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Daplie provides a platform for people to have the convenience of the cloud without giving up privacy and ownership of their data.


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The Internet’s infamous “cloud” is convenient, yes….but it also means storing your data on someone else’s computer. And whoever’s computer that is, whether it be Google or Dropbox, has access to your data and can see, use, or lose it (remember Equifax?). Isn’t it time we take back control of our information and find a securer way to store it?

Daplie thinks so, and they have a solution – a sleek, modular, stackable solution. Daplie allows you to build your own personal cloud infrastructure and have total power and control over all your information — without sacrificing privacy, security, or convenience. All you do is plug in the Daplie Connect device to your home internet, choose a private domain, and voila! You can create and access all your digital content in one safe and secure place. You can even sync and connect all your smart home devices to it, or get a Daplie external hard drive with 2 TB of data.

And with the amount of cloud-stored consumer data out there, it’s clear there’s a need for Daplie. Stored consumer data is estimated to have surpassed multiple zettabytes, and the global personal cloud market is predicted to generate over $80 billion in revenue by 2020. Daplie is not only able to enter this market; they are able to create a new one, a combination of home automation and personal clouds. That new market is estimated to reach $160 billion, with a 40% growth year after year, and a 450% increase in paid cloud users. After all, in less than a year there’s been $1.1 million in pre-orders for Daplie Connect, and they’ve established a running pilot program for India’s Ministry of Health. Add in that there are 86 million U.S. homes with Internet who could use Daplie…and you see the possibilities are endless.

Daplie is leading the next technological revolution. They’re the future of personal clouds, and they’re empowering people to take back control of their digital lives. Imagine what you could do if you controlled all your personal data again. Well, now you can – with Daplie.

“Who Should Be Interested in This Offer:
Are you someone who creates digital content? Do you want a place to easily access, store, and share your digital content from anywhere, anytime? In today’s world, whether you’re just a regular person or a professional, almost all of us would answer yes to those questions. And Daplie provides the solution to that need. It’s an easy personal cloud device that anyone can use. By investing in Daplie, you’re investing in – and joining — a technological revolution that will not only keep your data safe….but earn you profit, too.