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“At Bublish, we’re empowering today’s “authorpreneurs” with a complete publishing platform with built-in marketing, branding and discoverability features. Authors can write, publish, promote, sell and track sales—all from one Bublish dashboard. Think of Bublish as your “publisher in a box” with an expert publishing team, award-winning marketing technology, professional services and innovative programs—all at your fingertips.”

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Hacker Noon on StartEngine

Hacker Noon is here to write about the real deal. They’re an independent tech blog with content written by tech professionals. Their team includes over 7,000 contributing writers, and they have over 200,000 daily visitors with over 8M monthly page views. Hacker Noon publishes about 20 stories a day, and they’ve been consistently profitable for 2.5 years. What makes Hacker Noon unique is that they run on sponsorship promotions whom they carefully vet and select. You won’t find any personalized ads on Hacker Noon. This […]

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Youngry on Republic

YOUNGRY provides content, events, and e-commerce for millennial entrepreneurs

Youngry helps the young and hungry find startup success by providing original content, events, mentorship tools, and e-commerce for millennial entrepreneurs. To become part of the Youngry community, you can sign up on their website, attend one of their mentorship events, or download their app, which is due out in mid-2018. As an entrepreneur, you can connect with experts and peers to discuss ideas, and find solutions and support, to start taking your business to the next level. As a mentor, you can become part of Youngry’s mentor network and help the next generation of entrepreneurs by conducting monthly mentorship calls or sharing your story and advice at Youngry’s live events.

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