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Who Should Be Interested:
Are you a renter who wants to know more about your landlord? Are you a landlord who wants to serve your tenants better — and know who you’re renting to? If you said yes, then investing in WhoseYourLandlord (WYL) might be for you. They’re like Yelp for renters and landlords, empowering renters to become smarter consumers and landlords to become better landlords.

The Company:
WhoseYourLandlord (WYL) is here to revolutionize the renting industry. They’re the first platform to educate renters and empower them, as well as for renters to review home providers and connect with neighbors. WYL includes landlord reviews, apartment postings, neighborhood insights, and community driven content. Renters can understand which places are good fits for them faster, and landlords can avoid potential tenants who can’t afford the rent or might not be a good fit. So far, they have 500,000 available listings. In 2017, they had Google integrate their data in Philadelphia for housing searches. It garnered 4,000 reviews, added 80,000 new community members, and generated $50,000 in revenue. Investors so far include Ben Franklin Tech Partners and CorLyst Group, and they have strong partnerships now with Allstate, American Express, and Roadway Moving. They’ve recently closed $250,000 in funding, and they are now looking to close out their round with $50,000 more from the community through this campaign.

The Bottom Line:
In the post-Baby Boomer age, 65% of households under the age of 35 rent their homes. While there are renter-review sites already out there, WYL seems to have some special sauce of youthful energy and determination, and they’re providing a very real solution to a very real problem. After all – who IS your landlord? We should all probably find out.