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A socially conscious holding company.


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As founder David Nikzad puts it, “Orthogonal is a holding company and ecosystem that unites the desire to make money with doing good for the planet and society.” Orthogonal controls equity stake in companies that have the goal of serving the greater good and truly helping the world we live in. Then, in return, Orthogonal gets operational resources, a management ecosystem, and mentorship. They help catapult companies to success by “providing them with a monetization strategy, operational support, compliance / regulatory guidance and connect them with our investor network.” They were one of the first pre-institutional investors in Betterment in 2009, which is now valued at $800M and manages over $13B in assets, and they currently have 28 companies rolled up under their holdings. Plus, they were already able to raise $251,000 from 240 Wefunder investors in May 2018.