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ORPC turns water currents into clean, predictable, renewable energy with zero carbon emissions.


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ORPC, the developer of a new hydropower technology, is raising funds on NetCapital. The company has a post-money valuation of $37.17 million. ORPC is an innovative energy company offering a zero carbon solution to energy needs. It uses water currents to extract clean and renewable energy, thereby reducing carbon emissions. ORPC was founded by Christopher R. Sauer, along with two colleagues, in 2004. The current crowdfunding round has a minimum target of $10,000 and a maximum target of $9,999,990, and the proceeds will be used for the growth of the first product, RivGen, and the development of the second product, TidGen. ORPC has already received numerous awards and accolades and is in the list of Top 10 World’s Most Innovative Energy Companies.