Transatlantic Real Estate on Fundanna

Transatlantic Real Estate LLC is “…a real estate company that specializes in the acquisition and leasing of properties that support the cannabis industry.” They are non-plant touching and focus solely on the underlying real estate asset needed by growers. Transatlantic benefits from the high lease rates of a licensed cannabis farm and their premium location on the coast of California. So far, they have entered into a contingent acquisition of a 9-acre farm licensed for cannabis operations in Santa Barbara, California that has 293,000 square […]

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CannCo Brands on StartEngine

Geopulse Explorations (d.b.a. CannCo Brands & Development), is here to address the rapid growth in the cannabis industry. With cannabis now medically available in 29 states and legalized for recreational use in nine, it’s poised to be a $31.4B industry. In response, CannCo is creating a blockchain-powered ecosystem with their native token called the CannCoin, to help these businesses by providing transparent supply chain management, business banking and merchant processing, trade finance, and direct consumer-engagement solutions. CannCo Brands was established in 2017 and has since […]

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Squirrel Capital Investments on Fundanna

Squirrel Capital Investments is here to bring you Green Haze Leasing. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, they are a real estate and indoor cultivation equipment leasing company. They plan to purchase commercial property and indoor cultivation equipment that they will lease to cannabis growers who do not have the funds to buy the equipment or real estate space themselves. This will be a turnkey operation, and growers can use it for an all-inclusive fee of 40% of the monthly revenue, which covers the leasing costs, […]

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CannaKorp on StartEngine

World's First Pod-Based Vaporizer.

CannaKorp is here to change the way you think about cannabis and herbal remedy consumption. They’re revolutionizing the industry through creating the world’s first pod-based vaporizer system. Called the Wisp, you simply insert a pod into the sleek white vaporizer, wait for it to heat the herbs inside, and then inhale the vapor produced for an easy, simple way to relax. The people behind the Wisp include some of the same people who made Keurig successful, and the concepts between the two designs are quite similar. The Wisp is now ready to go to market, and they’re looking to start sales in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. With the talented team and the ever increasing acceptance and use of Cannabis, the Wisp is slated to become the next go-to home appliance for vaporization and herbal wellness.

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Blue Cord Farms on Fundanna

You grow your crops, we will grow your business.

Located in Maine, Blue Cord Farms, Inc. is a real estate company that is here to help cannabis farmers. They purchase the land, greenhouses, and buildings needed to develop turnkey farming operations, and then they rent the farms to cannabis farmers and build them around the specs the farmers need. For one monthly payment, plus 20% of their monthly revenue, cannabis farmers can have a fully functional farm for growing their crops and creating jobs. Blue Cord Farms even provides the necessary machines and tools. Each growing facility has five grow seasons, and licensed farmers can move in and begin their grow season immediately. Blue Cord Farms has also partnered up with a consulting company to ensure that the buildings are within the regulations of state requirements. Their goal here is not to just help growers. They believe that cannabis can revolutionize medicine and the treatment of PTSD, and they want to help make it as accessible as possible to everyone who would benefit from using it.

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NextRX on Fundanna

Creators Of The Rewarding Membership Network For MMJ Patients.

NextRX Inc. has created a network to streamline check-ins and reward patients who use Medical Marijuana (MMJ). Using the NextRX check-in system means that your registration is smooth, seamless, and secure, as well as HIPAA compliant. All you have to do is register with NextRX at a participating dispensary with your driver’s license and a valid MMJ Patient Recommendation. Then, just sign the dispensary’s user agreement, and you’ll receive an RX-Pass with your unique identification number that you can use to register and check-in at all other participating dispensaries. Plus, with NextRX, you earn reward points for your prescriptions. It’s like frequent flier miles -- but for pot. The rewards act as cash, and you can use them to purchase your medicine at any in-network dispensary. Dispensaries benefit by using the NextRX database to manage patient records, monitor inventory, keep track of patients’ purchases, and issue and redeem the loyalty reward points. So far, NextRX has built a network of about 16,000 patients through a few beta user dispensaries, and now they’re ready to expand and grow -- one dispensary and MMJ prescription at a time.

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Jane West on Republic

Jane West offers elevated one-stop shopping for cannabis consumers.

Jane West is a lifestyle brand centered on cannabis accessories and cannabis use -- and normalizing both. Jane West is an all-female founding team, and they’re currently 80% held by women and people of color. Jane West herself, according to Inc. Magazine, is “the most widely recognized female personality in cannabis.” The company offers a one-stop shop for both new and experienced cannabis users where they sell sleek and stylish cannabis pieces and accessories that are designed to fit the needs of the everyday woman and better enhance their life. They also offer two varietals of cannabis: day and night. Jane guides new users through the process and helps normalize the experience for them. So far, Jane West has brought 29 products from concept to market; they have accessories available online and in 700 head shops, dispensaries, and boutiques; they’ve engaged over 400 influencers and celebrities for brand awareness; and their flower is sold in 10 Colorado dispensaries. To top it all off, they earned an “Excellence in Products” nod from GreenState Cannabis Awards.

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