Pngme on SeedInvest

Pngme, a mobile lending marketplace with a valuation cap of $6.5 million, is raising funds on SeedInvest. The platform of Pngme is intended to connect lenders and borrowers through blockchain technology. The Pngme mobile app allows lenders to choose borrowers based on their credit score and risk profile and deploy capital in them to generate good rates of return. At the same time, the platform also aims to lower the cost of capital for the borrowers. Pngme was founded by Brendan Playford and Cate Rung […]

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Coinseed on SeedInvest

Coinseed, with a valuation cap of $6 million, is raising funds on SeedInvest. The Coinseed platform allows customers to invest their spare change directly into cryptocurrencies, without much technical involvement. The invested crypto can be traded or used to earn crypto-backs on the online and offline purchases. Coinseed was founded by Del Davaasambuu and Sukhbat Lkhagvadorj and has raised $133,890 in pre-seed funding. The current round of crowdfunding has a minimum target of $100,000 and a maximum target of $500,000, and the proceeds will be […]

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RAIDAtech on TruCrowd

RAIDAtech, a superior blockchain alternative with a pre-money valuation of $10.7 million, is raising funds on TruCrowd. The company has a patented RAIDA technology that can be explored and implemented by any company looking at using blockchain. RAIDAtech aims to use its technology in asset tokenization, customer engagement, secure communication, anti-counterfeiting, and medication adherence. RAIDAtech was founded by Sean H. Worthington in August 2018. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum goal of $10,000 and a maximum goal of $1,070,000, and the proceeds will be […]

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DADA on SeedInvest

DADA, a marketplace for tokenized digital art, is raising crowdfunding on SeedInvest. The company, with a valuation cap of $10 million, is a hybrid between technology, an art project, and a marketplace. It is a unique social network where artists create visual conversations and collaborative art that can be traded as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). DADA was founded by Beatriz Ramos, Judy Mam, and Abraham Milano in 2014. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum target of $750,000 and a maximum target of $1,500,000, and the […]

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Veriglif on Wefunder

Veriglif, with a valuation cap of $7 million, is raising crowdfunding on WeFunder. The company is bringing a revolution in the personal consumer data by serving as a connecting link between the buyers, sellers, and creators of personal data. The Veriglif digital platform validates identities of consumers, links data, catalogs inventory, and transacts securely, and charges a small fee on all transactions on its network. Veriglif was founded by James Wilson and ten other members in 2018 and has already raised $330,000 in previous rounds […]

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Play Fantasy Sports on StartEngine

“Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) is a fun, skill-based game where groups of participants compete to build the best fantasy sports team. The statistical performance of athletes playing in the games determines the winning or losing of these participants. At the end of a period, the players that construct the teams with the most points win prizes.”

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Water Markets on StartEngine

Water Markets, a data analytics and technology company for water, is raising funds on StartEngine. The company has a pre-money valuation of $3.5 million and is using blockchain technology to solve problems related to the water sector. Water Markets collects and connects water data from across the US and analyses it to create accountability for water. It was founded by Anastasia Valdes in July 2017 and has expanded coverage to 25 states and about 7 million water ownership records. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding […]

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