Habit Carbon Hospitality on Wefunder

Habit Carbon Hospitality Collective is a restaurant group operating in Denver, CO. They currently own and operate three restaurants, and have also formed a separate entity, Habit Carbon 2 LLC, to open a Habit Doughnuts and Carbon Cafe and Bar. So far, they’ve experienced a growth of 30% YoY at their original location; 58% of Carbon Cafe & Bar guests visit twice or more daily; and both Habit Doughnuts and Carbon Cafe & Bar were placed on the Fransmart.com watchlist in 2017. Habit Carbon hopes […]

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BōkU International on StartEngine

BōkU International is here to offer you superfoods that are both great-tasting and affordable. These superfoods are nutrient-dense, all natural, and provide both phytonutrients and antioxidants. To enjoy BōkU, simply add the liquid removed during the drying process, shake it, and drink up! Not only does BōkU help with weight loss and overall health, but it can help improve attention and moods as well. So far, BōkU has impacted over 70,000 customers, and with this campaign, they’re looking to continue to grow.

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10Below Ice Cream on Wefunder

10Below Ice Cream offers a different type of ice cream experience. Their sweet treats are customized, made to order — and Thai-inspired. These ice cream rolls are literally “rolled” with fresh ingredients right in front of the customer with no stabilizers or preservatives added. So far, 10Below has had $3.45M in sales across 3 stores in NY, held 53 catered events, and has been featured in Eater, Thrillist, and Business Insider. They’re now looking to expand as franchises starting in 2019 as the first rolled […]

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Ginjan Bros on StartEngine

Ginjan Bros is here to offer a the next new thing in beverage with their African-themed drinks. Ginjan, their first offering, is an organic, cold-pressed ginger beverage that is certified organic, free of colorants and preservatives, and non-GMO. Ginjan drinks can already be found in local NY stores, as well as Whole Foods, and now they’re hoping to grow their brand by creating the Ginjan Cafe. Located in Harlem, the Ginjan Bros’ cafe will be a place where they can share their African heritage while […]

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BrewRiver on Wunderfund

BrewRiver is all about combining amazing, accessible food in taprooms, where people can enjoy it with their favorite craft beers. The BrewRiver team has been running restaurants in Cincinnati, OH since 2012, and they are hoping to keep growing and expanding. BrewRiver builds walk-up service restaurants, with fast, counter-based food that complements the vibe of the brewery. With this brand, they’re working to build a franchise of turnkey managed food services so that people can come and enjoy their favorite craft beers — while also […]

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Redemption Rock on Wefunder

Redemption Rock Brewing Company is a mission-driven, community focused craft brewery taproom and cafe located in Worcester, MA. They believe in “beer for people,” and they use their beer as a way to bring people together in shared experiences. Redemption Rock is a registered Benefit Corporation, and, so far, they’ve raised $1.03M in funding to date. They aim to become an iconic central Massachusetts company, and are currently in the process of building a large 100-seat taproom that serves their house-brewed craft beer, small-batch coffee, […]

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ONE ROQ Spirits on StartEngine

ONE ROQ Spirits is here to both share their superior vodka, as well as their passion for sharing a spirited life. They’ve created a luxury-lifestyle vodka brand, and through brand ownership, club members receive the lifestyle privileges that come with being part of the ONE ROQ club. So far, they’ve invested $1M in research, development, and industry experience; they sold over 5,000 cases in their initial test launch; and they won first-place for taste and design in the 2012 International SIP Awards in San Francisco […]

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