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Who Should Be Interested:
Do you love giving gifts? Do you love donating to great causes? Well, if you do, then DLYTED sounds like the investment for you. They’ve combined gift giving with donations to provide a situation where everyone wins. Simply purchase an electronic gift card from their website and voila! You accumulate donations for your favorite nonprofit.

The Company:
DLYTED (pronounced “delighted”) helps make giving to good causes easy. They’ve created a platform where all you have to do is purchase an electronic gift card (and who doesn’t love a gift card?). Really — that’s it. Because then, with each gift card purchased, you accumulate donations that you can donate to your favorite nonprofit. Plus, each cause immediately earns up to 30% the moment you purchase your gift card. DLYTED currently offers gift cards to over 500 retailers and 50,000 locations, and they plan to transform giving the way Uber transformed transportation and Airbnb transformed hospitality. Brands benefit by curating a closer connection with users; causes benefit by gaining more donors; and users benefit by purchasing their gifts while giving to a good cause. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The Bottom Line:
With DLYTED’s platform, all parties involved benefit. You get to give a great gift to a friend while also giving to a great cause. DLYTED truly makes everyone just that — delighted!