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Who Should Be Interested:
Are you part of a small business, or do you even own your own? Are you looking for an easy way to manage all of the layers that go into running your business? If this sounds like you, then be sure to check out Artichoke. They are here to make your business life easier by bringing all the pieces of your company — marketing, scheduling, and invoicing — together in one place.

The Company:
Artichoke is here to help you run your small business. They are the first mobile appointment-based tool that helps you start running your company — in just minutes. Artichoke removes the obstacles that entrepreneurs face in starting a business by handling all of the scheduling, payments, client data, and critical marketing assets for you. Their vision is, “…to be the best all-in-one business platform in the world for entrepreneurs in appointment-based businesses.” So far, Artichoke has raised $720,000, allowing them to build their current platform. Over 2,000 users helped test that platform, and some of those users have converted to paying subscribers — 22%, in fact. Plus, by the end of 2017, those users had created 12,950 appointments, scheduled 19,451 check-ins, completed 6,919 payments, and added 2,000 clients. With this campaign, Artichoke is looking to grow and expand their customer base, enhance their product, and continue to hire top talent.

The Bottom Line:
Artichoke is changing the game when it comes to entrepreneurs and starting a small business. They want to make sure your inspiration can be executed into reality…and they plan on being the one-stop-business-shop to help get you there.