CannaKorp on StartEngine

World's First Pod-Based Vaporizer.

CannaKorp is here to change the way you think about cannabis and herbal remedy consumption. They’re revolutionizing the industry through creating the world’s first pod-based vaporizer system. Called the Wisp, you simply insert a pod into the sleek white vaporizer, wait for it to heat the herbs inside, and then inhale the vapor produced for an easy, simple way to relax. The people behind the Wisp include some of the same people who made Keurig successful, and the concepts between the two designs are quite similar. The Wisp is now ready to go to market, and they’re looking to start sales in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. With the talented team and the ever increasing acceptance and use of Cannabis, the Wisp is slated to become the next go-to home appliance for vaporization and herbal wellness.

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Love Goodly on SeedInvest

Green, nontoxic, and cruelty free beauty and personal care subscription box.

Love Goodly is on a mission to help women love their bodies….and feel good about it, too. Named “the Green Sephora” by Forbes, Love Goodly offers a women’s subscription box service that provides healthy, nontoxic, and cruelty free beauty products. Each subscription box contains 4-5 full sized products, including at least three beauty, skincare, and personal care products, as well as a wellness, eco, or style accessory or healthy snack. Women can also shop for their favorite items on Love Goodly’s e-commerce shop, where each purchase supports a cause. So far, Love Goodly has had over 200% growth in gross profit from 2016 to 2017, and they shipped over 2,000 boxes last month alone. In fact, the company doubled in revenue in the last year and recently reached profitability. They’re also backed by Third Wave Digital, Allen DeBevoise early stage fund, and celebrity curators include Alicia Silverstone and Emily Deschanel.

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Preemadonna on Republic

Preemadonna powers the Nailbot - the smartphone nail art printer.

Preemadonna is here to empower creativity and inspire self expression. Their focus is building smart technology, and their first product is the Nailbot, a nail art printing robot. Just paint your nails, select your art via your smartphone in the Preemadonna app, and voila! The Nailbot creates professional looking nail art quickly and easily. So far, their active seed round has raised $1.1M to date, and they have over 33,000 people on the Nailbot waitlist. Plus, they’ve won the Best Product Using Computer Vision at the Embedded Vision Summit; they were finalists at the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield; they earned First Runner Up at Robot Launch; and they were the FounderMade's Future of Beauty Challenge Winner. Preemadonna also believes in promoting the future of female entrepreneurship, as they were sponsors of the G.I.R.L. 2017, the 54th Annual Convention of Girl Scouts of USA, and partner with schools to encourage girls to code, become engineers, and express themselves artistically.

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CrownMob on Wunderfund

Black Hair & Skin Care

CrownMob is filling a hugely underserved market -- the one for Black hair and skin care products. It’s created a single marketplace that features the very best rated products for Black consumers looking for high-quality, affordable products. CrownMob offers over 3,000 products, including everything from weaves and extensions, to skin creams, soaps, body butters, and natural hair care and beard products. So far, in September 2017, CrownMob was one of eight companies invited to the Uptech Accelerator program, and Uptech has invested $50,000 into the company. CrownMob then officially launched in January 2018 and now services thousands of users, processes orders daily, and has acquired retailers from 12 different states. With this campaign, they are looking to scale and continue getting the word out about their company.

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WorldViz on SeedInvest

Virtual reality SaaS solution for business collaboration and online training.

WorldViz is changing the way we view meetings and virtual reality (VR) with their cloud-based product, Vizible. WorldViz describes Vizible as, “...the VR-ready mashup of PowerPoint and GoToMeeting. As with PowerPoint, even non-technical users can use Vizible, but instead of creating 2D PowerPoint slides, our users create immersive experiences with 3D models, spherical media, images, documents, sounds, interactivity, recordings, and more.” You simply create your immersive presentation on Vizible, then share a link to a session, and anyone with the link can access the secure, private, and safe meeting platform space. WorldViz’s total sales in 2017 reached over $5M, and they have over 1500 commercial customers, including Nokia, Lenovo, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and Stanford University. Investors include Intel Capital and Navigo Capital, and they’ve seen a 10 times increase in companies signing up for the Vizible Beta from June to December 2017, including Beta customers like Roche, Siemens, and Turner Construction.

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ScreenDoor GreenHouse on StartEngine

Gardening for Your Living Room.

ScreenDoor GreenHouse is a way to bring gardening right to your front door -- literally. They’ve developed a greenhouse that easily replaces the screen on your sliding glass door. You can slide the greenhouse to the side and use your glass door as normal, or you can slide the greenhouse over to the doorway, and do all your gardening from the comfort of your home. Now, you can easily remember to water your plants, have access to fresh herbs and spices for cooking, or create beautiful flower arrangements to decorate your home. Plus, it’s perfect for everyone. Whether you don’t have the space to plant a garden, don’t own your home, or live in an assisted living facility, you can now garden easily, all with ScreenDoor GreenHouse.

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NextRX on Fundanna

Creators Of The Rewarding Membership Network For MMJ Patients.

NextRX Inc. has created a network to streamline check-ins and reward patients who use Medical Marijuana (MMJ). Using the NextRX check-in system means that your registration is smooth, seamless, and secure, as well as HIPAA compliant. All you have to do is register with NextRX at a participating dispensary with your driver’s license and a valid MMJ Patient Recommendation. Then, just sign the dispensary’s user agreement, and you’ll receive an RX-Pass with your unique identification number that you can use to register and check-in at all other participating dispensaries. Plus, with NextRX, you earn reward points for your prescriptions. It’s like frequent flier miles -- but for pot. The rewards act as cash, and you can use them to purchase your medicine at any in-network dispensary. Dispensaries benefit by using the NextRX database to manage patient records, monitor inventory, keep track of patients’ purchases, and issue and redeem the loyalty reward points. So far, NextRX has built a network of about 16,000 patients through a few beta user dispensaries, and now they’re ready to expand and grow -- one dispensary and MMJ prescription at a time.

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