Kare Mobile on Netcapital

Kare Mobile is here to help you get a dentist appointment when you need it, where you need it. It’s a mobile app that connects patients who need dental care with dentists who are available for the same day treatment. It matches people based on location, insurance, and the procedure requested. Kare Mobile helps both underinsured and uninsured patients find care as well, ensuring they get the care they need, while helping dentists find additional patients to make their practice more profitable. The app is […]

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Nemucore Medical Innovations on Wefunder

Nemucore Medical Innovations is here to bring you the future of cancer care. They’re developing a new type of targeted therapy that “…relies on knowledge from an RNA-based diagnostic instead of more traditional DNA-based diagnostics to determine if a patient with cancer is a candidate for our targeted therapy.” They believe that this type of diagnostic will help unlock targeted therapies for the 70% of cancer patients who do not have “druggable” genetic mutations in their DNA. So far, Nemucore has raised $7M from foundation […]

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Halo on Republic

Halo is here to be the angel that research projects need. They’re applying a venture model to philanthropy to help make research funding sustainable and close the funding gap between basic research funded by the government, and clinical research funded by pharmaceutical companies. As they put it: “Each campaign Halo raises money for a defined research project that can help advance a promising discovery into a life-changing medical treatment.” Through joint marketing campaigns with relevant disease foundations, as well as direct marketing through social and […]

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Citizen Health on StartEngine

Citizen Health is living up to its name — they’re providing health services for the citizens! Or, in their words, they’re doing “What Netflix did to Blockbuster” to health insurance companies. They’ve developed a decentralized model for a universal health care system using blockchain, AI, and the power of the crowd. This system is owned and controlled by the people and gives the power back to them — not to governments and corporations. Citizen Health’s mission is to provide “100% universal healthcare that is 100% […]

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iMovR on SeedInvest

iMovR wants you to get up and move — even while at the office. With 85% of people sedentary when at their jobs, iMovR is here to help you become more active at work. They design high-tech, patented,and patent-pending standing desks, as well as other active workstations, such as treadmill desks and sit-to-stand meeting tables. Plus, all their products come complete with smartphone apps and cloud connectivity. iMovR is the first company to earn a NEAT certification from The Mayo Clinic, and they manufacture most […]

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Intrommune Therapeutics on Netcapital

What if treating your allergies was as easy as….brushing your teeth? Well, with Intrommune Therapeutics, it now just might be! This New York City-based biopharmaceutical company is developing a toothpaste that uses oral mucosal immunotherapy (OMIT) to help people with peanut allergies overcome them. OMIT is based on allergy immunotherapy, which adheres to the idea that if patients receive tiny, carefully controlled amounts of the substance they are allergic to, their immune system learns that the substance is safe, and their allergic reactions become milder. […]

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Sterilogy on Netcapital

Sterilogy is here to help save the sterile day. RIght now, over 247 people die in the USA everyday as a result of healthcare associated infections. This number could be easily decreased with proper hand hygiene compliance, but the current systems in place to help with this do not seem to be working. That’s where Sterilogy comes into play. Sterilogy offers a patented “…body worn compact personal sanitizer system that is easy to use, visible to the patient, reminds healthcare workers to sanitizer if they […]

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