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"The BumBee Seat" is a crossover product that represents a new product category we call recreational utility seating.

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The BumBee Seat is a fresh, fun & flexible design created in Silicon Valley, California where blending work & play is a way of life! Featuring our patented adjustable RUSS (recreational utility seat system) design, The BumBee Seat is perfect in the office, at home, on your deck, in the garden or garage. The BumBee Seat is beautifully designed for your multitasking lifestyle. Consider the ‘BumBee Garden’, ‘BumBee BBQ & Tailgating’, ‘BumBee Office’, ‘BumBee Gaming’, ‘BumBee House Painting’, ‘BumBee Dog Grooming’, ‘BumBee Garage’ seat applications and so much more!