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Who Should Be Interested:
Do you work for a local government agency? Do you wish there was a more effective and streamlined way to interact with the court system, law enforcement, and people taken into custody? If you said yes, then LiteScape Technologies could be the investment you’ve been waiting for. They’re offering a solution for the justice system by creating applications to make courtrooms and jails operate more efficiently.

The Company:
LiteScape Technologies is an enterprise software company creating innovative applications to help courtrooms and jails operate more efficiently. They’re working to bring together the systems of the many agencies in the justice system with the goal of improving safety and reducing costs. Specifically, LiteScape software will simplify court processes, improve collaboration, and provide correctional institutions with services to help improve prisoner safety, overcrowding issues, and inmate management. So far, LiteScape Technologies has four products being used by 85 customers worldwide, with more than 200,000 users. Their team has broad experience in the telecommunications and VoIP industry, and the US Department of Defense specifically asked for LifeScape products to be deployed in their environment.

The Bottom Line:
Innovation in courthouses is more important than ever. LifeScape is providing that innovation, and creating those necessary improvements, to help the court system not only address more cases — but hopefully improve the way justice is being delivered, too.