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Intelligent Incident Response for IT Ops with AI and Real-Time Collaboration


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Who Should Be Interested:
Are you looking for a one-stop shop for DevOps and IT problem resolution? Do you want help alleviating the pains from IT service outages? If this sounds like you, then smartQED, Inc. could be the investment you’ve been waiting for. Their solution helps respond to IT issues more effectively and efficiently through combining visual and collaborative cause analysis tools with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Company:
smartQED is the “IT doctor” your team has been looking for. Their product expedites problem-solving for IT Ops/DevOps teams and data centers and acts as a one-stop shop for DevOps and IT problem resolutions. smartQED is a visual, self-learning workbench that utilizes AI intelligence and machine learning to guide users to solutions. It also streamlines incident responses and decreases response time, enabling “…collaborative investigations through self-learning visual tools for systematic Cause Analysis, making it easy for teams to jointly resolve problems while learning from user actions.” So far, they’ve closed their first revenue from their paid pilot with a global telecom company; they built and released a Beta product that is being used for customer pilots; and their team is comprised of world-class engineering experts, advisors, and business leaders.

The Bottom Line:
smartQED is the smart solution your IT and DevOps teams need. It’s not just transactional and text-based – it allows for easy virtual collaboration and knowledge reuse. In other words, smartQED doesn’t just tell you the lights are off — it analyzes information from both private and crowd-sourced sources…and then recommends how to get them back on.