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The Ultimate Fitness Platform

PerFIcT is a social fitness app that is built for both personal trainers and exercisers. For personal trainers, they can run their entire training program from the app. In fact, this is the first app that allows personal trainers to do that! They can sell their exercise and nutrition programs, create custom plans, have a social profile, and reach out to new customers. For exercisers, they can easily find the certified trainer that fits their needs, have access to thousands of programs, and carry their workouts in their pocket. Wherever you go, you can access workout photos, videos, and exercise descriptions, and when you’re done, the app automatically records all your results in your PerFIcT journal. PerFIcT’s beta app already has 325 certified trainers and 1500 testers, and with its full launch in February 2018, they plan to have over 500 trainers. With this app, the team’s goal is to help the world become fitter, healthier, more connected, and, ultimately, feel more PerFIcT!

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Jinglz on StartEngine

Mobile Ad Tech Solutions Company

Jinglz has created patent-pending mobile technology that helps consumers truly engage with those ads -- and win prizes for watching them. The Jinglz mobile app plays video ads and uses facial and audio detection to verify that a user is really watching the ads they’re served. If the user looks away, puts the device down, or turns down the volume, the ad pauses. However, once the user watches the ad, they’re rewarded as part of a simple game that lets them earn entry into prize contests and valuable rewards. Voila! Advertisers can verify that users see their ad content, and users are incentivized to watch the ads presented. Everyone wins!

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ContentOro on Netcapital

ContentOro helps brands attract and engage customers online by offering the first high-quality, ready-made source of written and illustrated content.

ContentOro is on the content scene and here to relieve that content pain! ContentOro offers high-quality, ready-made written and illustrated content to help brands attract and engage customers online. They’ve partnered with the world’s best book publishers to systematically, quickly, and efficiently transform the content of their books into hundreds of articles for the internet, designed specifically to power marketing campaigns. With the machine learning tools they’ve created, they can also deliver the content to any website or device, regardless of platform and complexity.

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Wordego on StartEngine

World's First Coupon Advertising Network

WORDEGO is a comprehensive, transparent, and independent platform that brings advertisers and publishers together. Their goal is create an online marketplace that facilitates intelligent decision-making and automated transaction of and for the advertising inventory.

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Med-X on Start Engine

Educate, Innovate, Cultivate

To educate, Med-X’s media division, The Marijuana Times, publishes original content aimed at educating the cannabis community on the medicine, science, and world of the cannabis industry. To innovate, Med-X has researched and developed a variety of 100% natural, effective, and nontoxic pest management products for cannabis cultivators, and to cultivate, well….let’s just say they’re working on weeding out the unworthy buds.

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