Clean Bite on Netcapital

Clean Bite is revolutionizing the game when it comes to oral hygiene. They plan to build a better single-use toothbrush that’s shaped like a mouthpiece with 800 bristles, has four reservoirs of dentifrice and xylitol, is made of gelatin and provides 5 grams of protein, and comes in different flavors and sizes. It works for 60-90 seconds, then it dissolves and you swallow it. In addition to oral hygiene, Clean Bite can also be used to deliver vitamins, therapeutics, medications, and vaccines. It’s perfect for […]

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Neurohacker Collective on Wefunder

The Neurohacker Collective is here to enhance the mind-body connection. Specifically, they aim, “… to provide meaningful scientific advances through a deeper understanding of human biology and how the brain works to support the body’s systems with the goal of transforming lives for the better.” In regards to this endeavor, they’ve created their Qualia nootropics product line, which consists of supplements that enhances the brain adaptive capacity and up-regulates the entire system so that you can truly feel your best. Now, 83% of their product […]

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MicroGen Vet on StartEngine

MicroGen Vet is here to lead the way when it comes to microbial diagnostic service. They plan to bring “DNA-based Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) diagnostics to the veterinary marketplace as the exclusive reseller of MicroGen DX diagnostic services.” MicroGen DX is the market leader in this space with the humans diagnostics market, and now, they want to help veterinarians benefit from this technology as well. MicroGen Vet is the exclusive reseller of this technology, and they’re already supporting clinical trials on over 200 horses. They […]

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Lipidomics on Netcapital

Lipidomics, Inc. is here with the solution for inflammatory skin diseases. They develop cosmetics and pharmaceutical products for dry and sensitive skin that help replenish liquids that are deficient in the skin barrier. Lipidomics scientific founders have been studying fundamental skin biology and dermatology for over two decades, and their studies have led them to create a topical application of two specific lipids that are effective for treating dry skin that can often be a precursor to eczema. Current treatments can suppress the immune response […]

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Magnabid on StartEngine

Magnabid matches patients with quality doctors. Now, you don’t have to endlessly search for the best doctor with the most competitive fees. With Magnabid’s online marketplace, you simply name your price for the medical or cosmetic procedure you need, and they will match you with a quality doctor’s offer. So far, Magnabid has completed their first round of funding which allowed them to finish their website, start developing their mobile app, and sign 53 doctors in the LA area to create hundreds of matches with […]

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GLG Pharma on Wefunder

GLG Pharma is an oncology company– and they’re ready to improve cancer treatments. The current treatment for ovarian cancer only leads to about a 40% survival rate. However, GLG Pharma believes that by inhibiting STAT3, a mechanism found in over 30 types of cancer, they can help people respond more successfully to treatment by 10-20%. In fact, their goal is that, in the next five years with their research, they think they could raise the survival rate to 60-70%. So far, GLG was selected by […]

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Kare Mobile on Netcapital

Kare Mobile is here to help you get a dentist appointment when you need it, where you need it. It’s a mobile app that connects patients who need dental care with dentists who are available for the same day treatment. It matches people based on location, insurance, and the procedure requested. Kare Mobile helps both underinsured and uninsured patients find care as well, ensuring they get the care they need, while helping dentists find additional patients to make their practice more profitable. The app is […]

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