Coinvest on Republic

Coinvest is here, and they’re goal is to change the game when it comes to cryptocurrencies. With Coinvest, users will be able to invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies and indexes — with just one wallet, and with just one coin. Plus, with the Coinvest Labs ecosystem, there will be products and services available to help you throughout the entire investment lifecycle. Managed by smart contracts, user invested funds will be held until withdrawn, and third-parties, including Coinvest, will not have access to these funds, making […]

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JWL Coin on StartEngine

JWL is here to bring you the first digital currency built exclusively for the world of jewelry. Their currency system will allow jewelry merchants from anywhere do business with international clients, all without the need for currency conversions and wire transfers. JWL’s system is fraud-free, secure, and instantaneous. Created by a team with veteran jewelry industry experience who understand the world e-commerce, JWL will help the jewelry world truly expand globally and allow for big-ticket purchases to happen safely. Users can acquire JWL coins by […]

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DonorSee on Wefunder

DonorSee is exactly what it’s name suggests — it offers donors a way for them to truly see the impact their giving can have. DonorSee is a video platform that makes donating as transparent and direct as possible. First, aid workers post videos and share stories of people in need that are short, genuine, and impactful. Then, donors can watch the videos and pick projects to give to. That way, they know exactly how and where their donation is being spent. Lastly, donors get to […]

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CannCo Brands on StartEngine

Geopulse Explorations (d.b.a. CannCo Brands & Development), is here to address the rapid growth in the cannabis industry. With cannabis now medically available in 29 states and legalized for recreational use in nine, it’s poised to be a $31.4B industry. In response, CannCo is creating a blockchain-powered ecosystem with their native token called the CannCoin, to help these businesses by providing transparent supply chain management, business banking and merchant processing, trade finance, and direct consumer-engagement solutions. CannCo Brands was established in 2017 and has since […]

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Crowd Coverage on StartEngine

Crowd Coverage is a blockchain based insurance network that’s disrupting the insurance industry by lowering fees through decentralization. Their platform allows customers to “interface with insurance companies more easily and to purchase insurance at more competitive rates.” They plan to have their alpha platform deployed and ready to go by September 2018, and with it, they plan to put the power of choice back into the hands of consumers. As they put it: “Armed with the power of smart contract technology, our goal at CrowdCoverage […]

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SupPorter on StartEngine

SupPorter is here — and they’re bringing fundraising into the 21st century. SupPorter is utilizing Blockchain Technology to help fundraising and charitable giving become more transparent, more efficient, and more affordable. Right now, sometimes only 3% of the funds raised actually go to the cause people support. SupPorter changes that. Organizations can sign up at no cost (that’s right — no processing fees!) and be able to accept, deploy, and track donations. Donations will be automatically tracked and recorded with SupPorter’s Distributed Ledger, and donors […]

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Heleum on SeedInvest

Heleum is thinking of the future when it comes to finance. Heleum is “an automated app that aims to grow your money over the long-term by letting it float into rising currencies.” Their patent-pending trading process, called mesh trading, allows user funds to “float” between seven different cryptocurrencies and nine national currencies. This way, your currency can stay in whichever currency is performing the best. You can also withdraw your funds at any time. In 2017, Heleum tested Version 1.0 with 400 users. They released […]

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