Advanced Aesthetic Technologies on Netcapital

Advanced Aesthetic Technologies offers a 100% natural, biodegradable, and moldable solution for correcting wrinkles. Their Algeness dermal filler is an injectable implant that is safe and chemical free to use. Plus, it shows results immediately after the procedure, typically only requires one visit, and lasts over twelve months as proven in clinical studies. Advanced Aesthetic has received government approvals in the EU and is being used to treat patients in 27 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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Gravity Power on Netcapital

Gravity Power sells utility scale energy storage systems. Customers include developers, utilities, and large commercial users who develop, own, and operate these systems, which are provided as turnkey and provide energy storage at 20% the cost of LI batteries. These systems are environmentally benign, easy to permit, and can produce constant power. Plus, they ramp up from zero to full power in 20 seconds. So far, Gravity Power patents have been issued in the US, 22 European countries, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Russia, South Africa, […]

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CARROT on Netcapital

CARROT is a mobile app that offers a gamified approach to fitness tracking. The app tracks participants’ daily activity, creates customized goals and individual challenges, and provides financial incentives as rewards to help motivate people. More than 400 CEOs and HR professionals named CARROT the “Most Innovative Solution” to engage millennials in health care at the 2016 Crain’s Detroit Business Health Care Leadership Summit, and CARROT’s founder and CEO, Michael Antaran, was named as one of the “50 Names to Know in Information Technology” by […]

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God’s Garden Treasures on Netcapital

God’s Garden Treasure is a luxury florist revolutionizing the world of flowers. Their Luxury Floral membership program is dedicated to delivering unique artistic designs and building emotional connections through flowers, all while also building a new florist model for the 21st century. In their 15 years of business, God’s Garden has grown exponentially each year. In 2017, they created the Floral Concierge Program and Reminder Service, and, so far, they’ve generated over $20,000 in revenue from their 12 Floral Concierge members. They also have over […]

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Phoenix PharmaLabs

Phoenix PharmaLabs has created a safe and non-addictive painkiller that they hope will combat the opioid epidemic and crisis. This preclinical, potent treatment can be used for both pain and addiction treatment. So far, it’s been tested in animal studies to be effective, does not produce withdrawal, does not cause death from overdose, and does not cause constipation. The US Army and the NIH have already been provided a $3M grant, and with this campaign, Phoenix PharmaLabs hopes to accelerate the advancement of the drug […]

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Rapunzl on Netcapital

Rapunzl is a “…viral gamification of the stock market which blends the excitement of fantasy football with the world of investing.” In other words, it’s a social network for investors! Users can link live brokerage accounts, trade alongside their friends, follow top investors, and compete for prizes. So far, Rapunzl has been featured on ABC and Fox, and they’ve received $565,000 in scholarship commitments. Additionally they have a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship from UrbanX Learning. This allows them to fundraise tax-deductible scholarship prizes from financial institutions […]

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Priva on Netcapital

Priva is “…a marketplace for door-to-door regional mobility.” They offer a more streamlined alternative to commuter flights. Instead, travelers can book a Priva mobile office, black car, or SUV for their regional trips, ultimately saving time and money while increasing their productivity. A door-to-door trip with Priva doesn’t take any more time than a typical commuter flight, but it gives the traveler back much of the time spent waiting in lines or at baggage claim. Plus, Priva’s technology pairs outbound and return trips to reduce […]

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