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Vertical Hypodroponic/aquaponic farming system.


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Who Should Be Interested:
Are you a farmer struggling with the high costs of water, land, energy, and labor? Are you looking for a system that reduces resource use, but still yields plentiful produce? If you said yes, then Apex Farms could be the investment for you. Their technology addresses both of these needs, and their vertical farming system helps reduces expensive while boosting production.

The Company:
Apex Farms helps farmers decrease their water, land, and energy use while promoting produce production. Apex Farms has developed a Vertical Farming System, and their patent-pending technology helps grow a wide variety of plans while reducing labor and overall costs. With their vertical hydroponic system, farmers can grow up to three times more produce in a given area that with other vertical growing systems, and it reduces water usage by about 75% when compared with conventional farming methods. The system is effective both indoors and outdoors, and it can be scaled to accommodate different sized plants and root system. Apex Farms offers either Setup Services or Licensing options to clients. With Setup, Apex oversees everything from transport and delivery to completion of the build, and then tests it all to ensure quality performance. For farmers with the resources to build their own systems, Apex offers the licensing option with technical support included. The company currently has two working farms as proof of concept, with one in Delaware and the other in Colorado.

The Bottom Line:
Apex Farms can help farmers reduce costs and increase produce. With global hunger on the rise, their technology can help farmers meet the food demand and provide produce in a way that is both affordable and accessible.