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Platform to help companies leverage loT and Blockchain.

Atmos Digital understands that enterprise technology drives corporate operational performance, and their solution offers a way to monetize space to benefit both the owner and consumer. Their cloud-based platform integrates technologies, like the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and artificial intelligence, to redefine space by “transforming existing and underutilized space into new, efficient channels of distribution.” Their platform can help everyone from hospitality teams to retail groups, and their patent-pending XR™ technology creates a personalized atmosphere for the consumer, which helps drive transactions and increase margins. With Atmos Digital, space everywhere can become efficient, smart, and profitable. For example, XR can “connect” hotels in new ways, enhancing their capabilities and providing everything from keyless entry, anti-theft, and in-room vending products and services, to eliminating the need for a front desk, creating automatic login for guests’ multimedia channels, and reservation support.

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Gamify on Netcapital

Gamify, Inc. is solving an unmet need in brain function testing.

Gamify, Inc. is here to offer the first upgrade and redesign in testing brain function in nearly fifty years. They’ve created a product that’s affordable, accessible -- and fun! Users simply play their engaging and immersive role-playing games to monitor their brain function and get results. Gamify allows for frequent collection of data on cognitive skills over time, as well as real-time remote tracking of data. Gamify’s games are available on mobile phones with iOS, Android, and FireOS and online, and they can be used to monitor for injuries and for injury recovery. Their target market is athletes, parents of athletes, physicians, and athletic leagues, as well as people just generally interested in their brain health and/or enjoy gaming.

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IceBrkr on Netcapital

Match + Alexa meets Hitch, only smarter... and funnier.

IceBrkr is the new dating app that’s going to change the face of online dating. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help build users build meaningful rapport and plan the perfect dates for their matches. IceBrkr doesn’t just break the ice when it comes to helping you meet that special someone -- it provides on-demand, expert dating advice the whole time, too, helping with everything from building a profile and chatting advice to date recommendations. IceBrkr’s focus on improving communication through technology is what sets them apart from all the other online matchmakers. Each piece of technology built for IceBrkr is created with the purpose of making people better communicators while empowering them to build meaningful relationships. So far, they’ve spent zero money on marketing but have been featured on NBC Rhode Island, Fox Boston, Boston Innovators, and several other media outlets. IceBrkr is here to break the ice -- and revolutionize how we use technology to communicate and date.

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Leo Aerospace on Netcapital

Space exploration through nanosatellite technology and engineering.

Leo Aerospace is a launch company focusing on microsatellites and launching them into space. They’re developing a “rockoon,” or a rocket launched from a high-altitude balloon. Using this method, they believe they can provide small satellites access to outer space. Their current focus in prototyping and de-risking hardware to reach the edge of space with the goal of launching to orbit in five years. Miniaturization of technology has led to the mass adoption of cost effective microsatellites, and with Leo Aerospace’s vision, they hope to use microsatellites to change the world by doing things like managing the health of crops, tracking global commodity supplies, fighting illegal fishing, and advancing scientific and human exploration.

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Movatic on Netcapital

Movatic enables manufacturers to join the shared mobility economy.

Movatic is an app-based solution that helps manufacturers join the shared mobility economy. App-based shared mobility is a $458 billion annual market in the US alone, and it’s continuing to grow. This trend is leading to any company that makes mobility products, like bikes, cars, or scooters, trying to become a sharing company. Movatic is here to help make that happen. Movatic can work with any company to make their product sharable. Company operators can manage their systems through Movatic’s admin suite, and Movatic brings together a variety of companies through its app. Therefore, as Movatic states, “...every company that joins Movatic’s prosperous ecosystem is part of a global network that gets stronger and more compelling with each addition.” So far, Movatic is working with ten companies, has a strong sales pipeline with their revenue doubling every 6 months (without investment)...and they’ve already broken even.

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Undercurrent VR on Netcapital

UCVR is a technology and a format to redefine how people consume their media.

Undercurrent VR (UCVR) is a new type of virtual reality (VR). They’re introducing a new VR that works from your personal device without any type of clunky headset or goggles. Its plenoptic-based format is available for streaming and is free for the consumer. Their vision is to make VR truly live up to its name and feel as real as possible. For example, imagine you were watching a person speak on your laptop. If you move to the right, you’ll see more of the left side of that person, just like in real life. Their goal is is to bring VR through UCVR to this generation, especially in the areas of advertising, education, narrative content, and sports-related video games. Your investment will go to their proof-of-concept video, software development, patent filing, and working capital.

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Neurotez on NetCapital

Neurotez Inc. is developing a drug to treat Leptin deficiency in Alzheimer’s patients.

Neurotez Inc. is on a mission to become the world leaders in biotechnology and to help Alzheimer’s patients with drugs that are both safe and efficacious. Their primary goal is to develop a Leptin product as an innovative hormone replacement therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and/or as a preventative for those who are at risk. Today’s medications provide limited relief, and current efforts, which focus on removing either Abeta or tau deposits from the brain, have not generated any effective drugs for the last 18 years. Neurotez is here to change that -- by focusing on Leptin instead and attacking the disease in a new way. So far, Neurotez has been nominated as the Most Promising Private Company in 2015 by the Biotechnology Industry Organization, as well as a 2010 Incubator Company to Watch at the NJTC Gala Awards. Add in that their team has deep experience and success with thousands of publications in Alzheimer’s, and you can see why Neurotez might just be the Alzheimer's weapon we’ve been waiting for.

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