C.A.S. Handmade Inc. on GrowthFountain

Handmade high quality handbags

C.A.S. Handmade Inc. designs, develops, and sews high-quality bags in Hudson, MA. Each bag is created by artist Cara DesJardins and her team, and each bag is made out of full-grain leather and 100% linen. C.A.S. sells in their own retail store, as well as other stores and online. In fact, C.A.S bags are carried in over 100 stores nationally, and they’ve had over 200% growth in 2017. They reached last year’s total sales of $205,000, and with this venture, they’re hoping to raise capital to go into 2018 and become a $500,000 company. They are already at $250,000 with 70,000 in open purchase orders, so it looks like they are well on their “bagging” their goal and sewing their way to success! They also help support other artists, and in their C.A.S. store, they sell art from 35 other artists as well.

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DIY Screen Printing Supplies on StartEngine

Screen Printing Product Development.

DIY Screen Printing Supplies is exactly what it sounds like. This company makes it easy-peasy to make your own screen prints. Most of today’s screen print artists work out of small spaces, such as booths, kitchens, or bathrooms, meaning they have no square inch to spare. They need a product with a tiny footprint that’s highly portable, but can still produce professional looking materials -- and that’s exactly what DIY provides. Their flagship product, the Merchmakr All-in-One Screen Printing Press, is functional, beautiful, and produces products exactly the way customers desire. DIY also offers all the ink you would need, plus a plethora of other products, such as ones that act as an alternative to Yudu consumables, ones that use plastisol Ink, and one that’s a steel exposure/burning unit. To top it off, DIY offers detailed technical support that’s based on their 30+ years in the industry.

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ARO on StartEngine

Independent + Emerging Designers.

ARO doesn’t just believe in selling a product. ARO believes in the creative process, fostering designer growth, and providing customers with unique, fashion-forward fashion. They offer designers the space to showcase their pieces and connect with customers who desire that special look. ARO supports ethically made, sustainable products, and they hand pick their designers from around the country. They then meet with those designers to support their process and curate their designs, some of which are then exclusive to ARO. Customers can shop online or in their brick-and-mortar store in East Austin, and their customer base is global.

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SilkRoll on Republic

Digital currency marketplace to exchange products online.

SilkRoll is a global shared closet that allows you to trade and discover high quality fashion from style-mates around the world -- without spending a single penny. Just mail in your unwanted fashion products, earn SilkRoll points for them, and shop for new items with those points! You can then either keep your newfound items or exchange them back for more points. SilkRoll only accepts high quality, clean, brand-name items, and any items they don’t accept are donated to charities that empower women or repurpose textiles. Plus, SilkRoll offers a subscription membership (that comes with perks) or the option to shop as a guest. It’s like frequent flyer miles...but for brand-name fashion!

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Kordas on StartEngine

Amber Jewelry for Premium Market.

The perfect piece of jewelry can make any outfit stand out. When it’s amber jewelry, it makes even more of a statement. That’s especially true when the jewelry comes from Kordas Co. Kordas Co. is a producer, importer, and distributor of Amber jewelry, including Baltic Amber. Kordas’s jewelry collections are designed and handcrafted by artists in Gdansk, Poland, right on the Baltic Sea, which is home to the world’s most plentiful, beautiful, and ancient fossilized Amber, or Baltic Amber. Kordas Co. has been on the market for 10 years as a well-established, profitable, and fashionable Amber jewelry company, and they offer everything from traditional pieces like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, to cufflinks, carvings, and pendants.

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Ellison Eyewear on Republic

Solving your lost glasses problem while bringing back true craftsmanship.

Ellison Eyewear provides designer-quality sunglasses and non-designer prices, and they’re changing the game when it comes to raising capital and building a company. They’re disrupting the eyewear industry (which is expected to hit $140 billion by 2020) by offering stylish sunglasses at affordable rates, while also providing lifetime ClubEllison membership insurance for lost, stolen, or broken sunglasses. Each pair of Ellison sunglasses has CR-39 Polarized lenses, is handcrafted in a family-owned workshop in Greece, and uses only the finest Italian materials. They also offer a BlueTech line that protects against 99% of harmful UVB and UVA light. As if that wasn’t enough, Ellison promotes social justice around the world, too. NBD.

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Style Station on StartEngine

Style Station is a beauty and fashion omni-channel platform.

Welcome to Style Station -- the one-stop-style-shop. It’s where everyday people can get celebrity style experience with trade secrets from the industry’s professionals. It’s a multi-platform fashion tech company that provides content creation, retail, celebrity style services, beauty and fashion trade secrets, and style education. Everything is curated by top Stylemakers, or the people creating the fashion trends in today’s world.

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