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Redefining beauty standards with all-natural skincare for the modern woman.

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Who Should Be Interested:
Do you identify as a modern millennial woman? Are you tired of the messages and advertising around beauty products, and do you wish you could find beauty products that were all natural? If this sounds like you, then From Molly With Love could be the investment you’ve been waiting for. They are bringing women beauty products — that finally have a beautiful message.

The Company:
From Molly With Love is an all-natural beauty brand that embraces healthy messages about beauty, empowers women, and offers clean, high-performing beauty products. In their words, their “…marketing is intersectional, inclusive, and unapologetically feminist,” and their company offers a necessary antidote to the beauty industry’s negative tendency to profit from women’s insecurities. Instead, From Molly With Love empowers their customers to use safe products that are good for their body, while redefining what it means to look, be, and feel beautiful. So far, From Molly With Love has generated over $180,000 in 2017 in sales for their first year with 44% gross margins. Retailers include Cosmopolitan Resort Las Vegas, Amazon Prime Now, and The Detox Market, and their products are sold in over 100 retailers in 30 states and five countries. Advisors currently include Steve Garcia and Steve Gomez.

The Bottom Line:
From Molly With Love is truly living up to their name. They’ve created a brand that sees women, hears women, and wants to be there for them. They’re providing the love today’s modern women need and demand — one all-natural, all-beautiful beauty product at a time.