Adistry on SeedInvest

Adistry is here to disrupt the world of ad sales. They’re a “sales automation platform aiming to remove the grunt work of selling and managing advertising campaigns and conference sponsorships.” Adistry is designed to cut down on the dozens of conversations needed to complete an ad campaign by simplifying and streamlining the overall process. Strategic investors include Canty Ventures and Acceleprise, and customers include Maven Coalition, Cannabis Club TV, and Being Liberal. So far, they have over $12,000 in monthly recurring revenue as of September […]

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Magnus Rewards on StartEngine

Magnus Rewards is here to disrupt the digital advertising industry. They are an app that pays consumers to watch ads, and they’re currently working on their second beta with 20 clients and 240 testers. They focus on local, consumer-relevant ads, and the money they collect from businesses and advertisers gets reallocated into the local community. They offer packages to help businesses develop ads who don’t have anything prepared, and they believe their services will be the “one stop shop for the Mom & Pop,” as […]

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Etelligent on StartEngine

Etelligent Inc. is back for their second crowdfunding campaign! They’re an online wedding directory service offering localized wedding marketplace solutions in 21 states in four major US regions: the Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, Rocky Mountains, and Southern areas. They are the producer of, which is a comprehensive online media marketplace specifically dedicated to the wedding industry. It connects brides with wedding businesses to shop in their local area. They have vendors for everything from receptions and photography to caterers and florists. Etelligent is also the only […]

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Four Step Marketing Consultants on Wefunder

Four Step Marketing Consultants (FSMC) aim to be “…the world’s most trusted voice for entrepreneurs searching for marketing and entrepreneurial advice.” They build new SaaS marketing applications to solve problems, and they are passionate about serving entrepreneurs. They call their formula for success “Four Step Marketing,” where they help build revenue from SaaS tools, consulting, training, and licensing models. So far, they’ve earned over $900,000 in revenue since 2017; they’ve experienced 254% revenue growth in 2016; they have over 22,700 subscribers, and over 237,700 unique […]

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Netstairs on StartEngine

Netstairs is here to bring interactive videos to life. They have over eighteen years of experience in the world of video innovations, and now, with their new products, they have “…introduced new advances that will allow delivering the next generation of many-to-many real-time broadcasting, collaboration, and communications to the mass market. Netstairs is currently operating on four continents, with the primary and virtual presence in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In 2018, they earned a spot on Mirror Review Magazine’s 10 Fastest Media […]

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CURAITE on StartEngine

CURAITE believes that AI is the future of social media management and marketing. They are an artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to help businesses and brands manage and optimize their social media marketing. CURAITE is your virtual social media expert; it can organize media and content, predict audience reactions, and publish the right content at the right time, on the right platform. In beta tests, CURAITE boosted audience engagement across U.S. and Europe-based commercial Facebook and Instagram accounts by an average of 560%. It also predicted […]

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One Sphera on SeedInvest

One Sphera is revolutionizing the global advertising system. People no longer rely on word of mouth for recommendations. They rely on word of mouse – and One Sphera capitalizes on that. Their “disruptive Value Chain Advertising System radically changes the relationship between businesses, advertisers, and customers, building a true collaborative economy.” Essentially, they gamify what participants are already doing, so that those participants earn money while your word gets spread. To use it, you simply set a budget, rewards, and prizes for your campaign. Then, […]

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