The Winston Box on StartEngine

The Winston Box is a subscription box for big and tall men. With 73.7% of American men falling into this category, it’s time that this service was offered for them. The Winston Box caters to this demographic specifically, and it’s just $75/month, plus shipping. Each box contains 2-3 quality garments that retail up to $150 delivered directly to the customer’s door in their preferred style, color, and size. Sizes range from tops at 1XL-6XLT, waists at 38W to 64W, and inseams at 30, 34, and […]

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The Pinball Company on Wefunder

The Pinball Company truly lives up to its name. What started as a small business selling new and used pinball machines, they’ve now added arcade games, air hockey, jukeboxes, and more. They currently refurbish 300 pinball machines a year and sell around 2,000 machines total. The Pinball Company earned $7.3M in revenue in 2017 with 50% YoY growth, and they have the largest selection of modern pinball machines in the country. Now, they aim to expand their locations to be within a day’s drive of […]

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D&M Group on StartEngine

D&M Group is here to provide a 24-hour, automatic and self-serve combination car wash in the Greater Philadelphia area. There are no other similar car wash services available in the area, and D&M Car Wash also plans to over options like “Hot Lava Wax” and flavored smelling soaps for their customers. The car wash plans to open in December 2018, but is currently pre-revenue, with construction not complete.

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Recur Outdoors on Wefunder

Recur Outdoors is “…disrupting the fishing industry through creative monthly subscriptions.” They started with Postfly, the first subscription-based monthly flybox. Designed to help new fishermen break into the sport by curating flies, fishing accessories, and branding products into a monthly box, Recur Outdoors has now grown into four digitally-native vertical brands in the fishing industry. So far, they’ve earned over $3.5M in revenue to date, including $1.3M in 2017 alone. They currently have over 7,000 paying monthly subscribers, and monthly subscriber retention rate averages 94%. […]

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Priva on Netcapital

Priva is “…a marketplace for door-to-door regional mobility.” They offer a more streamlined alternative to commuter flights. Instead, travelers can book a Priva mobile office, black car, or SUV for their regional trips, ultimately saving time and money while increasing their productivity. A door-to-door trip with Priva doesn’t take any more time than a typical commuter flight, but it gives the traveler back much of the time spent waiting in lines or at baggage claim. Plus, Priva’s technology pairs outbound and return trips to reduce […]

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Smilelove on SeedInvest

Smilelove wants you to love your smile again. They’re a direct-to-consumer clear aligner treatment for straightening teeth, meaning you can get the smile you want without the expensive appointments, long wait times, or inflated costs. Smilelove offers step-by-step instructions, attentive customer service, and ensures that each treatment is approved by a licensed dentist. They’ve earned over $1M in revenue and 1,000 customers since launching in mid-2017, and their gross margin is over 50%. They already have royalty agreements in place for licensing in both Canada […]

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World Tree on Wefunder

World Tree is helping preserve the Empress Splendor, the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world. For every $2,000 you invest in them, their farmers will plant an acre of Empress Splendor across North and Central America. One acre of Empress Splendors will offset your carbon footprint for 50 years, and they will be managed and cared for by experienced farmers. The trees will mature in ten years, and World Tree will then harvest them for lumber — and share the profits with you. They’ve […]

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