Trust & Will on Republic

“With Trust & Will, you can complete your Estate Plan in about 15 minutes, on any device, from the comfort of your home. Our simple, step-by-step process walks you through everything you need to do. Once everything is completed, you receive your printed documents in the mail. All you need to do is sign.”

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OuroX on StartEngine

“OuroX is, at its core, a trustworthy, reliable, secure and cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange with a comprehensive trading platform and professional UI specifically created to service the Latin American and Caribbean Regions. Though it might be limited to hosting the largest cryptocurrencies at its launch, OuroX will still deliver high-quality functionality with a unique spin that reflects the region. Furthermore, while OuroX will begin as an exchange, we believe it will end as so much more, because OuroX is entering a market that is ripe for […]

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ChoiceTrade on Wefunder

“Our ambition is to become the world’s largest online broker by developing technology and launching product offerings which address the next generation of global investors including the 1.8 billion millennials in developed countries and in emerging markets. Products geared to the millennials demographic include a micro app to invest as little as $10, robo-trading, startup investing opportunities, crypto security tokens and secondary market for startups shares.”

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Orthogonal on Wefunder

As founder David Nikzad puts it, “Orthogonal is a holding company and ecosystem that unites the desire to make money with doing good for the planet and society.” Orthogonal controls equity stake in companies that have the goal of serving the greater good and truly helping the world we live in. Then, in return, Orthogonal gets operational resources, a management ecosystem, and mentorship. They help catapult companies to success by “providing them with a monetization strategy, operational support, compliance / regulatory guidance and connect them […]

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Reserve Oil & Gas Coin on Wunderfund

The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin (ROC) is “…a new blockchain standard that will provide complete transparency to the oil & gas industry supply chain.” They’re building a cryptocurrency specifically for the oil and gas industry on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, where the ROC team will acquire oil and gas wells, and pay an annual dividend to all coin holders and investors. This will provide the transparency of blockchain with the stability of oil and gas — two of the world’s greatest commodities. ROC will […]

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KingsCrowd on StartEngine

KingsCrowd provides a framework and context for people to understand and evaluate investing in startups. They’re bringing together financial experts and technologists to help everyone make informed, intelligent investment decisions on portals like Netcapital, Wefunder, StartEnginge, and more. KingsCrowd provides portal-agnostic research and analytics solution built on education, analytics, research and recommendations. That way, anyone can understand, learn, leverage, and evaluate these deals — and make the right investment for them.

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Monetran on StartEngine

Monetran is here to offer “the Holy Grail of cryptocurrencies.” Their Moneda Tokens are built on the Stellar Network and designed to be stable while enabling fast, economical transactions of any amount, from under $1.00 to large sums, meaning it can be used everyday, but anybody. The Monetran app will allow users to transfer Moneda, as well as convert Moneda Tokens to applicable fiat currency. So far, the parameters of the Moneda token have been established but the tokens has not been created due to […]

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