Pixilated on MicroVentures

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Pixilated is an open-air photo booth and marketing technology company. The company both creates a strong user experience in their photo booth, while also offering a platform that captures leads for marketers. Called the Pixi Cloud, this platform, “…aims to enable brands to deliver engaging experiences through a photo booth interface while capturing data and connecting an offline audience to an online marketing strategy.” Pixi Cloud integrates with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and CRM systems, and the mobile app […]

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Primo Wind on MicroVentures

Primo Wind is revolutionizing the world of wind energy. Their wind systems are quiet, aesthetically pleasing, and produce the maximum amount of energy with the smallest possible footprint. Ideal for areas with limited access to traditional power sources or no electricity at all, Primo Wind systems are well-suited for stand-alone systems for both off-grid and micro-grid installations. Their patented blade technology and rotor design deliver power at common wind speeds of 5-15 mph; their most powerful system, called the EnergiTree, can withstand Category 2 hurricanes; […]

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Uncle Billy’s Taproom on MicroVentures

Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, Uncle Billy’s Brewery & Smokehouse offers a live music and relaxed patio alongside their award-winning craft beer, Texas slow-smoked BBQ, and craft cocktails. Uncle Billy’s is celebrating its 12-year anniversary this April (happy birthday Uncle Billy’s!), and they’ve won multiple gold and silver medals at the Great American Beer Festival, as well as a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup. Recently, they received their distiller’s permit in February 2018, and they started selling spirits and craft cocktails […]

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Sweat Cosmetics on Microventures

Sweat Cosmetics is living up to its name. This company has created sweat-proof, life-proof, on-the-go cosmetics for active women. The founders were all professional athletes who knew from experience the challenges of wearing makeup while being active, so they came together to create this all natural, hypoallergenic, non toxic product line. Their products include a powder sunblock, mineral foundation, translucent mineral powder, illuminator, and bronzer, which are all applied through the Twist-Brush. So far, Sweat Cosmetics is sold through Anthropologie, Revolve, and Soft Surroundings. They’ve […]

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Eight Shires Distillery on Microventures

Located in Williamsburg, Virginia, Eight Shires Distillery is on a mission to “research, preserve, teach, and present the history of distillation from the Colonial American period.” They offer genever gin, rum, and bourbon, and all of their spirits are crafted using historic recipes and 18th century-style ingredients. The distillery has won notable awards, such as the the 2017 Virginia Rum Distiller of the Year at the New York International Spirits Competition, while their Yorktown Silver Rum and Jamestown Genever Gin have both earned critical acclaim […]

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Gather Voices on MicroVentures

Platforms for brands deploying user-generated video content.

User-generated video content is more trusted than brand generated videos. Consumers trust other consumers, and they want to hear from them. Gather Voices is harnessing the power of those user-generated videos and gathering all of those voices for companies to utilize and leverage. As they put it: “Gather Voices is allowing brands to share their customers’ stories – by letting the customers speak for themselves. The Gather Voices platform offers an effective video relationship management platform – called GV-One – with iPhone, Android, and web apps that helps enterprises leverage user-generated video, promote the voices of its constituents, and increase engagement.” Businesses can then publish that content through YouTube, Facebook, or their own websites, and Gather Voices has already secured clients such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of America, and the University of Chicago.

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Los Pinos on MicroVentures

Award-winning, destination winery located in Pittsburg, Texas

Located about two hours east of Dallas, Texas, Los Pinos Winery offers award-winning wines, a relaxing atmosphere with live jazz, and a top-rated restaurant. As one of the fastest growing wineries in Texas, they are using this campaign to support the increasing demand there is for their wines. Founded in 2000, Los Pinos has since won 196 awards in various national and international competitions since 2014, including the double gold for its 2015 Sangiovese at the 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Their restaurant, Fork and Spoon, was ranked in the top 10 for Best Winery Restaurants in 2016, and the winery currently has over 550 members in its wine club. In 2017, Los Pinos sold 10,533 cases of wine and generated nearly $2.2 million in revenue.

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