The Pinball Company on Wefunder

The Pinball Company truly lives up to its name. What started as a small business selling new and used pinball machines, they’ve now added arcade games, air hockey, jukeboxes, and more. They currently refurbish 300 pinball machines a year and sell around 2,000 machines total. The Pinball Company earned $7.3M in revenue in 2017 with 50% YoY growth, and they have the largest selection of modern pinball machines in the country. Now, they aim to expand their locations to be within a day’s drive of […]

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American Legacy Network on StartEngine

The American Legacy Network is here to offer a Black history streaming video service. Their content will be designed to inspire, empower, and educate, as well as “…broaden the knowledge and enhance the awareness of African-American history among all Americans.” So far, the American Legacy Network has launched a web/mobile version of the network in August 208 and will add an app version in November/December 2018 to allow the network to be available over streaming services such as Roku TV, Amazon TV, Apple TV, Android […]

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eBroadcast TV’s “Your Beer Show” on Wefunder

eBroadcast TV, the first fan-owned 4D television network, is here to present their first show. Titled “Your Beer Show,” it’s a craft beer show for millenials that combines TV, live events, and social media. So far, the network has spent four years on research and development, and they’ve developed an online marketing strategy for converting people into fans. Moving forward, eBroadcast hopes to develop 20 channels in the next 4-5 years.

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Whitethorn Digital on StartEngine

Whitethorn Digital is here to change the way people play video games. They’re an indie-friendly publisher that’s creating games to bring people together through competitions, collaborations, and discussions. With a revenue share goal of no more than 25%, Whitethorn publishes five games a year from their offices in Erie, PA. They’ve published on all major current generation consoles, and customers so far include Wakefield Interactive and Sudden Event Studios. Whitethorn is hoping to address their current backlog with this campaign and continue to grow.

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No Limit Games on StartEngine

No Limit Games is here to show that there truly are no limits to imagination. Their unique video and board games are one-of-a-kind that aim to break the limits that are currently found in many games. Some of their games allow you to play against other people on computers; other encourage in-person playing. No Limit currently has two projects in development: Vengeance and Battle of Souls. Vengeance is paused for the moment until backing can be obtained. Battle of Souls is currently on KickStarter.

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CWF Continental on StartEngine

CWF Continental, or the Continental Wrestling Federation, is here to bring fans cutting-edge wrestling entertainment. CWF produces, develops, and markets professional wrestling live events, TV, internet pay-per-view programming while also specializing in the licensing and sale of branded consumer products. They aim to provide unpredictable shows, where each event reveals new stories and facts about the wrestlers. CWF’s “Superstars” are fresh and professionally trained individuals from around the world. So far, CWF has had test events in Orlando and Miami, and they are now production […]

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Kill Giggles | CFBB Pictures on StartEngine

Mad Ones Films is offering you the chance to help produce a feature horror film. Titled “Kill Giggles,” the premise is of a serial killer who targets clowns. Claiming it to be “…Hitchcock meets Kubrick: it’s horror, it’s thriller, it’s surreal psychological sensationalism.” Mad Ones Films is an award-winning independent filmmaking company located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their films include the ‘Tarantino meets Twilight Zone’ short film trilogy, “The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus,” the black & white killer thriller, “Between […]

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