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End Student Debt And Make Quality Higher Education Available For All.

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Eazl Digital Degree Project is here to disrupt the education industry. Their project aims to provide undergraduate degrees to students around the world – for just $500. Called “Digital Degrees,” these degrees will be issued and verified with blockchain technology, be taught by experts, and give students lifetime access to their coursework. Studies have shown that people who earn their degrees tend to live nine years longer, have 75% higher wages, and are 40% less likely to interact with the criminal justice system. Eazl has already created a bestselling online career course for recent graduates, and they’ve helped more than 100,000 students transition into the modern economy. They’re also a four-time winner of the Udemy.com award for innovations in the online education industry, and they’ve earned the Skillshare.com’s top 5% of instructors award. With this new endeavor, Eazl will transform the future of education – one digital degree and online student at a time.