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The fresh, fun way to learn piano or keyboard.

iPianoLab is revolutionizing the world of piano lessons. Their award-winning method teaches students how to play their favorite songs at their schools or in their homes, at their own pace. They also offer after-school classes, called Keyboard Clubs, where students can learn with iPianoLab certified teachers. So far, they’ve recorded $148,000 in revenue in 2015-2016 and $260,000 in 2016-2017, and sales have increased by 76% each year. iPianoLab is currently offered in over 75 schools, including in the Las Vegas, Austin, and San Antonio markets, and over 3,300 children have learned to play keyboard using iPianoLab. Keyboard Clubs are active in over 60 schools, and they plan to add clubs in an additional 40 schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston area in 2018.

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Aurora Sky Events on StartEngine

Fan-owned EDM Event Production Company.

Aurora Sky Events is here to put electronic music fans back where they belong -- front and center. They want to put fns first, and they’re a fan-owned concert production company centered on that mission. Aurora Sky’s goals are simple: connect fans to the music they love and provide events with a safe environment, fan-focused customer service, and high quality concerts in intimate venues. Electronic dance music (EDM) is one of the fastest growing genres in the world and is a multi-billion dollar industry. Aurora Sky Events is here to help us remember who made it this powerful -- the fans. After all, without them, this music community wouldn’t exist.

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Atari Game Partners on StartEngine

Taking a classic to the Nintendo Switch

Atari Game Partners is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atari, the developers of the famous RollerCoaster Tycoon game series. In total, the RollarCoaster Tycoon franchise has moved more than 14.4 million units worldwide and generated more than $220 million in revenue just in the US alone. Now, Atari Game Partners wants to develop and publish games from Atari’s iconic library, which contains over 200 gaming franchises, for handhold platforms and other devices. They’ve partnered with Nvizzio Creations to help develop the games, and they will begin developing games for the Nintendo Switch’s handheld platform.

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The Marianne Theatre on Wunderfund

New Life for a Historic Movie Palace.

The Marianne Theatre was built in 1942 in Bellevue, KY, which is located just two miles from downtown Cincinnati. It was known as the heart and soul of the community, but after closing in 1997, the theatre became rundown. Now, the city wants to bring it back to life, and they’ve hired Hive Properties, a known specialist in historic building restoration, to help. Hive will acquire, redevelop, and operate the theatre as an upscale bar, restaurant, live music venue, and rental event space. They’ll do a full renovation to restore The Marianne to its original golden-era lustre, and the community has rallied behind this project to make The Marianne dream a reality.

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FreeRolls Poker Clubs on GrowthFountain

The 100% No-cost to play, legal poker club.

FreeRolls Entertainment, Inc. aims to start establishing their FreeRolls Poker Clubs in the state of Texas. Their clubs will be 100% free and legal private poker clubs, where members can play live poker legally and for no cost beyond the membership fee. Players don’t even need to pay a seat rental fee. Instead, all a player has to do to enjoy a poker game is interact with a short ad every half hour that will display on a small screen in the table. Then, they’re free to bluff, call, or check as long as they want! With this crowdfunding venture, FreeRolls plans to develop their flagship location in Houston, as well as take equity stakes in other legal poker rooms that wish to carry their brand.

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American Draft on GrowthFountain

Believe in beer for better days.

American Draft plans to open up a craft beer hall housed inside a historic train car at The Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel in Tennessee. It will be a “pour-your-own” tap system, meaning you can sample as much as you want until you find the beer that’s worthy of a full pour. Courtesy of PourMyBeer.com, guests simply load an RFID card with funds, place it under the screen, and pour away. American Draft is also a member of local partner Tennessee Valley Credit Union, and by investing in American Draft, you’re not just investing in a beer hall you can enjoy -- you’re helping support the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel, an iconic Chattanooga landmark. American Draft is merging modern innovation with classic charm, so at this small bar, there’s something for everyone.

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Jupiter Management on Wefunder

Targeting Asia's untapped music industry.

Jupiter Management is focused on the fast-growing and uber paced Asian electronic dance music (EDM) industry. It’s a very untapped market, with over 500 million buyers, and Jupiter Management plans to find, incubate, and build the brands of 10-20 talented and creative up-and-coming artists, with the goal of elevating them to a global level. There have not been anyways “breakaway” EDM artists from Asia, and Jupiter Management plans to change this. Their strategy is to leverage social media, digital technologies, and the Internet to help gain mass exposure and curate a fan base, as well as connect with advertisers and marketers. Jupiter’s founder is Adam Neat, who has over 20 years of global IT experience. He’s also known as Adam Sky, one of the largest DJs in Asia. He already has over 700,000 followers on social media, more Top 100 charted house dance tracks in the past four years than any other producer in Asia, and a fan base that’s valued at an estimated $2.3 million.

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