Dante Labs on SeedInvest

Disrupting the $60B global genetic testing market with comprehensive genetic tests and smart data analysis..

The co-founders of Dante Labs came together in shared indignation about a woman being denied genetic testing -- despite a family history of a hereditary disease. Their response was to create this company and help people learn about their DNA and genetic history. Dante Labs analyzes 100% of your DNA for just $695, making it not only the most complete DNA tests available in the market, but one of the most affordable, too. They offer a variety of products and different prices, and all of them can provide consumers with hundreds of insights about hereditary diseases, health conditions, and traits. So far, Dante Labs has earned over $250,000 of revenue from DNA tests since their April 2017 launch, and 70% of their sales are from organic traffic. They’re partnering with leaders in genetics, including Illumina and BGI, as well as several European doctors and universities, and they’re a member of both the WeWork Labs accelerator and Amazon Launchpad.

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Boon VR on Republic

Medical Training in Virtual Reality! Major Paid Pilots. Serial Entrepreneur.

Boon VR’s virtual reality (VR) technology will revolutionize the medical training industry and disrupt a potential $1.4B market. Their cutting-edge VR provides life-like, on-demand training for medical procedures, helping close the training gap for doctors. Not only does Boon VR provide training situations for practice, but their unique cloud platform allows doctors to virtually visit and revisit operating rooms where real-life procedures are taking place. As Boon puts it, “If the operating room is a living theater, then Boon VR puts the viewer on center stage.” So far, Boon’s running paid pilots include a Fortune 2000 medical device company, and they are in talks with several Fortune 500 device companies as well. They’ve already secured $375,000 in investments, and their team has the deep medical, surgical, and entrepreneurial experience needed to make Boon truly boom into a success.

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Gamify on Netcapital

Gamify, Inc. is solving an unmet need in brain function testing.

Gamify, Inc. is here to offer the first upgrade and redesign in testing brain function in nearly fifty years. They’ve created a product that’s affordable, accessible -- and fun! Users simply play their engaging and immersive role-playing games to monitor their brain function and get results. Gamify allows for frequent collection of data on cognitive skills over time, as well as real-time remote tracking of data. Gamify’s games are available on mobile phones with iOS, Android, and FireOS and online, and they can be used to monitor for injuries and for injury recovery. Their target market is athletes, parents of athletes, physicians, and athletic leagues, as well as people just generally interested in their brain health and/or enjoy gaming.

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ZYPPAH on Wefunder

Eliminate Snoring With a Simple Mouthguard.

ZYPPAH is here to help with your snore. It’s an oral hybrid mouthpiece that combines a patented tongue strap, called the Tongue Elastic, with traditional mouthpiece technology. The strap supports the tongue and keeps it from falling backwards into your airway, while the traditional technology brings the jaw forward. The best part? For the majority of clients, it’s not only comfortable, but it completely eliminates snoring -- even within the first night of use! ZYPPAH is the only hybrid mouthpiece of its kind in the US, and right now they are available to buy online. However, ZYPPAH anticipates FDA approval for over-the-counter sales in the next year, which means the produce would be sold in places like Amazon, Costco, and Walmart. So far, the company’s sold almost 140,000 units and collected $13M in revenue in 2017, and they have more than 20,000 unique visitors to their site per week. The device is made entirely in the US for $18 and retails for $100.

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Gulf Coast Canna Meds on Fundanna

Medical Marijuana Grower, Extractor and Dispensary

Gulf Coast Canna Meds, Inc. (GCCM) plans to be the leader in Florida’s medical marijuana industry. Their business will include cultivation, extraction, processing, manufacturing, distribution, and dispensing operations, with a focus on creating unique strains with distinct cannabinoid profiles that are safe, pure, and precisely formulated. GCCM plans to offer marijuana concentrates, vaporizer cartridges, topicals, and other infused products. They will sell their products at their own dispensary locations, as well as to other MMTC’s in Florida. Their dispensaries will be able to fully accommodate people with disabilities and the elderly, as well as provide skilled and knowledgeable dispensary technicians. GCCM has partnered with Constance Therapeutics, the world leader in medical marijuana, and they are also working with Canna Advisors, who are known for the high success rate in licences approval.

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Powell Development Group on StartEngine

Revolutionary Condom Design

Condoms are one of the most well-known tools for having safe sex, yet no one truly enjoys using them. Powell Development Group is here to change that. They’ve developed a patented new condom design that increases pleasure and intimacy while decreasing unsafe sex factors. Called the Galactic Cap, this condom fits safely and securely on the head of the penis, leaving the coronal ridge and shaft exposed for more skin-to-skin contact. They hope that a more enjoyable condom will lead to safer sex worldwide. So far, they’ve raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo in 2014 and sold out on their website multiple times, even with no marketing. Powell Development has partnered with the University of California, Long Beach Engineering Department, to research, develop and test the Galactic Cap, as well as to apply for National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. They plan to bring pleasure back to safe sex...one intimate connection at a time.

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Gryphon on SeedInvest

AI-powered WiFi network security platform.

Gryphon is here to offer its services as a digital gatekeeper and a guardian of human connections. It combines elegance, power, and simplicity within its AI-powered WiFi network security platform to protect you, your family, and/or your small business. Their patent-pending technology is easy to install and has a super fast wireless connection up to 3 Gbps. It provides whole house coverage with no dead spots, and offers you the ability to manage screen time, control content and apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, and intelligently detect intruders 24/7. It also offers malware and ransomware protection for all the devices on your network, and you control it all simply and easily through an app. Gryphon has already partnered with Qualcomm and Gemtek, and its accelerators include The Batchery and CONNECT Springboard in San Diego. Plus, it’s slim, sleek white appearance will look elegant in any home.

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