Hyperion Robotics on SeedInvest

Hyperion Robotics provides 3D printing robotic technology and materials for construction. They believe that 3D printing is the next step in building construction because, and their technology can make that next step a reality. Hyperion’s prototype system is built, assembled, and currently printing test structures. Plus, when compared to traditional construction, Hyperion believes it technology will be able to build faster, be more environmentally friendly, increase creativity, be more cost effective and versatile, and build stronger structures. So far, in addition to creating their prototype, […]

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Overland ATS on StartEngine

The Overland Automated Transportation System (ATS) is here to help solve the problem of traffic and severe congestion in American cities. The plan is that the Overland ATS will, “…be an elevated skyway onto which various types of vehicles – single-operator, autonomous, manually operated, multi-passenger, and heavy-freight transports – will accelerate to 150 miles per hour up on a ramp and then merge onto this skyway, eventually being able to travel coast to coast.” The system will allow users to ride share, lease hourly, have […]

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Contact CI on SeedInvest

Developing haptic interfaces to bring the sense of touch into virtual reality.

Control CI has created haptic human computer interfaces to simulate that sense of touch, allowing users to feel like they are truly interacting with the world they’re viewing. Their flagship product, Maestro, is a haptic data glove that allows the wearer to interact through natural finger gestures and “touch” digital objects in the VR world as if they were real.

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