ZENVST on StartEngine

Zenvst will be an easy-to-use app that helps people to invest their money in cryptocurrency. We’re a startup in the crypto world, but we’re not an ICO. We think cryptocurrency is immensely important to everyone’s future and we want everyone to be able to take part in it.

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Worldcast Live on StartEngine

Worldcast Live is a live events platform driven by AR. They provide a way for advertisers and sponsors to engage targeted customers while they are at events. The Worldcast Live app aims to automatically ensure artists and DJs are paid royalties, and advertisers can seamlessly engage their prospective consumers. Built on Ethereum blockchain technology, it will collectivize live entertainment and the streaming experience. It also supports Roku devices. The app is under development, but Worldcast Live currently operates an online communication platform that provides two-way […]

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KapowChain on StartEngine

KapowChain is a platform working to secure collectibles on blockchain. They’re on a mission to “…revolutionize the collectibles market by uniting the communities with tools to buy, sell, and communicate safely, securely, and with the peace of mind provided by blockchain.” Through a proprietary decentralized platform, KapowChain can minimize fees, reduce the risks of counterfeiting and frivolous claims, and deter thefts of assets. The KPOW token is currently under development with the plan to produce 500 million tokens upon completion. They do have a PoC […]

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Proof Media on StartEngine

Proof Media offers a voting system to help discern what is true news. They use crowdsourcing, a shared economy, blockchain, incentives, and applied microeconomic theories to create a solution that offers truthful news. Proof is currently in development with an alpha version coming December 2018. This version will not use actual money, nor will it run on blockchain. Nearly all major features have been developed, and they hope to use the December product release to test the software, adjust scaling measures accordingly, and elicit customer […]

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NetObjex on StartEngine

NetObjex is here to fill in the gaps needed in the current Internet of Things (IoT) structure. They “…provide a secure end to end platform combining cutting-edge Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to enable enterprises to develop and manage smart products capable of operating independently and, critically, interacting (or “interoperating”) with other smart devices.” For example, they envision a world where your car could transact with the nearby parking meter, or a delivery drone could get a signature from your home landing pad. […]

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MineryTech on StartEngine

MineryTech is a new and innovative way of investing into the crypto-mining industry. It allows you to invest in a colocation, which offers limited downside risk while providing the potential of stable cashflow. It also helps you avoid the volatility of investing directly into crypto or owning and operating your own mining rig. Right now, MineryTech sells 1.5MW of power a month to over 50 customers. Their goal is to get to 4MW by Q1 2019 and add 2MW in capacity every half year following. […]

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Reserve Oil & Gas Coin on Wunderfund

The Reserve Oil & Gas Coin (ROC) is “…a new blockchain standard that will provide complete transparency to the oil & gas industry supply chain.” They’re building a cryptocurrency specifically for the oil and gas industry on the Ethereum Blockchain platform, where the ROC team will acquire oil and gas wells, and pay an annual dividend to all coin holders and investors. This will provide the transparency of blockchain with the stability of oil and gas — two of the world’s greatest commodities. ROC will […]

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