SpongeBath on SeedInvest

SpongeBath is an effective, sleek, and convenient solution to the “dirty smelly sponge” problem. Using our patent-pending Concentrated Cleaning Solution, SpongeBath freshens, cleans, and sanitizes your kitchen sponge while it’s being stored – out of sight and in style. SpongeBath is an elegantly designed product – eco-friendly, convenient, and a welcome addition to any home or business kitchen.

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Ant Bicycle on StartEngine

“Ant Bicycle is an innovative high-tech bicycle-share company based in Cambridge, MA. We are devoted to providing commuting alternative solutions in urban areas with our dockless bikes, scooter & e-assist bikes. We are devoted to bringing healthier alternatives for automobiles and reduce carbon emissions.”

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Mitte on Republic

Mitte is the first of its kind smart home water system that purifies and enhances water through a process inspired by the natural water cycle. It works in two simple steps: first, it purifies water with a proprietary distillation-based method. Then, Mitte makes the water not only pure, but also healthy* by enhancing it with essential minerals.

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Nude Barre on Wefunder

Nude Barre will be the nude version of Uniqlo – a brand with dependable, well-made basics in a variety of shades. We’ll offer all the basic undergarments including bras, underwear, knee highs, ankle socks, slips, shapewear, and of course, hosiery.

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Wild Brands on Wefunder

“We are an outdoor apparel company that specializes in trendy accessories: multifunctional bandanas, beanies, neck warmers, gloves, and more. Our design, innovative packaging, and in-store displays create a great business for our retailers and a great value to our customers. We dominate in South America and are looking to expand more into the US/CAN market”

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Petit Vour on Wefunder

Petit Vour is an award-winning monthly beauty box + lifestyle shop for the modern, ethical woman. We showcase a luxurious collection of 100% cruelty-free, plant-based and non-toxic products. Petit Vour represents only the best in ethical shopping—the Crème de la Cruelty-Free as we call it—so every product is expert-vetted for high efficacy and visual aesthetic. We’re on track for $3 million in sales this year and have been income-positive every fiscal year-end since launching.

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Ella & Oak on StartEngine

Through the Ella & Oak website we offer amazing options of beautiful curvy dresses from brand name designers. When a bride finds her dream dress (or dresses!) we ship her samples to try on in the comfort of her own home. We are launching with four talented designers who have developed patterns exclusively for Ella & Oak. We have a pipeline of others eager to work with us after our initial launch.

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