Modern Alkeme on SeedInvest

Modern Alkeme is the everyday detox you need for your everyday life. This ready-to-drink beverage brings Japanese food as medicine to the beverage scene. It’s a modern mix of ancient Japanese elixirs that help achieve wellness from within, with no more than 35 calories and less than 9 grams of sugar per drink. The magic Modern Alkeme provides “…gives your body that little extra boost every day to help make sure your body is free, clean and clear of toxins.” Founded by Larry Praeger, Greg […]

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Towne Crier on NextSeed

It’s time for Towne Crier in the heart of the Woodstock area in Portland to be revived. Originally a landmark eatery called Ye Olde Towne Crier, this restaurant’s recent closing sparked local Tacee Webb to decide it was time to revive and restore the space — with the goal of returning it to its glory as a community gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. This restoration will modernize the restaurant and provide a celebration of Portland’s past and unique charm. It will include multiple […]

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DOUGHP on Wefunder

DOUGHP is letting you have your cookie — and eat the dough too. They create cookie dough that has no eggs and heat-treated flour so you can spoon that batter deliciousness right up without worrying. So far, they’ve earned over $753,000 in revenue to date with a 27% net income ratio in just 14 months of business. Currently, DOUGHP sells their dough by the scoop in San Francisco, and they acquire 10,000 new customers every month. Plus, DOUGHP is members of 1% for The Planet, […]

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Twin Bays on truCrowd

GCB Hops LLC is here to change up the world of hops. Their Twin Bays Hop Farms is the first hydroponic hop farms in the southeast United States. This farm provides sustainable, organic, grown-to-order, fresh, and wet hops — and it grows them four times faster than conventional farming. Hops are in short supply, and with beer being one of the most drank beverages in world, they’re also in high demand. Located in Florida, where their new hydroponic hop farms can help struggling Florida farmers, […]

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Feast & Fettle on MicroVentures

Feast & Fettle is an award-winning subscription based meal service. It earned the 2018 Editor’s Pick for Home-Delivered Meals in the “Best of Rhode Island” magazine, and it’s generated more than $107,000 in revenue during Q2 of 2018, which is a 95% YoY increase. Founded in 2016, Feast & Fettle offers seasonally inspired meals that are prepared and cooked by chefs, and delivered fresh directly to members. No cooking or prep is required, and plans are based on household size. They can be customized to […]

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Avoke on Republic

Avoke is the first packaged smoothie bowl so you can just grab and go! Their patented avocado cup design uses BPA-free lightweight plastic cups with an eco-friendly spoon and contains half an avocado and two full servings of fresh fruits and veggies. So far, they’ve been nominated for the Nexty Award at the Natural Products Expo East and won the Ganeden Probiotic Jumpstart Competition. Plus, they’ve earned 10,000 followers on Instagram. In the summer of 2018, they’re launching in New York Metro and East Coast […]

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Seven Stills on Wefunder

Seven Stills is fundamentally changing how whiskey is made. Their craft whiskey is created from high-quality craft beers, all with dramatically different flavor profiles. Since their start in 2013, they’ve grown over 100% each year, and they have over 2,500 retail locations. With this campaign, they’re hoping to open a new 18,000 square foot flagship facility in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood. Seven Stills is on track to make $3.5M in sales this year, and their ultimate goal is to be the number one brewery […]

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