“Shooting Heroin” on Wefunder

“Shooting Heroin” is a film about the fight for America’s heart. Focused on the opioid crisis and epidemic ravaging small-town America, this story focuses on a team of locals who form the first volunteer drug task force to confront the epidemic head-on, doing what’s necessary to protect their community. This will be one of the first films about the opioid epidemic, and the fourth feature film from director Spencer Folmar. His previous film was released in 22 countries, and its on track to pay investors […]

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Make America Laugh Again on StartEngine

Make America Laugh Again is bringing us “the movie we need right now” — and a good dose of laughter to go along with it. Titled “Why Torture is Wrong, and the People Who Love Them,” written by Christopher Durang, is a film that will be based on an Off-Broadway production that’s been performed all over the world. The script centers on a woman who married a Muslim while drunk — and doesn’t remember a thing. To make matters more interesting, her father is a […]

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Pixilated on MicroVentures

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Pixilated is an open-air photo booth and marketing technology company. The company both creates a strong user experience in their photo booth, while also offering a platform that captures leads for marketers. Called the Pixi Cloud, this platform, “…aims to enable brands to deliver engaging experiences through a photo booth interface while capturing data and connecting an offline audience to an online marketing strategy.” Pixi Cloud integrates with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and CRM systems, and the mobile app […]

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MetaPipe on StartEngine

MetaPipe is here to give every studio the chance to dream big and be great, no matter their size or budget. They’re a “fully virtualized VFX and animation studio,” and their cloud-based production platform for CG animation and digital content creation includes everything you need to get your project done, from providing access to storage and render farms to GPU-accelerated workstations. While full-time use of a MetaPipe streaming workstation costs about the same as renting a high-end computer, you actually only pay for the time […]

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Borough Five Pictures – Slate One on StartEngine

3 Family Comedies Made in New York City.

Borough Five Pictures - Slate One is here to stage a creative and economic renaissance. They are a new independent film and television production company that is combining the East and West Coasts. Specifically, they are bringing Hollywood to Staten Island, and the great borough of Staten Island to Hollywood. Founder, writer, and director Julio Vincent Gambuto grew up on the South Shore of Staten Island, and he wants to “put a lens” on his corner of the world. Borough Five’s firsts three films are 90 minute, “low-budget” independent films that are audience-friendly, Hollywood-ready, and two of them will be cut into independent television series pilots. Titled “Team Marco,” “The Julie Stories,” and “Jack Be Nimble,” the films will be shot and set in Staten Island and center around the stories, characters, and communities found there.

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Cryptid on StartEngine

Produce a Horror Feature Film

Monster suits. Suspense. Terrifying drama. This is the stuff good ol’ creature features are made of...but those types of horror movies seem to be long gone. And now, Cryptid LLC is here to bring them back! They plan to produce an old-school creature feature called “Cryptid” to scare audiences with real, tangible effects -- none of that CGI fake stuff. Think “Jaws” meets “Zodiac,” with a little bit of mystery, a little bit of redemptive character action, and some good old creature carnage. The story will feature Max, a journalist who discovers that a series of grisly animal attacks in his small Maine town might not be what they first appear to be. With the help of his photographer partner, Harriet, he sets out to uncover the mystery behind the gruesome killings before it’s too late.

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Rogue Chimera Films on Wefunder

Produce unique horror films with original stories and a female director.

Rogue Chimeral Films LLC is here to produce The Family Way and continue the horror film legacy. Their goal is to orchestrate your nightmares on film by producing unique horror movies with original stories. The Family Way is a critically-acclaimed and award-winning screenplay written by Shiva Rodriguez and D. Duckie Rodriguez. Rodriguez will also be directing this film, which centers on a “crazy family” and combines the themes of self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-preservation...all while leading the audience to root for the bad guys.

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