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The Cookie Department wants you to enjoy your cookie…and benefit from it, too. They fortify their cookies with ingredients like Fair Trade coffee, rBST free whey protein, superfoods, antioxidants, and detoxifying spices. Cookies come in flavors like Chocolate Chip and Ginger Snap, and they were named the 2018 “Best of Product” by SnackNation. So far, companies like Uber, Google, and LinkedIn have purchased Cookie Department cookies for their employees, and they have pending Q4 purchase orders for the US Army and Air Force bases. Their Q4 also has a confirmed launch into Plaid Pantry and Fresh Direct, and they have the capacity to expand to produce half a million cookies per week. Plus, they’re the only company in the world using sustainable plant-based “algae butter” in their packaged baked goods, meaning there’s no rainforest destruction to obtain palm oil.