Shark Wheel on StartEngine

Shark Wheel, with a pre-money valuation of $25 million, is raising funds on StartEngine. Shark Wheel is reinventing the wheel. Contrary to the traditional wheels that dig deep into soft surfaces, shark wheels bite into the surface and allow it to travel effortlessly. The company was formed in October 2012 by David Patrick. Shark Wheel has successfully raised $79,300 on Kickstarter in June 2013. The current round of crowdfunding has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $535,000. Shark Wheel is already […]

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Tiny In A Box on StartEngine

Tiny In A Box, with a valuation cap of $0.72 million, is raising crowdfunding on StartEngine. The company is creating tiny homes, shops, pools, and similar modular structures to provide housing solutions to people across the world. It is in a preseed funding stage and ready for implementation. It offers flexibility, affordability, convenience, and longevity through its designs. TIAB was founded by Shaynea Williams in July 2018. The current round of crowdfunding has a minimum raise of $10,000 and a maximum raise of $107,000, with […]

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Zenspace on SeedInvest

“ZenSpace transforms spaces into quiet smart offices, enabling individuals to work whenever and wherever needed. We have created a highly flexible, on-demand system and IoT-enabled space for conducting business and/or private meetings.”

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Strat Brands Group on StartEngine

Strat Brands Group Inc. (SBG) is a new green technology company that will launch the organic fertilizer trademarked “GreenStreme,” derived from fresh fish processing. This technology creates a nutrient rich fertilizer alternative without the offensive smell or waste by-products common to competitive products (benefits of our patented cold hydrolysis process), which answers the call for sustainable (organic) agriculture, where U.S. production lags significantly behind consumer demand.

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b[x] spaces on Republic

Coworking has revolutionized the commercial office space industry but has yet to dominate other sectors of commercial/industrial real estate. By building functional creator coworking spaces in affordable Class C industrial real estate, b[x] offers the benefits of coworking to this large underserved market.

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Mercurius Biorefining on NetCapital

Mercurius is developing and scaling up REACH™ technology, a low cost process to turn biomass into jet fuel and diesel. REACH™ stands for Renewable Acid-hydrolysis Condensation Hydrotreating and is inherently more capital efficient than competing technologies. We believe REACH™ will be a very important climate change mitigation technology in the very near future.

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Braidy Industries on Netcapital

Braidy Industries is revolutionizing the technology of materials science by offering multiple solutions to the “heavyweight” problem of the industry. Their new metals are stronger than steel and lighter than stainless. Veloxint is their proprietary metal alloy that is three times stronger than today’s most commonly-used metals, and the Braidy Atlas Mill is a state-of-the-art aluminum mill that, once finished, will produce sheet aluminum for the automotive industry at 20-30% less than peers. Plus, Braidy Industries won the 2018 S&P Global Platts Global Metals Award, […]

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