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Heleum is an automated app that grows your money over the long-term by letting it float between currencies.

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Heleum is thinking of the future when it comes to finance. Heleum is “an automated app that aims to grow your money over the long-term by letting it float into rising currencies.” Their patent-pending trading process, called mesh trading, allows user funds to “float” between seven different cryptocurrencies and nine national currencies. This way, your currency can stay in whichever currency is performing the best. You can also withdraw your funds at any time. In 2017, Heleum tested Version 1.0 with 400 users. They released the app in November 2017, and since then, they’ve grown to over 4,000 users with nearly $3M in invested balances. Their 2017 revenue from April to December was over $97,000, and they’ve partnered with Uphold, a leading digital money platform. Heleum is currently launching Version 2.0, and their Android and iOS apps are in development.