoft Word while avoiding the hassle and cost of moving to a new platform. Their goal is to develop intuitive and affordable software that allows lawyers to spend time where it matters — not on paperwork. No longer are attorneys left with a […]

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KingsCrowd on Netcapital

KingsCrowd is here to provide a framework and context for people to understand and evaluate investing in startups. They’re bringing together financial experts and technologists to help everyone make informed, intelligent investment decisions on portals like Netcapital, Wefunder, StartEnginge, and more. KingsCrowd provides portal-agnostic research and analytics solution built on education, analytics, research and recommendations. That way, anyone can understand, learn, leverage, and evaluate these deals — and make the right investment for them.

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Lipidomics on Netcapital

Lipidomics, Inc. is here with the solution for inflammatory skin diseases. They develop cosmetics and pharmaceutical products for dry and sensitive skin that help replenish liquids that are deficient in the skin barrier. Lipidomics scientific founders have been studying fundamental skin biology and dermatology for over two decades, and their studies have led them to create a topical application of two specific lipids that are effective for treating dry skin that can often be a precursor to eczema. Current treatments can suppress the immune response […]

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Swoon City Music on Netcapital

Swoon City Music is a record label and music publishing company who’s founding team has been in the music industry for over 30 years of combined experience. Swoon City owns all of their song compositions and master recording rights, and their music is distributed by Caroline, a division of Capitol Music Group (Universal). They believe in “quality over quantity,” meaning they focus their resources on each of their artists, so that each possibility and opportunity for those artists is pursued. Rather than the current industry, […]

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Player’s Health on Netcapital

Player’s Health is here to live up to their name — and truly protect the health of sports players. They are an insurance company whose risk management platform protects athletes and sports organizations. Their interactive mobile platform is HIPAA compliant and allows coaches to quickly and easily document injuries, ensuring that proper communication flows between coaches, trainers, and legal guardians. Player’s Health makes it so that its users can track and manage injuries, including concussions and concussion protocols, train coaches in injury and sex abuse […]

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Kare Mobile on Netcapital

Kare Mobile is here to help you get a dentist appointment when you need it, where you need it. It’s a mobile app that connects patients who need dental care with dentists who are available for the same day treatment. It matches people based on location, insurance, and the procedure requested. Kare Mobile helps both underinsured and uninsured patients find care as well, ensuring they get the care they need, while helping dentists find additional patients to make their practice more profitable. The app is […]

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