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We sell advanced medical devices & software apps for remote patient monitoring.


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Cloud DX, with a pre-money valuation of $52.9 million, is raising on WeFunder. The company is a developer of a medical software platform that offers remote patient monitoring services. Cloud DX also manufactures medical devices that gather vital signs and patients can get medical care at home. Cloud DX was founded by Robert Kaul in September 2014. The company has already raised more than $11 million in outside capital over the last four years, and the current crowdfunding round is expected to launch on March 18, 2019. Cloud DX is a good investment as the company has already won numerous awards and accolades, including Tricorder XPRIZE ‘Bold Epic Innovator’ and Fast Company ‘World Changing Idea’ 2018 awards. The company reported revenues of $0.53 million and has projected revenues of $4 million for 2019.