Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions on TruCrowd

Kookaburra Sustainable Solutions is here with the goal of creating a healthier, safer, and cleaner planet for now — and for the future. They’ve developed a unique range of eco-friendly products for air purification, odor removal, water purification, sustainable health and beauty, sustainable food production, waste recycling, and sustainable energy generation. All of these products are made from natural minerals, and KSS hopes to expand their company globally. They also hope to merge with other companies that have similar goals and visions. Plus, KSS’s team […]

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FireBot on StartEngine

FireBot is here to save the kitchen-fire day! Their small, battery-powered device automatically activates in the case of a stove top fire and extinguishes it to prevent damage and injury. It attaches to the underside of your range hood and remains out of sight. Then, it waits until it reads an abnormally high temperature that signals an out-of-control stovetop fire before becoming activated. Once it goes, it sprays environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water-based fire suppressant to extinguish the fire, while also activating a warning alarm and […]

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Etelligent on StartEngine

Etelligent Inc. is an online wedding directory service offering localized wedding marketplace solutions in 21 states in four major US regions: the Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, Rocky Mountains, and Southern areas. They are the producer of YourLocalWeddingDirectory.com, which is a comprehensive online media marketplace specifically dedicated to the wedding industry. It connects brides with wedding businesses to shop in their local area. They have vendors for everything from receptions and photography to caterers and florists. Etelligent is also the only wedding website dedicated exclusively to connecting bridal […]

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70MillionJobs on Wefunder

70 million people in America live with criminal records. That’s one in three people. Finding a job after incarceration can be tough — and that’s where 70MillionJobs is here to help. They want to help those 70 million people find employment, contribute to the American economy, and rebuild their lives and communities. 70MillionJobs founder, Richard Bronson, knows the pains of prison all too well. He started a company that made $100M in annual revenue, but he ended up in prison for securities fraud. After he […]

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Fundraise Up on SeedInvest

Fundraise Up wants to help nonprofits increase their donations. Due to donor friction (aka all the annoying questions and pop-ups that occur when you go to donate online), only one in seven people who start the donation process actually completes it. Fundraise Up streamlines the online donation, so that more people who start the process will actually complete it. They do this through their customized widget that caters to each digital donor. So far, 23 nonprofits have added Fundraise Up’s widget to their donation page, […]

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Sweat Cosmetics on Microventures

Sweat Cosmetics is living up to its name. This company has created sweat-proof, life-proof, on-the-go cosmetics for active women. The founders were all professional athletes who knew from experience the challenges of wearing makeup while being active, so they came together to create this all natural, hypoallergenic, non toxic product line. Their products include a powder sunblock, mineral foundation, translucent mineral powder, illuminator, and bronzer, which are all applied through the Twist-Brush. So far, Sweat Cosmetics is sold through Anthropologie, Revolve, and Soft Surroundings. They’ve […]

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Gemio on Wefunder

We have high-tech watches and high-tech phones — and now, Gemio wants to bring you a high-tech bracelet. Gemio bands are customizable, and they connect you to friends, music, and sports. It has LED light effects and colors that respond to both the environment around you and other people, helping you sync up and experience an event together, whether you’re in the first row of a concert or at home on your couch. Gemio originally started as an accessory for electronic dance music festival-goers, but […]

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