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Who Should Be Interested:
If you are someone who considers safe sex to be important, then Powell Development Group, Inc. could be the investment for you. They’ve created a new condom, the Galactic Cap, which increases pleasure….while decreasing unplanned pregnancies and STDs.

The Company:
Condoms are one of the most well-known tools for having safe sex, yet no one truly enjoys using them. Powell Development Group is here to change that. They’ve developed a patented new condom design that increases pleasure and intimacy while decreasing unsafe sex factors. Called the Galactic Cap, this condom fits safely and securely on the head of the penis, leaving the coronal ridge and shaft exposed for more skin-to-skin contact. They hope that a more enjoyable condom will lead to safer sex worldwide. So far, they’ve raised over $100,000 on Indiegogo in 2014 and sold out on their website multiple times, even with no marketing. Powell Development has partnered with the University of California, Long Beach Engineering Department, to research, develop and test the Galactic Cap, as well as to apply for National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) grants. They plan to bring pleasure back to safe sex…one intimate connection at a time.

The Bottom Line:
With Powell Development Group’s mission to increase safe sex, pleasure, and worldwide condom usage, they’re helping create a world where you can use a condom…while truly enjoying your intimacy, too.