FileThis on SeedInvest

B2B platform powering FinTech companies with simple, secure retrieval of personal finance documents.

FileThis, Inc. is a B2B platform that makes it easy for FinTech companies to securely and simply retrieve your official personal finance documents. They automatically gather everything from pay stubs, W-2s, and tax returns to bank statements, billing statements, and other official records. When FinTech companies partner with FileThis, users no longer need to manually upload their documents, meaning that business processes can be streamlined, and everyone saves time and money. Their proprietary document aggregation framework securely and automatically gathers official PDFs and metadata from over 800 institutions, including banks, lenders, and payroll providers. So far, FileThis has been tested by over 100,000 consumers and has a 2x YoY growth, including 90% gross margins in December of 2017 and an annual recurring revenue of $900,000 in 2017. They currently have 12 distribution partners, and with 275 million potential FinTech product consumers out there, FileThis is on the way to filing some serious success.

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ROSCA Finance on SeedInvest

Financial platform that allows users to improve their credit score.

ROSCA Finance is a financial platform that enables and empowers users to build and improve their credit scores through borrowing, saving, and investing with friends and peers. Their methodology uses a proprietary, patent-pending cash management algorithm that’s based on the Rotating Savings and Credit Association (ROSCA) model, and it harnesses “the power of community to help people achieve financial independence.” After all, modern research shows that saving in groups can triple your success rate, and when you join Rosca, you receive access to accelerated savings, cheaper rates for borrowing, and superior returns on investments. Rosca accepts all users, regardless of credit history, and they’re partnered with Equifax and Transunion, two of the three major US credit bureaus. Since their launch, Rosca transactions have reached over $269,000, and their MoM user growth is over 50%. Plus, they’re a graduate of both the Summer 2017 Google GSV accelerator and 2016 VentureOut Fintech.

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ZipZap on StartEngine

Global Money Transfer.

ZipZap is an app designed to streamline transactions in the global remittance market for migrant workers who send money home to their loved ones. The World Bank estimates that over $600B a year is transferred globally from immigrants back home to their families, yet the process to do is long, frustrating, and expensive. ZipZap, however, solves this problem and makes remittance transactions quick, easy, and safe. Their app’s proprietary Currency Router technology uses either traditional SWIFT banking rails or global Blockchain currencies for each transaction, depending on whichever is cheaper and faster, and allows users to send as little as $50 to people back home. Think of it like Venmo -- for global micro remittances. ZipZap currently has over 300 active users in Canada, hundreds of recipients in India and China, and estimate that over $1M has been sent through their app in just under 2,000 transactions. Right now, they are available to use in Canada to send money back to India, China, and the Philippines, and they are expanding to the UK, the US, and dozens of receiving countries in 2018.

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Zen on StartEngine

Blockchain-powered Video Network

ZEN is promoting a new type of social media business that truly empowers those fans. The ZEN app enables fans to share short videos, chat with their peers, and build the communities they want. It also allows them to become paid influencers by earning cryptocurrency called ZENCoins. In fact, ZEN is the first -- and only -- social app designed specifically to meet the demands of fandom video communities, and now, by sharing their great videos and building an audience on ZEN, fans can become paid for doing what they love.

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Digital Currency Growth on TruCrowd

Digital Currency Growth could be best described as a crypto currency business incubator seeking out breakthrough coin technologies and business models.

Digital Currency Growth LLC (DCG) is a cryptocurrency business incubator seeking out breakthrough coin technologies and business models. They plan to assist new crypto and digital currency companies with their growth plans through a unique blend of celebrity endorsements, media and PR promotions, and internet influencers. DCG helps heighten and deepen general public awareness in order to maximize the potential of the digital currency industry and increase the currency’s value. DCG also plans to distribute a significant number of the coins that it earns each quarter directly to its members who hold DCG units.

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Happy Tax on Wefunder

Offering Convenient, On-Demand CPA Prepared Tax Preparation.

Happy Tax plans to revolutionize the tax industry in ways that will make you smile when it’s time to file. Happy Tax is the only leading CPA prepared mobile tax franchise system designed to provide taxpayers convenient, transparent, and reliable service, while enhancing the quality of life for their partners. To partner with them, you can either start a Happy Tax franchise, work as a Happy Tax independent contractor, or work as a Happy Tax area representative. Franchisees source returns using the Happy Tax mobile app and build their own nationwide team of independent contractors. Connectors meet with clients and walk them through the Happy Tax mobile app. And area representatives assist with recruiting and supporting franchisees.

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1787fp on StartEngine

Powerful Financial Planning Tools in Your Pocket

1787fp is a one-stop-finance-shop. It combines three powerful financial management tools on one unified platform: investments, financial planning/tracking tools, and credit reporting. 1787fp also uses machine learning, so the software gets smarter the more it’s used, and the mobile-first design and interface are both user-friendly and attractive. Plus, it offers mobile/web software for financial planning and investments.

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