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Virtual reality SaaS solution for business collaboration and online training.


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Who Should Be Interested:
Are you tired of the limitations of PowerPoint slides and computer-based “face time” meetings? Do you wish there was an easier way to market a complicated product or show a complex design? If you said yes, then WorldViz could be the investment you’ve been waiting for! Their virtual reality solution is a collaborative way to meet with people around the world — in a much more immersive setting.

The Company:
WorldViz is changing the way we view meetings and virtual reality (VR) with their cloud-based product, Vizible. WorldViz describes Vizible as, “…the VR-ready mashup of PowerPoint and GoToMeeting. As with PowerPoint, even non-technical users can use Vizible, but instead of creating 2D PowerPoint slides, our users create immersive experiences with 3D models, spherical media, images, documents, sounds, interactivity, recordings, and more.” You simply create your immersive presentation on Vizible, then share a link to a session, and anyone with the link can access the secure, private, and safe meeting platform space. WorldViz’s total sales in 2017 reached over $5M, and they have over 1500 commercial customers, including Nokia, Lenovo, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and Stanford University. Investors include Intel Capital and Navigo Capital, and they’ve seen a 10 times increase in companies signing up for the Vizible Beta from June to December 2017, including Beta customers like Roche, Siemens, and Turner Construction.

The Bottom Line:
The WorldViz team has over 100 years of proven VR industry experience, and they want to revolutionize the way businesses collaborate, communicate, and train across the globe. With Vizible, they are well on their way to doing just that…one immersive and extraordinary VR experience at a time.