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The world's first all-natural a.Over 100% growth in 2018


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Chareau, the world’s first natural aloe liquor company with a pre-money valuation of $6.51 million, is raising on WeFunder. Chareau is a refreshing alcoholic spirit made from aloe vera plant and is a versatile liquor that can be mixed in any cocktail or had on the rocks. The ingredients are all sourced from the local farms of California, and every step of processing is done by hand. Chareau is the brainchild of Kurt Charron. In the previous rounds of funding, Chareau has raised about $1.78 million from more than 232 investors, and the current crowdfunding round is set to launch on February 19, 2019. Chareau is a good investment as it has already made its place in over 2,500 bars and restaurants. It reported $940,000 in revenues in 2018, with an annual growth rate of 84% and gross margins of 70%.