Annie Stacks on StartEngine

Annie Stacks is here to provide a new type of diet — a financial diet, that is. “Stacks” is a financial diet and portfolio builder mobile app designed “…to help the user to effortlessly balance their continuous weekly spending with continuous weekly saving.” Where Stacks is different than other financial apps is that it allows for the user to own both traditional assets, such as gold, dollars, Euros, and Yen, as well as non-traditional assets, such as cryptocurrency. The app is a hybrid of self-serve […]

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Symbiotries on StartEngine

Symbiotries is accounting software for real people. With their technology, you don’t need an accounting background to ensure you’re maximizing your dollars. The ywant to “empower small businesses to take control of their financial futures,” and their plan is to develop a cloud-based and desktop version of their accounting software package for both Macs and PCs. Right now, Symbiotries is in the development phase. In November 2017, they constructed the wireframe and started building the software, and they anticipate a November 2019 release.

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Betterpath on StartEngine

Betterpath is leading the way down a better path — for having a better health savings account (HSA). Their technology allows for users to get all of their data in one place, and get paid for it. Plus, their data will be protected. No data will ever be exposed without the user’s explicit consent, and that data privacy is Betterpath’s #1 priority. Their strategy is to pay high-deductible health plan holders — which is 40% of U.S. adults — up to $500 to adopt their […]

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Orthogonal on Wefunder

As founder David Nikzad puts it, “Orthogonal is a holding company and ecosystem that unites the desire to make money with doing good for the planet and society.” Orthogonal controls equity stake in companies that have the goal of serving the greater good and truly helping the world we live in. Then, in return, Orthogonal gets operational resources, a management ecosystem, and mentorship. They help catapult companies to success by “providing them with a monetization strategy, operational support, compliance / regulatory guidance and connect them […]

Orthogonal on Wefunder 2018-07-18T08:24:09+00:00 on Wefunder is here to bring the cryptocurrency exchange of the future. They’re building a “decentralized exchange that puts safety first,” allowing users to stay in control of their coins the entire time. Since September 2017, they already have over 11,000 users pre-registered. They’re also the first DEX to implement a plasma-like sidechain solution, and they accomplished and open-sourced the world’s first Ethereum and Bitcoin atomic swap. Plus, their founder was named on the 30 Under 30 list. The founder’s previous two companies were acquired, and […] on Wefunder 2018-07-15T08:19:31+00:00

U.S. Estate Planners on StartEngine

US Estate Planners (USEP) is here to help Americans with estate planning and insurance brokerage. They plan to launch a national estate planning, insurance brokerage, and records management firm, where they will utilize the help of Registered Estate Planners (REP) agents. USEP is in alliance with Iron Mountain (the world’s largest records management operation) and Baker Tilly (a top professional services firm). They are also in the process of establishing additional alliances with insurance and financial organizations, tax preparation firms, trade associations, and independent insurance […]

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Heleum on Wefunder

Heleum is thinking of the future when it comes to finance. Their platform allows users to
automatically trade cryptocurrencies on, even if they don’t know anything about investing, trading, programming, or cryptocurrencies. That’s the beauty — their web app is completely hands-free. Heleum integrates machine learning algorithms to improve app performance, and they want to help users manage their finances automatically — so the user can focus on what truly matters in their lives. So far, they have 5,000 new users in 96 countries, […]

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