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Who Should Be Interested:
Are you a company who is interested in more ways to obtain and publish user-generated videos? Do you want to leverage those types of videos more to help your business succeed? If you said yes, then Gather Voices could be the investment for you. They’re creating a whole new way for companies to gather, publish, and own vast quantities of user-generated videos

The Company:
User-generated video content is more trusted than brand generated videos. Consumers trust other consumers, and they want to hear from them. Gather Voices is harnessing the power of those user-generated videos and gathering all of those voices for companies to utilize and leverage. As they put it: “Gather Voices is allowing brands to share their customers’ stories – by letting the customers speak for themselves. The Gather Voices platform offers an effective video relationship management platform – called GV-One – with iPhone, Android, and web apps that helps enterprises leverage user-generated video, promote the voices of its constituents, and increase engagement.” Businesses can then publish that content through YouTube, Facebook, or their own websites, and Gather Voices has already secured clients such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boys & Girls Club of America, and the University of Chicago.

The Bottom Line:
More and more brands rely on user-generated content to give their customers faith and trust in their brand’s message. As Gather Voice’s CEO and founder, Michael Hoffman, said, “If a picture’s worth a thousand words — what’s a video worth?” Gather Voices is finding out — and revolutionizing the branding industry — one user-generated video at a time.