BiOptimizers on Wefunder

BiOptimizers wants people to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyles — and they believe their products can help you accomplish this. Their supplement products and dietary strategies are backed by research to support people in achieving an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul. So far, they’ve served over 50,000 customers for issues such as increased enzyme potential, digestion assistance, and gluten issue support. They’ve earned over $2.5M in revenue generated by their affiliates; their probiotics are patented; and over the […]

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Advanced Aesthetic Technologies on Netcapital

Advanced Aesthetic Technologies offers a 100% natural, biodegradable, and moldable solution for correcting wrinkles. Their Algeness dermal filler is an injectable implant that is safe and chemical free to use. Plus, it shows results immediately after the procedure, typically only requires one visit, and lasts over twelve months as proven in clinical studies. Advanced Aesthetic has received government approvals in the EU and is being used to treat patients in 27 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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HEAL Diabetes Clinics on StartEngine

HEAL Clinics is on a mission: to eradicate type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity. Through its HEALcare program, which is a ketogenic (low-carb) solution that helps patients safely and effectively lose weight and go into remission without medication or injected insulin. The program uses a three-pronged approach of dietary guidance, personalized support, and medical care, and it’s experienced a success rate of up to 98%. So far, HEAL Clinics have opened three locations and plan to open an additional five later this year and early […]

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Neurocarrus on Wefunder

Neurocarrus is developing a non-opioid drug to treat pain without the risk of addiction. The founder has been working in the space for over 25 years, and so far, they’ve shown promising results in animal trials.This drug is highly innovative and was awarded $10,000 by the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse. Neurocarrus was also a member of the IndieBio Accelerator Spring 2018. With this campaign, they will continue their pre-clinical development with the goal of being ready for clinical trials in humans by 2020, […]

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GuruMD on StartEngine

GuruMD is an urgent telemedicine mobile app service that currently provides service in Texas and New Mexico. They connect physicians and patients through face-to-face video visits to increase healthcare accessibility, ultimately helping direct patients away from the ER and urgent care rooms. By doing this, they help save the healthcare system money, while freeing up ERs and urgent cares for true emergencies. GuruMD also provides a Social Cause, where a portion of their proceeds go towards free medical care for people who cannot afford telemedicine. […]

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Phoenix PharmaLabs

Phoenix PharmaLabs has created a safe and non-addictive painkiller that they hope will combat the opioid epidemic and crisis. This preclinical, potent treatment can be used for both pain and addiction treatment. So far, it’s been tested in animal studies to be effective, does not produce withdrawal, does not cause death from overdose, and does not cause constipation. The US Army and the NIH have already been provided a $3M grant, and with this campaign, Phoenix PharmaLabs hopes to accelerate the advancement of the drug […]

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Circle Medical on Wefunder

Circle Medical is artificial intelligence assisted medical care that is here to remodel the patient experience. Their technology “…assists and automates physician’s decisions, which reduces the cost of care and delivers better outcomes for patients.” Circle Medical has experienced a 3x revenue growth this year; they’ve raised $2.9M in the first round from Y Combinator, Paul Buccheit (Gmail creator), and Jawed Karim (YouTube founder); and they already have over 100 corporate clients, including General Electric, Twitch, and Hilton. Plus, they’re considered in-network for 99% of […]

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