Ola Brew on Wefunder

Producing world-class beers and ciders using local ingredients in Hawai'i County.

Ola Brew Co. is here, and they want to share their locally sourced and brewed craft beers and ciders with the Hawaii County community. Created by the same people that brought you Hawaiian Ola, the energy drink brand, they plan on using their proven track record with beverages to help grow Ola Brew into Hawaii’s brewery. For example, they already have relationships with 422 partners, such as Whole Foods, Safeway, and 7-Eleven, and they plan on leveraging those relationships for Ola Brew. They plan on being the first to bring production scale, locally sourced, craft cider to Hawaii, and so far, they’ve raised over $900,000 for the necessary equipment and facilities. Their brewmaster has won multiple gold medals, and they’ve already partnered with local chefs and farmers for sourcing and pairing in their taproom. Plus, it’s clear that people want them to succeed, as they raised almost $500,000 on Wefunder in May 2017 from just 387 investors.

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Wichita Falls Brewing on NextSeed

Only distributing brewpub in a revitalized historic downtown.

Wichita Falls Brewing Company (WFBC) is coming to Wichita Falls this spring. They plan to open up a craft brewpub with scalable production capabilities in the newly revitalized area and offer customers a glass-lined taproom with a full view of the brewing process, a beer garden, and two private dining spaces with regular food options, such as a permanent food truck presence. The opening of WFBC will be led by co-founders Matt Bitsche and Russ Reynolds. Matt is the award-winning brewer of Austin’s Infamous Brewing, and Russ is a career Air Force Pilot transitioning to the reserves. WFBC will be family-friendly, and in addition to offering the comforts and enjoyments of the brewpub, they will also produce and sell over 700 barrels a year.

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Production on GrowthFountain

PRODUCTION will be an experimental fermentation facility.

Production is coming to Kingsland Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s the new project by the people behind Stillwater Artisanal, and they plan on opening an, “...experimental fermentation facility, creatively integrating a brewery, eatery, bar and event space into a community hub for beer lovers, gourmands, and creatives alike.” Stillwater Artisanal opened in 2010 and within its first official year was ranked #2 in “Best New Brewers in the World,” has remained in the global “Top 100” ever since, and is distributed in 38 states, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Production will be the physical space of Stillwater, and it aims to embody “the unique concepts and innovative creativity” that Stillwater Artisanal represents, as well as help localize the brand’s already global presence. Production will offer a bar with in-house crafted beverages such as beers and kombucha, a variety of foods, branded merchandise, and also house a fermentation/barrel-aging room, a gallery space for art, and a sound system for musical performances and DJs.

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California 88 on NextSeed

The New York area’s only wine bar dedicated exclusively to California wines.

California 88 is a wine bar set to open in the late spring of 2018 in the Greenpoint Brooklyn, New York area. Right around the corner from McCarren Park, California 88 will feature exclusively California wines, and their wine program will be truly one of a kind -- they will offer every bottle available by the taste or the glass. This means that customers can indulge in a rare $180 bottle of wine...at a tasting price of just $9. The goal behind California 88 is for patrons to become their own wine experts and learn what wines they most enjoy. California 88 will offer 88 California wines, be open Monday through Sunday, and offer locally-sourced, organic small plates, charcuterie, and cheeses, as well as weekend brunch. In addition to just being a comfortable and inviting place to meet some friends, the bar will also offer tasting classes, private winemaker dinners, and California wine country retreats.

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North by Northwest on Wefunder

One of Austin's oldest craft beers is now in cans at grocery stores.

North by Northwest (NxNW) Restaurant & Brewery is one of Austin’s oldest craft beers -- and now they want to can their brews and bring them to you in stores. NxNW was founded in Austin, TX in 1999, and they opened a second location in 2014. Those two brewpubs have totaled over $7.5M, with over 1,8000 barrels of beer sold, and they attribute their success to their fun, family atmosphere, delicious craft brews made on-site, and tasty foods. Now, they want to create that culture in more places by offering their NxNW beers in cans so people across Texas can imbibe in their refreshing brews. Their plan is to start with three styles of beer in a number of core Austin stores, then add in restaurants, liquor stores, and convenience stores across the state. NxNW has already mandated for placement in 39 H-E-B stores in the Austin area, and Specs Liquor Stores have also approved their beers. Their Austin distributor is Brown Distributing, who manages over 60 beverage brands, including 25 craft beers.

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MUMU Hot Pot on NextSeed

A New fast casual hot pot concept flexibly caters to both solo diners and group dining.

MUMU Hot Pot is a full-service, fast, and casual restaurant that cares about one thing: bringing a unique, delicious, and excellent hot pot dining experience to their customers. Now, they want to bring their savory pots to Pleasanton and Livermore, where they’ll be located adjacent to the San Francisco Premium Outlets, California’s busiest mall. Planning to open in February 2018, MUMU will cater to both solo and group diners, with streamlined DIY menu and operations to enable faster service, as well as a bar-style setup to allow for more seating. The MUMU management team is no newbie to the hot pot restaurant scene, as they’ve already successfully developed hot pot recipes and formats with MUMU Hot Pot’s sister restaurants, Boiling Hot Pot. Boiling Hot Pot has one location in Fremont and one in San Francisco, and between those two locations, sales have reached over $1.2 million in revenue per restaurant in 2017, with nearly 15% net margins. Now, hot pot lovers and solo shoppers alike can enjoy an excellent hot pot experience in the Pleasanton and Livermore area.

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Everytable on Republic

Reimagining fast food with fresh, nutritious meals everyone can afford.

Everytable is here to revolutionize how we think about fast food. In their words, they aim “...to redefine the food landscape the same way McDonald's did fifty years ago. But this time, instead of burgers and fries, we are selling nutritious, fresh food, at fast-food prices.” This restaurant chain centers around the innovative idea of selling fresh, chef-crafted meals at fast-food prices. So far, they have locations in both food deserts and affluent areas. Buildout costs are less than $200,00 per location, and they’ve already raised over $10M from investors, including Lerer Hippeau Ventures, TOMS Social Enterprise Fund, and Acumen America. Plus, their Yelp rating is 4.5 stars, and their menu offers options like gluten-free Cajun Blackened Fish, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and Ensalada Fresca. Fast food that’s affordable, healthy, and tasty? Sounds like that’s something we could all use second helpings of!

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