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Igniting humanity’s capacity to help one another.

CircleOf is a mobile app designed to help people in need. With CircleOf, people can form teams of family, friends, and co-workers to privately share important information, provide assistance, or volunteer knowledge or time. In the company’s words, “CircleOf is both a resource and social communication tool ─ allowing anyone to create a connected community of care at any time.” It utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to help ensure the right information is given to the right person at the right time for the utmost care. For HR teams and business unit heads, CircleOf can help improve productivity and reduce absenteeism by helping employees become more aware of employer-provided work-life resources and balancing their caregiving and work responsibilities. CircleOf was incubated at the Cisco Hyper-Innovation Living Lab, and its partners include Cisco, Community Health Network, and the Northeast Business Group on Health.

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Apex Farms on MicroVentures

Vertical Hypodroponic/aquaponic farming system.

Apex Farms helps farmers decrease their water, land, and energy use while promoting produce production. Apex Farms has developed a Vertical Farming System, and their patent-pending technology helps grow a wide variety of plans while reducing labor and overall costs. With their vertical hydroponic system, farmers can grow up to three times more produce in a given area that with other vertical growing systems, and it reduces water usage by about 75% when compared with conventional farming methods. The system is effective both indoors and outdoors, and it can be scaled to accommodate different sized plants and root system. Apex Farms offers either Setup Services or Licensing options to clients. With Setup, Apex oversees everything from transport and delivery to completion of the build, and then tests it all to ensure quality performance. For farmers with the resources to build their own systems, Apex offers the licensing option with technical support included. The company currently has two working farms as proof of concept, with one in Delaware and the other in Colorado.

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Hackrod on MicroVentures

Hackrod is challenging the traditional approach to automobile manufacturing.

Hackrod plans to be the automobile manufacturer of the future. Their methodology combines generative design, VR, 3D printing, and a cloud-based supply chain that allows consumers to be co-creators of their dream vehicles. Hackrod is starting with the action car film “Autonomo,” where they will showcase 50 of their vehicles and offer the designs as templates to customers. They currently have a partnership with AutoDesk to create virtual car prototypes as well, and they want to create a world where you can design the car of your dreams as easily as playing a video game.

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ReGrained on MicroVentures

ReGrained rescues the nutritious grain created every time that beer is brewed.

Did you know that roughly a pound of “spent” grain is discarded for every six pack of brewed beer? ReGrained did -- and they’re doing something about it. ReGrained is a food-tech company that transforms brewing waste and byproducts into edible ingredients and products. They call this repurposed grain “SuperGrain+” flour, which is high in protein, fiber, and micronutrients while being low in sugar and calories. They’ve turned it into snack bars with 100% backyard compostable packaging, and they hope to use SuperGrain+ in more foods such as breads, cookies, and pretzels. Their partnership with the USDA and patent-pending technology to use wet food in this way has created what they call “edible upcycling,” which they hope will lead to an environmentally friendly, economically viable, and sustainable food future.

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Unlimited Tomorrow on MicroVentures

A New Model In Artificial Limbs.

Unlimited Tomorrow is here to change the way we think about artificial limbs. They’ve combined 3D scanning, 3D printing, and machine learning to create next-generation artificial limbs that are affordable, accessible, and customized for people. Plus, their limbs are available for amputees around the world. By providing low-cost 3D scanners and computers for digital mapping, prosthetic limbs can be printed utilizing a network of global 3D printers, meaning that people everywhere can benefit. Unlimited Tomorrow’s first device was developed at B87, Microsoft’s “black ops” prototyping lab, where Easton LaChapelle, Unlimited Tomorrow’s CEO and Founder, was invited to work. Microsoft and Unlimited Tomorrow then placed their first limb on Momo, a 10-year old girl, in June 2017. LaChapelle also worked at NASA on the Robonaut project, where he developed a new tele-robotic interface and shared his story in a TED talk. Additionally, he’s received monetary and strategic support from Tony Robbins, including $150,000.

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Onward on Microventures

Onward combines data science and artificial intelligence to help smartphone users overcome their addictions and curb screen usage.

Onward is an app unlike any other app -- it wants you to use it less. As they state on their company’s MicroVenture page, “Onward combines data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to help smartphone users overcome their addictions and curb screen usage. Its specialized programs aim to change unhealthy behaviors related to screen time, social media, shopping, gambling, video games, dating apps, and porn. Through “O,” a chatbot that non-judgmentally interacts with each user through a familiar text/chat interface, Onward encourages users to complete daily check ins, gain new coping skills, block potentially triggering apps or sites, and gain help or interventions using cognitive behavior therapy, as needed. The company is backed with $3.2 million in financing from investors including Founders Fund, Compound Ventures, and Gaingels. As of October 2017, Onward had nearly 10,000 monthly active users.” Onward utilizes a freemium model and is available in both a basic (free) version, as well as a Pro (subscription) version.

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FanFood on Microventures

FanFood enhances the fan experience by allowing fans to watch more of the action and never miss the big play because they were stuck in long concession stand lines.

FanFood is meant for fans of food and fans of watching events -- not for fans of waiting in line. Right now, 45% of fans have abandoned concession lines at events at least once because the lines are too long. FanFood solves that issue. They’ve created a mobile concession app that allows you to order refreshments directly from your seat, track your order, and gives you the option to either get it delivered directly to your seat or go and pick it up when it’s ready. Since May 2017, over 13,000 fans have downloaded the FanFood app, and during the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix event at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, FanFood generated over $40,00 of revenue -- in just three days! Plus, they’ve already been onboarded at other venues such as Avaya Stadium in California, Principal Park in Iowa, and Austin 360 in Texas (just to name a few). With FanFood, vendors can improve wait times, increase sales, enhance the fan experience, and alleviate congestion. For fans, they can get their food and drinks fast and easily -- and still enjoy their event.

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