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VoiceVoice enables people to have great conversations, perpetually and at scale, allowing host organizations to create real community.


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Conversations have the power to create change, inspire action, and change lives. Yet, despite all the venues out there to host conversations, people report feeling more disconnected than ever.

VoiceVoice is here to change that. VoiceVoice wants to provide people all over the world with the chance to participate in real conversations about real topics. Through their software platform, MaestroConference, people can engage in meaningful and powerful discussions on either a small or large scale. First, the host uploads thoughtful content to spur a conversation, as well as questions or guides to help structure it. Then, participants join for a live video chat discussion. The conversation can continue through customizable controls from the host, with options like follow-up lectures or Q&A sessions. The best part is that it doesn’t stop there — VoiceVoice is designed so conversations can be viral and can continue happening over days, months, or even years.

There’s no other company out there quite like it, and people are noticing. In fact, people like Barack Obama’s campaign and the White House, Airbnb, the World Bank, and Stanford University are noticing. So far, VoiceVoice has hosted over 15,000 presenters (including Barack Obama, Oprah and Denzel Washington) and has more than 8 million participants. They’re a graduate from 500 Startups (who also invested six figures in them), and they currently have three fully awarded patents with five patent applications in progress. They also have $6 million total cash revenue and over 600 organizations as paying customers. Plus, their first campaign was the highest rated equity crowdfunding campaign on Stratifund, closing at 528% with almost 400 investors.

And VoiceVoice wants to keep that crowdfunding going because they want the very people using their product to benefit with them. Their mission is to light up the world with purposeful, large-scale conversations about issues that matter and and help people feel more connected to each other.

After all, technology should connect people more deeply, not disconnect them further. VoiceVoice is not just giving people a voice; it’s changing the world, one conversation and live discussion at a time.

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The possibilities of using VoiceVoice are endless. From training employees, to hosting associations and conferences, to ramping up eLearning tools, VoiceVoice has something for everyone. They’re creating a communication revolution, and if you’re an employee, a B2B network, a student, or just someone wanting to genuinely connect with others, then VoiceVoice is the investment for you. From its innovative platform, to its ability to spark discussion, VoiceVoice has found its voice in today’s world — and will help you find your voice, and profit, too.