Swoon City Music on Netcapital

Swoon City Music is a record label and music publishing company who’s founding team has been in the music industry for over 30 years of combined experience. Swoon City owns all of their song compositions and master recording rights, and their music is distributed by Caroline, a division of Capitol Music Group (Universal). They believe in “quality over quantity,” meaning they focus their resources on each of their artists, so that each possibility and opportunity for those artists is pursued. Rather than the current industry, […]

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Green Valley Adventures on StartEngine

Green Valley Adventures has been bringing indoor adventure fun to families since 2013. Their indoor aerial adventure park, Soarin’ Indoors, is located in Manchester, CT and offers families all types of indoor adventures through their rope obstacle courses, zip lines, and indoor structures. So far, they’ve hosted over 1,500 birthday parties and special events and entertained more than 100,000 walk-in guests. Now, with this campaign, they are looking to make the types of experiences they offer scalable and available to more people in more locations. […]

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Guy Down the Road on Wefunder

“Guy Down the Road” is a film that’s here to make you laugh — and make you laugh hard. It’s a move that’s “…equal parts comedy, coming of age, and time travel in a way we’ve never seen on screen before…a film that flips the traditional science fiction time travel story on its head, making it a hilarious one of a kind film.” Created by a team whose films have grossed over $400 million and won numerous awards and accolades, this film might just hit […]

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SuperdopeTV on Wefunder

SuperdopeTV knows Gen Z — what they like, what they love, and what they think is super dope when it comes to entertainment. Leveraging that knowledge, SuperdopeTV aims to be both a sketch comedy show and a multi-channel network built for online and traditional TV platforms. They want to create relatable content for Gen Z that provides intelligent, high-quality entertainment formatted to kid-specific interests without being condescending. Producer Mychal Simka’s recent regulation crowdfunding campaign raised $500,000 for the films “Adventures of Bunny Bravo” and “Un […]

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Legion M on Wefunder

Legion M is here, and they’re disrupting the industry with the goal of being a fan-owned entertainment company. As the ones who buy tickets, pay subscriptions, and fuel the entertainment industry, fans have the power to shape Hollywood’s future — and Legion M is paving the way for that to happen. Their goal is to unite one million fans as shareholders, hence their “M” logo, as it’s the Roman numeral for one million. Legion M was founded by Emmy-winning digital media pioneers, and their initial […]

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Cyrus Productions on StartEngine

Cyrus Productions Company is here to produce the very first epic action film for equity crowdfunding. The move will be called “Cyrus,” and it will be about the life and legacy of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus the Great truly did great things, from building the Persian Empire and uniting it harmoniously, to creating the first Human Rights Charter and championing freedom of religion and speech. Cyrus and his story are highly respected and revered by the Persian and Jewish communities, as well as countries that […]

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iMagic Games on SeedInvest

iMagic Games both develops and publishes online, mobile, and PC/Mac games, and their team knows what they’re doing. In fact, you could say the iMagic Games team understands the type of magic it takes to truly create success in the gaming market. This team is comprised of industry veterans who have produced over 150 games in their combined experience. iMagic’s current products focus primarily on military simulation, and they include games like WarBirds and a World War II Combat Flight series. iMagic has also recently […]

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