Because Learning on MicroVentures

Because Learning, formerly known as Ardusat, is a learning platform based on STEM. They offer products for school-based learning and home-based learning with the overall goal of inspiring students to study the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Their school products are NGSS-aligned, and their home products arrive as monthly customized lessons. Founded in August 2014, Because Learning currently has lessons and sensor kits being used in 30 countries by 400 schools around the world; they have an exclusive partnership with the satellite […]

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Tampon Tribe on Wefunder

Tampon Tribe is here to disrupt the world of menstrual products. They’re an online membership subscription service, and they offer organic, 100% cotton, toxin-free, and plastic-free tampons, pads and pantyliners for just $10 a month. Currently, most of these products contain chemical dyes, additives, and bleaches. So far, Tampon Tribe raised $119,119 on Wefunder in April 2017, and they’ve experienced an 876% net subscriber gain in the last 12 months. They’ve sold over 400,000 products, and they’ve partnered with Girls Health Ed. to help young […]

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Hemster on Republic

Hemster is bringing you your perfect fit with their next-gen tailoring services. With their proprietary, patent-pending RulerSticker, they’re able to tailor your favorite brand’s clothes right to your body, right in the dressing room. So far, Hemster has experienced over a 230% quarter over quarter growth since their 2011 launch, and they have 400 grade-A shopping centers in launch waitlist through partnerships with Westfield, Simon, Macerich, and GGP. Customers include Zara, Michael Kors, Club Monaco, Outdoor Voices, and Reformation, and they’ve already raised $250,000 from […]

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Gift Jeenie on StartEngine

Gift Jeenie is here as your shopping Pinterest board! They are a shopping marketplace and cash back loyalty platform that’s powered by blockchain. Gift Jeenie combines “the best elements of EBates and Pinterest,” where users get cash-back rewards on their purchases through the blockchain technology. Now, rather than have many different credit cards for many different retailers for their loyalty programs, you can just have one through Gift Jeenie. This way, you can still shop the places you want, but you can get rewards back […]

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The Grocery Runners on Wunderfund

The Grocery Runners are here to make grocery shopping easier. Their SaaS platform delivers groceries from retailers pickup location directly to a customer’s front door. Perfect for everyone from busy moms and senior citizens to customers with disabilities or no access to transportation, it integrates directly into the retailer’s online checkout process, making the delivery option seamless and easy to use. So far, they’ve delivered tens of thousands of orders, generate a monthly recurring revenue of $6,000, and deliver for three retailers in over 5 […]

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Maine Dye & Textiles on GrowthFountain

Maine Dye and Textiles is putting the colors of Maine back into textiles. They are a textile manufacturing operation in New England, and their business correctly puts color on yarn and threads for businesses supplying end-products to the textile market. Maine Dye is an organically certified dyehouse, and their five-year sales growth went from $0 to $1M from 2012 to 2018. They’ve created 16 new jobs with the potential to grow to 40, and this investment is one that provides both a return to you […]

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KOHA on Wefunder

KOHA is here to create a community network of giving where users mutually benefit each other. Each time you shop at KOHA merchants, you can help benefit schools and nonprofits. KOHA merchants, or “Community Heroes,” are small businesses who donate a portion of the customer’s purchase to schools and nonprofits, with the incentive being that those community members will want to shop at those Heroes in return. Plus, KOHA allows local families and individuals to earn personal rewards that can be used universally with any […]

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