Kansas City Brewery on GrowthFountain

Kansas City Breweries is no newbie when it comes to the industry. They’ve been around since 1905, and they know beers – and selling them. They’ve exceeded proof of concept by selling twice as much as foreign brands, and consumers averaged a savings of $1-1.75 per six-pack. College students can afford KC branded beers, and Kansas City Breweries’ channel partners, regional customers, and local customers provide long-term growth, stability, and potential revenues of over $50M in the next 3-5 years. They plan to launch the […]

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FreeRolls Entertainment on GrowthFountain

The 100% No-cost to play, legal poker club.

FreeRolls Entertainment, Inc. aims to start establishing their FreeRolls Poker Clubs in the state of Texas. Their clubs will be 100% free and legal private poker clubs, where members can play live poker legally and for no cost beyond the membership fee. Players don’t even need to pay a seat rental fee. Instead, all a player has to do to enjoy a poker game is interact with a short ad every half hour that will display on a small screen in the table. Then, they’re free to bluff, call, or check as long as they want! With this crowdfunding venture, FreeRolls plans to develop their flagship location in Houston, as well as take equity stakes in other legal poker rooms that wish to carry their brand.

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BFLY on GrowthFountain

Bring Your Customers to You with the Touch of a Button!

BFLY is here to help move the crowd to you -- and to get you to better connect with locals. They’re a data-driven mobile platform that offers detailed analytics and insights into the hospitality, entertainment, and nightlife behavior of customers. This data provides the spirits industry with the ability to better understand -- and thus target -- consumers in real-time, based on their preferences and historical behavior. On-premise, customer-specific analytics can include what customers drink, when and for how long they drink, with whom they drink, and social media connections. BFLY’s app is currently live on both iOS and Android, and they have over 2,000 users in six countries. They also work with the beer, wine, and spirits industries to offer and promote incentives so that users continue to connect and remain engaged.

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Production on GrowthFountain

PRODUCTION will be an experimental fermentation facility.

Production is coming to Kingsland Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s the new project by the people behind Stillwater Artisanal, and they plan on opening an, “...experimental fermentation facility, creatively integrating a brewery, eatery, bar and event space into a community hub for beer lovers, gourmands, and creatives alike.” Stillwater Artisanal opened in 2010 and within its first official year was ranked #2 in “Best New Brewers in the World,” has remained in the global “Top 100” ever since, and is distributed in 38 states, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Production will be the physical space of Stillwater, and it aims to embody “the unique concepts and innovative creativity” that Stillwater Artisanal represents, as well as help localize the brand’s already global presence. Production will offer a bar with in-house crafted beverages such as beers and kombucha, a variety of foods, branded merchandise, and also house a fermentation/barrel-aging room, a gallery space for art, and a sound system for musical performances and DJs.

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Compassion Massage on GrowthFountain

Where compassion and clinical meet

Located in Leominster, MA, Compassion Massage is a proven therapeutic massage brand with over three years of experience. Compassion Massage sees themselves as alternative healthcare that is simply acts as an extension of your already existing medical network. They partner with chiropractors, physical therapy centers, and other healthcare practitioners in the area, and their clinical process are personalized for each client. They focus on customized massage treatments, self-care routines, and learning self-awareness to help you achieve your healthiest self -- and highest level of holistic wellness possible. With this crowdfunding venture, they are looking to open up a second location in the Littleton, Westford, or Chelmsford, MA area, all of which are located about 30 miles northwest from Boston, on major roadways, and all off exits from Interstate 495 and Route 110.

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Vooster on GrowthFountain

Authentic and Honest Social Media

Vooster is a new 100% video app and platform in the social media scene. They offer users the ability to share and connect via video in more authentic and honest ways through their revolutionary video network which offers instant “on the fly” videos. This, along with Vooster’s careful user confirmation system, helps create safer environments, authentic video chats, and no editing or altering of videos. Internet trolls can’t hide here behind fake IDs! Vooster currently has a user base of about 10,000 users across both the app and web platform, with roughly 500 daily users, 3,000 weekly users, and 7,000 monthly users. Users so far love the app, stating things like, “Best thing since sliced bread,” and “Taking videos and connecting in this format is more personal than all other apps out there and that’s what I am always looking for.” Vooster is here to boost people’s emotions positively through video -- and it seems like they’re well on their way to a voosting success.

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Direct Digital IR on GrowthFountain

Disruptive thermal imaging platform

Digital Direct IR, Inc. (D2IR) is a company that develops specialized lens technology for thermal and infrared imaging. Their images are direct-to-digital, which avoids serious signal loss associated with analog equipment. They already have key patents awarded for their technology, and their products can be applied in multiple industries, including safety and security, first responders, healthcare, and automotive. D2IR can help with things like mitigating SIDS, providing extra situational awareness in darkness, fog, or inclement weather, detecting gas leaks from pipelines and underground storage, and finding leaks in roofs or building siding. The company plans for their cameras to be priced 30-50% lower than comparable products, and they intend to manufacture a triple spectrum camera from one camera and one lens, which is something never before done.

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